Wednesday May 1, 2024, Wilma Township

The minutes as requested by the Board of Supervisors:

Chairman Glen Williamson started the meeting at 7:45 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. In attendance: Supervisor Mike McCullen, Supervisor/Road Manager Alden Shute, Treasure Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Angie Anderson, Stefanie Williamson, Tracy Riley, Stan Riley, Lori Shute, Zach Hanson, Kim Felton, Jodie Mattson, Nick Mattson, Janet Egan, Kathleen Ackerman, Clayton Heller, Jason Williams, Ben Glocke, and Jim Bredeson.

 Glen then went over the ground rules of the meeting: Citizens must raise their hands to speak. No interruptions, you can ask questions of another person and they can answer but the speaker holds the floor. Maintain respect and decorum.

Stefanie Williamson Taking Record: Paul Raymond produced a report that indicated it is a conflict of interest for Stefanie Williamson to be paid for taking the meeting record. He supplied documents to the board to support this. Stefanie agreed to continue taking the record without compensation. If it is determined that there is no conflict of interest and $100.00 per meeting minute is paid to Stefanie Williamson, she will donate that money to the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department.

Paul Raymond presented documents to Glen Williamson and Alden Shute his record of the March 6, 2024, meeting and a copy of Stefanie Williamsons record, and challenged them to point out the inaccuracies. Glen made a motion to table the issue until next month. Alden seconded the motion and Mike voted no. Carried 2 to 1.

Stefanie Williamson read the record of the Town Board of Supervisors Meeting from April 3, 2024.

Paul Raymond objected to the term unanimous for two motions in which Mike McCullen did not vote, and the term “admitted” was asked to be changed to “said”. Paul wanted Kim Felton’s statement to have quotes and her name added to it.

Alden made a motion to accept the minutes with the corrections discussed. Glen seconded the motion. Carried by 2 votes. Mike abstained from the vote.

Alden Shute Road Report: “I got all the roads graded. I have gone through some things on the roads. Little Tamarack when you talk about projects, Little Tamarack on that first 1/8th mile in is nothing but rock. I would like to get a good coat of gravel over that, otherwise at the 1/8th mile I don’t even put the blade down. Eagle Head we will need to figure out that culvert issue, somewhere along line, we have beaver problems. Heller Drive, the corduroy is starting to come through that first swamp there. Rather than just put gravel over it we may start putting pit run over some of that stuff. River Cabin Road, just past Jim Otters, to the cul-de-sac the gravel is pretty much sunk into the clay, Its getting very bad down there. I would like to dig it out and put rock down and fresh gravel over that. North Duncan there is going to be a logging project. It is regulation is going to be to close the roads but there are still some culverts that we are going to have to cover up a little bit better. But it won’t be able to be a winter sale but there still will have to be some improvements made on the road. Crooked Lake will get a small parking lot where the access is, one mile in, for people to put their kayaks in. They will put a culvert in at no cost to the township.”

Alden made a motion to pay Jim Bredesen $25.00 per beaver for 4 beavers so $100.00. Mike seconded the motion, passed unanimously. Jim said he would donate the money to the fire department.

Clay Heller asked about the beavers on Heller Road. Alden explained that the road was taken care of and there was no flooding on the road. Clay Heller also had concerns about the pit run being used on his road. He will go along on the road inspection and look at it with the board.

Township Day At The Capital: Our town was advocating for cell service because we have such terrible cell service in our town. The rest of his report is in the agenda dated May 1, 2024. Not included in the agenda report, “MnDOT is now considering now allowing a cell repeater on the tower at Eagle Head. So that is a huge thing.” Paul said.

Township Election Lost Ballot: Patrice spoke with Kelly Schroeder about the lost ballot, she was told to leave it unopened and hold on to it for 22 months and then throw it away.

Stefanie was directed by Kelly Shroeder to report the ballot issue so it could be investigated and find out whether there is a problem or not. So, Stefanie made a report about the ballot to the County Attorney.

Paul produced a police report dated as “closed on 3/19/2024” Stefanie made the report about the ballot to the County Attorney after the April 6, 2024, meeting. It was determined that the police report Paul produced was for a different incident.  After much discussion Paul Raymond said, “I stand corrected.”

Preliminary report on Fire Protection Resources in our area: Paul Raymond presented a written report and gave each board member a copy of it. Paul has made the report a part of the record. Paul summarized his report for the purpose of the meeting.

Based on the report produced Wilma Township will not consider a change in fire protection at this time.

Dave Fornengo, the Chair of New Dosey Township, has requested to have a meeting with Glen Williamson and the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief. Nick Mattson agreed to meet with Dave and Glen.

Fire Department Report by Nick Mattson, Fire Chief: The fire department will do an annual report. The report will include how many calls were EMR, how many fires, and how many responded. The fire department has updated their application process, so at there is a pdf of a firefighter application. The Fire Chief welcomes anyone who wants to, to fill out that application. There have been quite a few new applicants. There will also be applications available at the town hall.

Mike made a motion to put the link to the fire department website on the Wilma Township website. Glen seconded the motion. Passed.

New Business: Road Inspection will take place May 20, 2024, at 10 am, starting at the town hall.

ARPA Report April 30th the report has been completed and submitted by Paul

PNP Election Reimbursement Report: All the claims will be paid.

Stan Riley volunteered to raise the flag and not be paid. This will not be needed as Paul said he will not charge to raise and lower the flag.

Stan would like it on the record that he has denied, saying that he would not want Mike on his property.  He said that he as made this denial at every meeting that is was brought up.

Treasurers Report: The bill for the month is $4836.79 and I will transfer $5000.00 from savings to checking to cover that amount.

Alden made a motion to pay the bills and transfer the amount, Mike seconded, and it passed.

Alden made a motion to adjourn Mike seconded and the Chair adjourned the meeting at 9:10pm.

Unapproved minutes

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