Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the record of the June meeting; Glen corrected the number of people the campground sponsored for the pancake breakfast, 55, not 53. Mike moved to approve the amended record; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Park Driveway: Gary patched the culvert and filled the hole in the Town Park driveway. Crooked Lake Rd. Haulers: Gary spoke to truckers hauling sand on Crooked Lake Road, to inform them of the escrow requirement. They did the hauling before he could stop them, but did no damage. Heller Drive: The road was pretty sloppy after the rain, and Mark felt it needed gravel, but after drying out and grading, Gary said it was ok. Gary cut trees and checked various township roads. Vink Road: Qwest was cutting a phone line on the Vink Road, and Gary marked the culverts so they wouldn’t cut them, and cut some brush. Mark did some grading on townline and escrow roads, but Gary said it wasn’t enough to bill and said he would like to wait a month so we have more to bill.

Crooked Lake/Eagle Head Roads: Danforth is doing their own grading with a mini-grader operated by Ralph. They did most of Crooked Lake Road, but haven’t done any work on Eagle Head Road. Gary had to cut some of the brush on Eagle Head Road. The board is concerned that their grader isn’t up to the task. Mike moved that Paul write to Danforth Township and relate our concerns that the road is not adequately maintained and that the washout in the ditch past Kelch’s has not been repaired, and no maintenance has been done on Eagle Head Road, and that we ask them to attend our August 4th Board meeting. Gary seconded.

Duncan Road Project: Gary priced culverts: 12” x 30’ culvert is $285; 24’ x 12” is $228. A 15’ diameter culvert x 30’ is $339; 24’ is $264. The project needs two culverts, and Gary says 12” should be adequate. The road is 16’wide, but we need a longer culvert because of the backfill. Gary has called about gravel, but it has been too wet to do the work, and some gravel suppliers know that the road is soft.

Old Graders: Gary and Paul took photos of the two old graders and sent the information to Central Parts Connection, a source Mark found. If they don’t buy them, they may ship them out for parts.

Township Summer Short Course: Patrice and Gary and Paul attended last Thursday. Paul got part of his election training, and Patrice got training on CTAS. She reported that she will need to change the account numbers so all townships use universal codes, and she is still trying to work out the Certificate of Deposits investments in the new CTAS program. She ordered a disc of the CTAS updates. Gary attended sessions on Workers Comp and investment and indebtedness issues. He said investments should designate what fund they go into. He said that transfers can be made from any fund that has a surplus, including Road and Bridge. Glen asked if the town could invest in stocks; Gary said they discourage any risky investments.

Paul has to get a notary stamp and he can act as a legal notary, and said he would do notary services for citizens when they can’t get to town.

Township Insurance Coverage: Glen asked who owns the fire hall? Mike said that in all three townships the fire halls are owned by the townships, not the fire department.

Windows for Town Hall: Mark and Gary haven’t heard from JB Construction about the doors for the town hall. They’d agreed to put in two doors for free, but not in writing. We have their window replacement bid, but the requirements have changed a little. Mike got the bid from Jason Phaller, to replace all the existing windows with double-hung, wood-framed windows with screens, and to cut a new 60” x 48” window on the stage. His estimate included two steel doors and all the trim; total bid, $5,275. Patrice copied the specs Jason provided so she can get a bid on the same thing from the Roberts, who did her home.

NEW BUSINESS: Population Estimate: The State Demographer said we have 66 people living in 38 homes in Wilma Township. We don’t know how they arrive at that number, and this may change when the U.S. Census results come in.

Tic Diseases: There have been several people in our fire department and area coming down with serious tick diseases. Al Wolf and Don Mishler both got one of the serious diseases, Anaplasmosis or Babesiosis, and Glen had Lyme’s disease. Mark said his friend was dead in a week from a tick bite in his belly button. The board confirmed the need for thorough tick checks and treatment.

Campground Event: Glen said he no longer needs to report events as special events as his license was expanded to 166 campsites over the previous 64.

Wilma Fall Fest: Glen said we have a $400 budget for the Fall Fest. He moved that we set the date for October 23, two weeks before hunting season. Mike seconded. They said we should have the windows and doors done by that time.

Propane Prebuy: Federated is offering propane at $1.79/gallon. We usually prebuy 1,000 gallons. We didn’t use it all in our mild winter last year, but Mike moved that we pay for 1,000 gallons, with credit for our unused prebuy from last year. Glen seconded.

First Responders: The hospital had been making contributions to the fire departments for the work the first responders do, but they said they will no longer do this, and first responders will have no compensation. Mike said he will bring this up at the fire association meeting, and it may come to the point where we will no longer provide first responders.

Town Hall Steps: Mike said he didn’t get to buy the risers and wood for the back steps; he will take care of this soon.


Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Patrice Winfield (expenses) $ 63.00

Joe Vink (expenses) 46.50

U.S. Treasury (2nd quarter deductions) 431.08

Pine Co. Treasurer (assessments) 317.00

Federated Coop (tank rental) 10.69

ECE 54.48

Federated Coop (prebuy) 1,503.63

Mike McCullen 33.25

Mark Pallow 274.28

Paul Raymond 216.10

Patrice Winfield 212.40

Gary Vink 305.68

Glen Williamson 37.87

Total Bills $ 3,569.54

Glen moved to pay all the bills, to approve the treasurer’s report, and to transfer $3,600 from savings to checking. Gary seconded. Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk