Present were Supervisors Glen Williamson (Chair), Mike McCullen, Road Manager/Supervisor Alden Shute, Clerk Paul Raymond, and for portions of the inspection, Danforth Supervisor Jason Palme.

EAGLE HEAD ROAD: Danforth Supervisor Jason Palme joined us for Crooked Lake and Eagle Head Roads. Road Sign bent over; straighten.

Culvert at ¼ mile. Last year we had Hopkins dig out the big culvert and add 6′ extension and sink it 6” lower, with a gate to block the beavers. The beavers are still a problem. Alden wants to put two 30′ x 18” PVC/plastic culverts side by side, buried even deeper, with a bridge/walkway across them to reach the end of the culvert. He said holes could be put on the bottom of the culverts where the beavers can’t reach them. He said we can put cables through the length of the culverts with a hook at the end (with a rope attached to retrieve it) that we can drag through the culvert to drag out any debris. Alden estimates the cost at $3,000-4,000, no more than $2,000 each. Duane Glienke cancelled his insurance so he can not longer do contractor work for us. The road is .6 mile long.

CROOKED LAKE ROAD: .2 mile in, 1 load class 5 gravel.

Culvert .4 mile in, at the culvert the road is very narrow with a steep dropoff. For safety we need to fill the full width of the road and bury a 30′ x 2′ culvert and fill with rock and dirt. We anticipate more traffic because of the parking area the County is buiding at the lake access further down. Jason said the County is having a hearing about the landing in Sandstone Thursday May 23 at 6 p.m. with Mike Gainor at the Sandstone Govt. Center, and he plans to go. He will ask them if they will pay for filling in and widening the road at our culvert, since the increased traffic is due to their improvements. He will find out if they will build a boardwalk or pathway to the lake, which is now under water.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD: Alden is trying to meet with Chris Matrious to ask about the county widening the entrance to Dollar Lake Road and their culvert. Blading and routine maintenance.

VINK ROAD: Routine blading.

MINK FARM ROAD: At .1 mile 2-3 loads minus 2”. At .2 2-3 more loads. Alden said when the budget is flush we should do the whole road; put a good base down and then red-rock. Routine blading, otherwise good.

MAYFIELD ROAD: Road good. Routine blading.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD: Big project for 2024: Rock is exposed from the beginning of the hill at .1 mile, to the bottom at the driveways. Need at least 6” cover of red-rock. Routine blading. Eventual project red-rock whole road.

SHORT ROAD: Blade the grass off of the road and then routine blading.

LOST RIVER ROAD: Routine blading. Ditches are draining well; no water on road.

RIVER CABIN ROAD: Projects for future: 66255 River Cabin; at 66177 clay is coming up; Alden wants to gouge out the road at this spot and then put 2 loads class 5 gravel in the future. Routine blading.

MONA DRIVE: Routine blading. Trim trees.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD: Routine blading. The red-rock gravel has held up well for two years.

HELLER DRIVE: Beaver dam .2 mile. Clay Heller was checking dam and breaking it up. At the hill need 3 loads of 2”-. At Tamarack River bridge the County wants us to remove the large trees; Regular blading.

TAMARACK PINE DRIVE: The major project for 2023 season was to build up and resurface the entire road with red rock gravel. Road in good shape.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD: Needs 2 loads of 2”-minus pit run to build a better base at the slippery spot at .6 mile before the logging road. Start at the big pine tree and end at logging road. Craig Summerland has this gravel. Routine blading and leveling.

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD: Big project for future, to pit run the whole road with more 2”-minus gravel. Need 3 loads 2”- pit run at the beginning of the road at slippery spots. Four culverts need to be covered better with gravel, about 1 -2 loads each: .9 mile up at 56723 N. Duncan (2 loads); 1 mile up, culvert just before Bredesen’s place(1 load pit run); 1.1 mile, just past Bredesens at 57391 N. Duncan, 1.2 miles up, fourth culvert at 57391 N. Duncan; at 1.6 miles; cover culverts with more gravel;. Cut tree towards the end of road. Loggers will be using road after it is frozen to cross river and access trees. Routine blading; gravel on wet spots.

Escrow: Has been $500 since it started; discussion on raising it to $1,000.

FUST LANE: Needs to be ditched for drainage .1 mile in. 10-12 loads of Summerland pit run. When the gravel is ready Alden will ditch road with grader. Routine blading.

LANGSTROM LANE: Alden said he and Doug alternate taking care of this road and Pete Anderson. Routine blading.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD: Blade out the washboard bumps. Alden thinks Doug bladed it last; Routine blading.

SCHMEDEKE LANE: Routine blading.

Road inspection completed at 3 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk