Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisor Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, and Clerk Paul Raymond.

Paul read the record of December’s meeting; Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

Cigarette License:  Glen moved to approve a 2013 permit for the Duxbury Store to sell cigarettes and tobacco.  Gary seconded.  Fee paid to Patrice.

OLD BUSINESS:   FEMA Hazard Mitigation Payment:  FEMA is withholding the last $900 of the funds owned to Wilma because Paul could not document that the proposed hazard mitigation rip-rap and reinforcement project on Mayfield Road was ever done.  Gary said he drove the road to check, and nothing was done.  Mark also said we did not do the work.  We will write and ask them to refund the monies owed minus the $626.20 for the Mayfield Road job.

Wilma Road Ordinance Signs on County Roads:  We wrote to Mark LeBrun to inform him of our intent to place weight limit signs on the 6 county roads that enter our township reading:  ROAD RESTRICTION.  PERMIT REQUIRED OVER 10 TONS ON WILMA TOWNSHIP ROADS. WILMA TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE.

Todd Lindstrom from Public Works said the county must be the entity to place any signs in county rights-of-way, and the charge for 6 or 7 signs will be about $430 for travel and installation.  They would be willing to make and install the signs, but their charge is $225 per sign, installed, $1,350 for six signs.  If we get the signs for about $100 each and pay the county $430 to install them, it will come to about $1,200.  (Paul didn’t ask the county if they would make up a private ordinance sign, only about a dead-end sign for Lost River Road).

Gary moved that we order 6 regulatory signs, 30” x 24,” with breakaway posts and hardware, to be delivered to the Duxbury Store so we can store them in the hall until spring.  Glen seconded.  No decision on Lost River Road dead-end sign.

Fire Hall Repairs:  Rod Wilson jacked up the west and central walls of the fire hall and anchored the west wall to a leveled base of treated 6 x 6 lumber.  He did not have to cut any of the siding.  He replaced the center wall foundation with cement blocks.  They have a man-door for the east wall, but it and the weather-stripping have not been installed, and we received no bill for any work yet.  There is a lot of equipment and stuff on the floor in the west hall; the workers put it back against the wall.  Gary said most of that is fire department stuff.

NEW BUSINESS:  March Election:  Glen and Patrice both filed affidavits of their intent to run for re-election as Supervisor and Treasurer at the March 12 election.   Judges:  By law, neither Patrice nor Toni Williamson can serve as judges (spouses of candidates are ineligible).  Patrice said her sister Jenn could serve, but has not been trained.  The clerk can train people in an emergency.  Maynard Workman served for us in 2010, and he may be available again.  Hours are 5 to 8 p.m., followed by the Annual Meeting.  Gary moved to appoint Paul, Barb Smith, and Maynard Workman as judges for the election; Glen seconded.

Board of Audit:  Patrice has already closed out her books for 2012, so she could enter 2013 payroll.  The Board of Audit will be part of the February 6 meeting at 7:30, but will need to be posted as a special meeting.

MN Township Association Dues:  We pay the dues to the County Township Association, $335.15/year.  Gary moved to pay it.  Glen seconded.

Road Report:  Gary drove out the Mayfield Road.  The DNR has marked it for a lumber sale from the S-curve to the snowmobile trail.

The plow did not go out for the small snows we’ve had so far.  Glen got one irate call from a citizen who felt he should have been plowed.  Gary also checked North Duncan Road; the DNR was brushing the snowmobile trail.  Gary wanted to make sure they didn’t attempt to grade the road or do any damage.  Pete Anderson/Langstrom Roads:  2013 is our maintenance year.  Paul will write to Cheryl Wickham and let her know.

2013 Mileage Rate:  The new federal mileage rate is .565 per mile. The Board has already voted to follow the federal rate, up or down.  Patrice told Paul to be sure to change the Social Security Payroll Tax rates in his CTAS after closing out 2012.  The payroll tax deduction ended, and it is going back to the old rate.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Claims were presented:

Patrice Winfield                                          $        125.60

Glen Williamson                                                    37.87

Paul Raymond                                                     129.29

Gary Vink                                                            120.52

ECE                                                                       51.71

Pine CountyCourier                                              15.04

PineCountyTownship Association                     335.15

Paul Raymond (expenses)                                      18.04

Patrice Winfield (expenses)                                    10.00

Bruno Deep Rock (grader fuel)                                      907.35

U.S. Treasury, 4th qtr. Withholding,                     278.99

Pine Co. Treasurer (Truth in Taxation)                  46.08

TOTAL BILLS              $      2,075.64

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report; to pay all the claims; and to transfer $2,000 from savings to checking.  Glen seconded.  Gary moved to adjourn the meeting;  Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk