Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Road Manager Mark Pallow.

Paul read the record of July’s meeting;Garymoved to approve; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Weight Limits on Township Roads:  We wrote to Greg Beck, County Forester and to Kurt Schneider, the County Land/Zoning Administrator telling them of our desire to put a 5-ton weight limit on all our township roads without a special permit, so we know who is doing the logging and hauling and so we get our escrow payment.  Kurt Schneider replied that we should recognize the positive financial and economic impact logging has on our community.  He said that Wilma received over $30,000 in direct payments from the logging activities in the past 10 years.  He said he could not give legal advice and advised us to contact the township attorneys on the drafting of an ordinance.  He did copy the Sheriff and theCountyAdministrator with his letter. Glen suggested wording for an ordinance:

Whereas,WilmaTownshiproads have been damaged by hauling activities, and

Whereas, when such damages have occurred in the past Wilma has had limited compliance with restoring our roads or meeting our escrow requirements,

Therefore the Wilma Township Board of Supervisors hereby enacts an ordinance setting a 5-ton limit on trucks hauling on Wilma Township roads without a special permit from Wilma Township, which would include a deposit of $500 into an escrow account, which can be refunded minus administrative costs if the road is returned to its original condition as determined by a road inspection by our Road Manager.  Violation of this ordinance requirement is a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine and or/jail time.

Mike asked how we can make an exception for local businesses who need to haul lumber into a building site, or for a garbage truck that might exceed 5 tons.  He suggested raising the limit to 10 tons, which would still exclude full logging trucks, which can weigh almost 50 tons.  Glen said he saw another township road with a 5-ton weight limit, but can’t remember where.  The Supervisors will note if they see any signs like that so we can contact their boards and see how their ordinances work.  Mike suggested our signs read “Permit required over 10 tons:  Wilma Township Ordinance.”

Glen moved that Paul research the wording of an ordinance, to comply with correct procedures, and that he have the township attorneys go over it, and that he research enforcement options.

Garyquestioned the $30,000 figure and asked how much we received recently in PILT.  In 2011, we got over $12,000.

Mark said that Tri-State took all of their wood fromN. Duncan Road.  They stopped payment on their last escrow payment, but we did keep their original escrow payment when they didn’t do any logging, but did drive a cat up the road.

Tamarack Pine Drive:  Mark put one load of gravel on the spot the surveyors damaged, and graded it when he was grading the whole road.  Paul asked if he could break down the time he spent just on that part; he said he couldn’t, but we could bill for one hour of his time, which would include inspections, plus the load of gravel.  We won’t have the gravel cost untilHopkins’ bill comes.

Essentia AED:  We got a defribulator from Essentia ambulance service, and the fire department got one.  Mike has them at his home.  He will find a place in the fire hall where both the town and the fire dept. can have easy access to it.

NEW BUSINESS:  Road Report:  Mark put 4 loads on Little Tamarack Lake Road.  Park Falls Hardwoods sent their $500 escrow deposit for that road.  CrookedLake Road project is complete and within budget.  Mark has a little more grading to do on that road.

Danforth/Wilma Road Agreement:  The Supervisors reviewed the new Road Agreement makingWilmaTownship responsible for all grading and snowplowing and maintenance, including beaver abatement, at the grader rate of $100/hour, equally divided. Gary asked if there could be an emergency clause allowing Wilma to do emergency work like tree removal without Danforth’s approval. Gary said it is a state law that all obstructions be removed as soon as possible from public roads, so Glen said the clause isn’t necessary.

Absentee Ballot Board:   Glen moved that Paul Raymond, Toni Williamson, Patrice Winfield and Barb Smith be appointed to the Absentee Ballot Board in case Wilma has any absentee ballots that need to be counted and verified. Gary seconded.  Passed.

Dumptruck:  Mike and Fudally Tackle are finished with the dumptruck he bought for the cleanup, and he is offering it toWilmaTownship for $6,000.  He had intended to offer it for $5,000 but he had a lot of extra expenses due to the long time before we were paid for the work.  The truck includes a plow, which we could use on driveways.  Mike said he would be willing to operate the truck plow if we needed an operator.  Mark said the truck is in good shape, and Mike said he researched a lot of trucks before he bought it, and that G&D Auto told him this was the best one.  Mike said he would feel better as a Supervisor if the town had the truck checked out at G&D before we bought it.  Mike will get Paul the VIN# and make and model so he can call the Township Insurance so it is covered for the trip to town.  Mark and Gary will go in with it.   If we buy it, we can get the title transferred and get plates.  Mark said we can get tax-exempt plates.

State MAT Conference:  It is Sept. 13 inCambridge.  Don Sherpa, our district rep, has strongly encouraged officers to go.  Glen can’t go, but he does want to attend the state conference in November.  Paul said if it is a budget issue, we shouldn’t send anyone to the district conference and save the money to send Paul and Glen to the state conference.  Patrice said that as a taxpayer, she doesn’t think we should send people to the state conference, because of the costs for motel from Nov. 15-17, plus the conference tuition and mileage.  Glen said there are many, many benefits to the township and board members from this conference.

Automark Test:  The public test of our voting machine will be tomorrow at noon at Patrice’s.  Paul posted and published this and the Primary Election, which is Tuesday, August 14, from 10 until 8.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills:  Patrice presented the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Bills were presented:

Patrice Winfield                                $        100.01

Gary Vink                                                  264.65

Mark Pallow                                               280.22

Paul Raymond                                            126.43

The Evergreen                                                9.00

ECE                                                              59.06

Pine Co. Courier                                           22.56

Mike McCullen                                             33.07

Patrice Winfield (expenses)                          30.10

Paul Raymond (expenses)                            10.00

Glen Williamson                                           38.69 

Total Bills            $        974.00

Garymoved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the claims, and to transfer $1,000 from savings to checking.  Glen seconded.  Mike moved to adjourn;Garyseconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15.

Paul Raymond, Clerk