Regular Meeting, October 1, 2008


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. There were 16 citizens present, including Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Toni Williamson, Joe Vink, Mark Pallow, Leighton Quinn, Ross Gay, Jason Patric, Daniel Larson, and Richard Noyes.

DANFORTH/WILMA RANGE LINE ROAD AGREEMENT: Danforth Township Supervisors Jason Patric and Daniel Larson attended to draw up a new agreement on maintenance of the joint range-line Crooked Lake and Eagle Head Roads. Gary said that the disputed invoice for 10/25/07 for 3 hours of blading the roads should be adjusted to $187.50 and resubmitted to Danforth Township. There was a ½ hour overcharge. Danforth had believed that we were billing for work done by Carlson’s Lumber, and that Carlsons claimed that our grader did not go down the road that day. We had grader records showing that the road was graded. Glen moved that we rescind the invoice for Gary’s road inspection on 6/7/08. Mike seconded.

Danforth is willing to take over responsibility for road maintenance; they said that Sandstone Township charged them half of what we charge. Mike said that Danforth will have to deal with the Kelch’s and their trailer, which is in the right-of-way. Mike moved that we draft a letter from both townships telling them that they have to move their trailer 33′ from the center of Crooked Lake Road. Glen seconded.

Glen moved that the Board accept Danforth Township’s letter of July, 2008, canceling the 2006 road agreement. Glen moved that the Board adopt a new agreement with Danforth Township where Danforth will be responsible for routine snowplowing, ditch work and grading of the range-line roads and will bill Wilma for half, not to exceed $100 per hour for the total cost to both townships. This agreement will be subject to amendment or renewal every September. Wilma will be held harmless and not liable for any damages or claims against Danforth Township arising from maintenance authorized by them. Wilma will be allowed to do emergency plowing or maintenance at our regular rates when Danforth is unable to do it.

Wilma has one last bill for Danforth under the old agreement, for putting 154 yards of gravel, 11 loads, on Crooked Lake Road on 8/7/08, at $8/yard, total cost $1,232, minus $500 from Carlson’s escrow account = $732, divided by two, Danforth’s half, $361.50.

ESCROW ACCOUNT: We still have no response from the Township Attorneys regarding our charging a road use fee from loggers instead of an escrow fee.

LOST RIVER ROAD: Leighton Quinn, Dick Noyes and Ross Gay attended to discuss the township taking over the Lost River Road. The agreement entered into in October, 2005, between the township and Leighton Quinn required a $2,500 escrow deposit by Mr. Quinn to pay for maintenance on Lost River Road until one year from the date that the last lot is sold in order for the town to take over the road. Mr. Quinn said that he may not sell all the lots, but keep some. Mike moved that the agreement be amended to say that this escrow deposit would be for two years from the date that it is received. Glen seconded.

WILMA FALL FEST: Patrice said she is available to help and had received door prizes from Ace Hardware and the Organic Carrot. Toni Williamson has a prize from the Grand Casino. The prizes can be raffled off for $1. Mark has a candy wreath. Glen and Tony made posters for the October 18 event.

TRI-TOWNSHIP DISPOSAL DISTRICT MEETING: Mike attended the meeting and they lowered taxpayer rates by $6/year. Some people in our township dumped trash on a road which required the disposal people to pick it up and dispose of it, including some paint. The Disposal District billed them $302 for the cleanup, but they didn’t pay. Mike directed Paul to write them and ask for payment, and tell them that if it is not paid in 75 days that we will have it assessed on their taxes. Paul will call the county assessor to make sure that we can levy a special assessment like that.

CHAINSAW POLE: Mark needs to rent a chainsaw pole to trim the trees on Heller Drive and Dollar Lake Road where they are hitting the grader. He called Hinckley Rental for quotes. Mike said it may be more economical to buy one than to rent. Mark said he also would like to rent a chipper to dispose of the branches. Mike moved that Mark be authorized to research the cost to rent and/or buy the pole and chipper, and to buy or rent the pole after calling the board members. Gary seconded.


Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Pine County Courier $ 18.80

Hopkins Sand and Gravel 3,855.60

FNBNS 2,000.00

Bruno Deep Rock 126.22

US Treasury 477.52

Donna Filler 138.00

Antoinette Williamson 45.00

Mike McCullen 80.80

Gary Vink 81.96

Mark Pallow 169.92

Glenford Williamson 34.63

Patrice Winfield 71.58


Paul Raymond 240.00


TOTAL $ 7,584.75

Glen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all bills, and to transfer $7,600 from savings to checking. Mike seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk