Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Road Manager Mark Pallow, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Joe Vink and Eldon and Marg Schmedeke.

           Paul read the record of the August meeting.Garymoved to approve; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Ordinance Establishing 10-Ton Weight Limit on Wilma Township Roads Without Permit:  Paul wrote up the ordinance as per the Minnesota Township Laws Book and the ordinance documents from the Mn. Assoc. of Townships library.  He sent a copy to the MAT Attorney Kyle Hartnett asking for his professional advice and feedback on the enforceability and legality of our draft.  He supported us on the right to put weight limits on our roads.  “Having a permit that would require an escrow account would be a reasonable condition to be overweight.”  He stressed the importance of clear inspections and documentation if we use any of the escrow funds.  The legal seminar our attorney and Couri&Ruppe are giving later this month will cover enforcing ordinances, and resolutions and ordinances.

Road Report:  Mark gradedHeller Drive, total one hour divided by half for New Dosey, $75.  He also didCrookedLake road, 3 1/2 hours total, Danforth’s half, $175 as per our agreement.  They have not returned their copy of the signed agreement yet, but may not have had a meeting yet. Mark said he didn’t apply any gravel except to Little Tamarack Lake Rd. andTamarack Pine Drive.  He wants to put some gravel onHeller Road; Paul needs to write to New Dosey Twp. and tell them.

Yaggy-Colby Escrow refund:  We will bill them for one load of gravel on theTamarack Pine Drive, and for one hour of Mark’s time.  $18 plus $192.75, and refund them $289.25.    Park Falls Hardwoods is still working on their site off Little Tamarack Lake Road.

Town Hall Addition:  Paul was telling Ron Proffit of Proffit Lumber inDanbury about our project, and he said he knows some contractors and builders who may be willing to look at and do our project.  So far, no one has contacted Paul or Patrice.

Legal Seminar:  Because of its relevance to our weight-limit ordinance, Glen said we definitely should send one or more people to the Couiri & Ruppe Township Legal Seminar.  The seminar is free.  Mike moved to send Paul;Gary seconded.    Paul will bring all our documentation on the ordinance to get their free feedback.

Dumptruck Purchase:  Mike gave Paul the VIN# so we can get an insurance binder.  Joe asked why we’re buying a pickup.  Glen explained that it would be able to do most of the private drive plowing with much less damage.  Joe said we had a pickup plow, but Mike said George Anderson got stuck with it once plowing out Tiny Jensen’s, and the town got rid of it after that.  Mike said he would be willing to drive it for plowing if Mark, Joe or Frank Rehberger aren’t free to plow snow.  He said he does want to drive it to the inspection because he is still legally liable for it, even if the town gets insurance under our plan, so all three guys will bring it in to G&D for an inspection. VIN # 1GDJV34W6JJ511399, 1988 GMC CB V35 model.

NEW BUSINESS;  Schmedeke Lane Extension:  District 3 Commissioner Steve Chaffee called Glen about the possibility of the town taking over the extension the county built onSchmedeke Lane to access timber, and adding it to the existing township road.  He wants us to accept it as it is since they put $30-40,000 into building the extension.  Eldon gave some of the history of that road back to 1976, and how he built it surveyed it with the help of Archie Schmidt.  In 1986 the county wanted to get access into their timber, but they said they wanted control of the road.  He wouldn’t agree to this.  Eldon said the road is crooked because of the hill, and before the township takes over the road they should insist that it be straightened and have ditches and be brought up to county road standards.   The county told him they couldn’t level the hill, but he told them they could.  He said he only wants the same quality of road that they would expect him to do.  Eldon said he doesn’t think any township gravel has ever been put on that road, although he has paid the township almost $5,000 in taxes.  Glen moved that Paul  write to  Steve Chaffee and tell the Board of Commissioners that Wilma township would accept the road extension as a township road if the county will bring it up fully to county standards and specs, including proper ditching.  Mike seconded.

Lost River Road Mail Delivery:  Pat Story’s family is moving full time to their home at the end ofLost River Road.  The Postmaster has told him there are three options to get mail.  1.  The Postal Service grants an extension to Kenny Monson’s route to includeLost River Road; 2. The county puts his mailbox post on theMarkville Road, far enough away from the intersection for visibility, which would be near the horse farm; or 3. That all theLost River Road mail boxes be placed at the entrance to the subdivision, and the entrance widened enough so that Kenny is able to make a complete u-turn and not have to back out onto theMarkville Road.  Pat said he didn’t personally want to pay for the widening, and didn’t think the other residents would.  Paul will write to Sandstone Postmaster Renee Leafe telling her thatLost River Road is aWilma Township Road and that we request an extension to the postal route to includeLost River Road, since we have elderly residents on that road who need mail delivery.  He will explain thatLost River Road is a public road that is well maintained and passable year around, and that we anticipate more full-time residents who will need delivery on this road.

Mayfield Road Dead-end sign:  This got knocked down and broken off.  Paul will write the county highway dept. to have them remount it.

Fall Fest Committee:  Will be Saturday, October 20.  Patrice said she is very busy, but will be on the committee.  Other members will be Glen and Toni and any volunteers.  Discussion and consensus that we would like to get a different band from last year.  Ideally Denny Hanson’s band would be willing to play.  We have a $500 budget.  We need to make it very clear that it is a pot-luck supper.  Last year we ran out of food because so many people didn’t bring any.  Otherwise, the town could provide some of the food.  Patrice said the Old School Art Center has live music every weekend, and she can ask Fran for references to different bands and acts.  Discussion and consensus that country/Folk/bluegrass is what we would like.

Town Hall Ramp:  Paul asked for the job to stain the ramp for the hall.  The board wanted a cedar or oak stain.  Discussion of pay rate.  Labor is paid at $15/hour.  Paul said he thought he would get his clerk’s pay, $12/hour.    Mike moved to hire Paul to stain the ramp and the back steps and to be paid at the labor rate, plus supplies.  Glen seconded.

State MAT Conference:  Paul withdrew his application to attend.  It will be in mid-November inSt. Cloud.  Glen said he still wants very badly to go, and that he believes it will benefit our township to show our support and participation in state township issues, and to vote on different township and legal issues, and to meet with attorneys and public officials.  The cost is almost $600 to send him.  Mike said he doesn’t feel this is as profitable to the township as short courses or legal seminars, and the $600 cost isn’t justified.  Eldon said we could better spend our resources, like on roads. Gary also said he didn’t see the cost benefit for the town.  There was no motion and no decision.

Township AED:  Mike showed the AED that the town was granted by Essentia Ambulance Service.  Marg asked what it was and how it worked.  Fran Levings plans to ask Shawn McCullen to demonstrate and teach CPR and AED use to the Pine County Wanders when they meet at Patrice’s house on Sept. 26.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND CLAIMS:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Bills for Sept. were presented:

Yaggy-Colby Escrow Refund           $        289.25

Patrice Winfield (expenses, judge)              108.50

Paul Raymond                                            194.36

Patrice Winfield                                          229.99

Antoinette Williamson (judge)                    105.00

ECE                                                              59.58

Gary Vink                                                    76.43

Mark Pallow                                               203.80

Mike McCullen                                             29.72

ArnaTownship                                          960.00

HopkinsSand and Gravel                        1,156.50

The Evergreen                                              22.00

Barb Smith (judge)                                     110.00

Paul Raymond (judge, expenses)                276.12 

Total Bills                      $      3,892.79

Garymoved to approve and pay all the claims, to transfer $3,900 from savings to checking, and to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Mike seconded.  Mike moved to adjourn;Garyseconded.  Adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk