Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisors Mike McCullen and Alden Shute, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Stefanie Williamson, Tracy Riley, Angie Anderson, Jody Mattson, Clay Heller, Jr., and Jim Bredesen.

Approve Ground Rules: Glen read the ground rules for the meeting: Citizens must raise their hand to speak; No interruptions; If a speaker asks a question of another person, they can answer but speaker holds the floor; Maintain respect and decorum.

RESOLUTION TO RESCIND RESOLUTION OF APRIL 3, 2024 (APPOINTING STEFANIE WILLIAMSON TO TAKE BOARD MEETING MINUTES) AND TO RESTORE ALL RIGHTS AND DUTIES TO THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED CLERK OF WILMA TOWNSHIP. Supervisor McCullen presented and read this resolution, which said, “BE IT RESOLVED that the resolution of April 3 be rescinded and the duly democratically elected Clerk of Wilma Township have all his constitutional duties and responsibilities and rights restored, including keeping and posting and retaining the records of all town board meetings.” Mike moved to approve the resolution. Alden at first seconded the motion, and said he felt that the Clerk spoke up too much and argued with the Supervisors and was the focus of several arguments. If the Clerk would agree to simply take the meeting records and not argue with the Supervisors, he said that he would second the motion. Glen said that he and Alden passed their resolution in April based on consultation with MAT Attorney Steve Fenske who said the board has the authority to appoint a different record keeper. Paul said he would only take the records and would follow meeting ground rules and not speak without the permission of the Chair. Glen said Paul posted on the website that the June record would be found on the Duxbury MN Uncensored page without the authorization of the board. Paul said Glen had said he could not post the June record on the township site without board permission and he believed that the voters needed to know where to find the record. Glen moved that with these stipulations, that Paul again be authorized to take and post the records of the meetings. Alden seconded. Passed. Patrice said that the Treasurer and the Clerk have the same rights as any voters to speak and express opinions during board meetings. She said that when Paul has to sign all of the claims that it distracts him and conflicts with his need to record the minutes, and that he can sign them after the business meeting, since the Supervisors are the ones who approve the claims.

Clerk’s Record of June Board Meeting: Paul read the Clerk’s record of the June Board meeting. Patrice corrected the total claims amount: $2.206.17

Stefanie Record: Glen asked Stefanie to read her version of the June 5 meeting. Glen moved to approve; Alden seconded, Mike abstained.

Road Report: Alden gave his report for July. He said that Doug Witta reported a beaver problem on the Pete Anderson Road. Angie said these are on private property and the responsibility of the landowner. Alden put two loads of gravel on Langseth Lane. He wants to start the ditching projects but it has been too wet.

Crooked Lake Road: Mike and Jason Palme and Jeff Shute attended the county commissioners’ meeting on July 2 and spoke with them about their plan to make a parking area at the lake access about one mile down. He said they no longer intend to build a landing but only widen the road to allow cars to park.

Little Tamarack Lake Landing: Mike talked with Greg Beck about the poor condition of the landing, cars parking in deep puddles. He said if they want to develop a landing they should repair this one. Greg said they need to find out who owns the land. Mike said they could do a cooperative venture with the county providing the gravel and Wilma grading it. Mike moved that Wilma Township partner with Pine County to improve the landing on Little Tamarack Lake Road, with the county providing the gravel and Wilma grading it. Glen seconded. Passed.

2022 Winter Storm Damage Reimbursement: Payment was made on 3 February 2024 in the amount of $8,484.34 (75% of the total amount of $11,312.45). Patrice deposited it in the General Fund. Alden said to leave it there for now.

OLD BUSINESS: PNP Reimbursement for Presidential Primary: Kelly Schroeder said that some towns have received their funds, but so far Wilma has not.

Plow display. Alden moved that we purchase gray paint and repaint the plow. Long discussion with some advocating for leaving it safety yellow and others painting it grader/school bus yellow, the original color. Glen seconded Alden’s motion. Passed. Paul said he does not want the job. Stefanie and Angie said they would do it. Paul said that Steve Fenske said that a spouse or partner of a Supervisor can’t be paid for work as it is a conflict of interest unless both other Supervisors approve. Paul said if they do it as a contractor that they will need insurance. Whoever paints the plow will need to be hired as an employee, with Social Security and Medicare taken out. Patrice will get larger letters and have Duxbury on the top and Wilma Township Established 1907 in larger letters below.


Election Judge Training:

July 1: Online Regular Election Judge training can begin. Email to sign up.

There are in-person trainings held as noted below as well. You only need to attend one course or complete online as noted on July 1st:

July 24: North Pine Government Center 9AM-11AM

July 30: North Pine Government Center 3PM-5PM or 6:30-8:30pm

Coiuri&Ruppe 15th Annual Township Legal Seminar: Saturday, Oct. 5, 2024, Rutledge City Hall, 9 am – 4 pm, Free. Register at

MATIT Insurance Coverage: Supervisors can review policy. Premium due by August 15, $1,993.00.

Cannabis Law Meeting: The Pine County Board of Commissioners scheduled an information meeting/discussion of the new cannabis law on June 18, 2024, at the North Pine Government Center (1602 Hwy 23 N.) in Sandstone. Glen attended and gave a report. The main focus is that township and the county cannot override state law.

Meeting of DVFD Chief Nick Mattson With Town Chairs: Nick met with the Chairs of Wilma, New Dosey and Arna, Glen Williamson, Dave Fornengo and Jan Proffit on June 6 at the Wilma Hall. Glen said that Nick said that there is new leadership in the fire department and things are moving in the right direction. Nick will schedule future meetings with the Township Chairs to report to them.

East Central Regional Development Commission: Glen gave a report on their recent meeting. He was elected as Vice Chairman and Chair of the budget committee.

Escrow Increase. Alden said he saw the new notice of our increased escrow requirement, and it doesn’t have exceptions for gravel trucks when we order gravel. Paul said it is the exact notice we had for years, with only the escrow amount changed. He asked Alden to revise the notice so it covers his concerns, and he will post and publish it. [Notice is posted on, below:]

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Total bills for July, $8,335.85. Alden moved to approve her report and transfer $8,30000 from savings to checking. Mike seconded; all aye. Passed.

Alden moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Chairman adjourned the meeting at 9:10.

Paul Raymond, Clerk