Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marg Schmedeke, Danforth Twp. Supervisor Jason Palme, and Subcontractor Rod Wilson.

Paul read the record of the November meeting.  Mike moved to approve; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Pete Anderson/Langstrom Roads Brush Cutting:  Gary checked the road and said Arna only cut brush on their side of the road.  We have a joint-road agreement with Arna, and no one from their board asked us if we wanted to pay half to get both sides of the roads brushed.  Eldon said he thought we should do it on our roads.

Fire Hall Repairs:  Rod Wilson replaced Ron Proffit’s original carpenters for the repair project.  He said he needs a skidster to life up the wall in order to remove and replace the blocks and put it back on the blocks. He will put a lateral brace on the wall to support it.  We told him how to connect Duane Glienke who has the skidster with a forklift.  Ron has the man-door for the SE door.  The board inspected and copied the spec drawings.  Mike said we need weather stripping around all the big fire hall

doors.  Rod said we may need to remove some of the siding to do the repairs.  One problem will be using concrete in the cold, but he can stabilize the blocks with caulk and shims and then do the concrete work when it warms up.  Rod said it could be winterized good.  Their estimate of the cost is around $2,000.  He hopes to start before Christmas.

Snowplowing:  Patrice gave the board a list of those who have signed up for snowplowing, and one for Mark.

Town Hall Back Door Lock:  Patrice fixed it.

Schmedeke Lane:  Eldon went to the County Commissioner’s meeting and asked them to go into closed session to discuss the Schmedeke Lane extension.  They said they could not do that for a private citizen on short notice, and he didn’t want the discussion to be public.  Eldon will be meeting with the Commissioners individually.  The concern is that the extension is not built up to county or township specs, and Wilma’s board does not want to adopt a road that is not finished.  Eldon had a one hour meeting with Glen on November 19 and Glen is supportive of Eldon’s efforts.   Mike said there is no top on the road; it is just pit run gravel.  We’ve never taken over a road by a developer that wasn’t built up to specs with ditches and class 5 gravel.  Gary asked when did Commissioner Chaffee ask us to take over the extension as a township road?  Glen said Chafee called him.  We wrote to Mark LeBrun and Steve Chaffee, and it’s now in the county’s hands.

North Duncan Road:  Paul researched all the gravel and grading and board meetings regarding building up North Duncan Road up by Bill Peno’s land.  He was able to document that we spent $6,358 on the road since Sept.  2009.  Glen moved that we send Mr. Peno a letter showing the work done but without copies of the invoices, and tell him that we intend to do the balance of the $7,000 budgeted next year, including the culverts.  The two culverts that were to go to that road went to the Pete Anderson Road instead.

Crooked Lake/Eagle Head Roads:  Danforth Twp. Supervisor Jason Palme brought payment for the 3 ½ hours of grading Mark did on Crooked Lake Road in August.  Jason said they question why it would take so much time to do only one mile of road?  Mike said this was after all the new gravel was put down, and it took time to shape and crown the road.  Jason said their board wants to know if Wilma would take over ownership of the range-line roads and sole responsibility and expense for the roads, and Wilma collect all of the gas tax.  Mike said the gas tax payment is minuscule compared to the cost of gravel and grading and maintenance.  The only full time residents on the road are in Danforth Township.  Glen asked if Danforth wants to take over all responsibilities and expenses and get all the gas tax money?  Mike said we can’t do that because we have to insure that the road is maintained properly and some of Danforth’s contractors don’t do it right, plus there is the danger of someone trying to gate the road off, like they tried once on Crooked Lake road and have done on another Danforth public road.  Mike said it’s a very nice road now, much better than it was before.  Jason said Mark still does not grade to the full width of the road, and brush could encroach on the road.

Joint Road Agreement:  Jason said the Danforth board rejects the road agreement we sent them in June.  This agreement arose out of Mike and Gary meeting with Danforth’s board on May 18.  In it, Wilma takes over all responsibility for the range-line roads, including beaver dam abatement, and will bill Danforth at a special rate of $100 per hour, divided by two.  Chairman Jeff Shute had agreed at our meeting that to get the road up to specks Wilma would take care of all the cat and grader and gravel work to build up the road.  Danforth would pay the full cat bill, and Wilma would pay for all the prep-grading before the gravel, and the two towns would split all the gravel/grading costs.  Gary moved that Jason take the agreement back to their board and have them rewrite it to their satisfaction, and then send their version back to us.  Glen seconded.                                                                     Bill for Joint Road Work:  Jason said that they have not received a bill for all the work done on Crooked Lake Road last summer.  Paul checked the claims.  Hopkins billed us $9,529 in July, and we never sent Danforth a claim.  As per the agreement with Jeff, Wilma will pay for all of Mark’s prep-grading, and Danforth will cover the cat bill:  $464.  We will split the gravel/grading bill:  $9,065.97 divided by 2: $4532.98 + 464 = $4996.98 total to Danforth.   Paul will write a claim to Danforth and send it.  Jason said all Danforth correspondence should go to their new PO Box 66, Sandstone.

Wilma Road Ordinance Signs:  We can get signs and posts for the six entrances to our township stating our road restrictions for about $100 each.  The county wanted $225 to put up a dead-end sign on Lost River Road. M-R Sign Company will make one for less than $100, including breakaway posts and hardware.  Paul wrote to Mark LeBrun telling him of our intention to post our restrictions on the county roads and asking for his feedback and the county specs for posting in their rights-of-way.  The board tabled ordering signs for now, until we hear from the county.  Gary questioned why we should put up a dead-end sign on Lost River Road.  Paul said Leighton Quinn said they’re getting a lot of non-local traffic.  Gary said a sign won’t stop them.

Township Computer:  Glen commended Patrice for making frequent backups because the computer had to be reloaded today and all the data would have been lost.  They were able to reformat it and reload all the Treasurer’s data.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:   Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).   Bills for December:

Patrice Winfield (expenses)               $          10.00

Pine Septic and Design                               265.00

Paul Raymond (expenses)                            10.00

Gary Vink                                                  122.18

Paul Raymond                                            205.68

Patrice Winfield                                          166.53

Glen Williamson                                           82.21

Mike McCullen                                             33.97

MATAT (Workers Comp Policy)               744.00

The Evergreen                                              51.00

ECE                                                              54.27

Total Bills                      $     1,744.84

Mike moved to pay all the claims, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $1,800 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Gary moved to adjourn; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk