Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.   Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke, Joseph Vink, and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the record of the May meeting.  Gary amended the township equipment inventory that we have two culverts, not one; and Patrice said that the payment to Jensen Tractor should have been made to Joe Vink.  Gary moved to approve the record as amended; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:   Grader Sales: Gary got the serial numbers for the old graders and will get the specs from Ziegler, so we can list them for sale.

Danforth Road Work: Mike said Danforth Supervisors may show up at the meeting to bill us for the road work; they said their clerk missed two meetings and that’s why we haven’t been billed.  Gary said that Steve Grabau who lives up on Eagle Head Road has complained that there has not been good maintenance on Eagle Head Road.   Gary told him to contact Danforth Township.  Kelch’s have moved their trailer from the right-of-way on Crooked Lake Road.

Town Park:   Glen spoke with Bruce and Donna Filler and asked them to attend township board meetings again.  She said that at the Annual Meeting the voters voted to put a culvert in and improve the access drive into the town park, and nothing has been done.  Glen said he wants to keep peace in our town.   Mike said that our roads have priority over a driveway into what is now just a forest of trees.  But Mike said that the Board could move the meeting temporarily to the park and inspect the current culvert  and see what would be required to improve the driveway access.  Joe said that with the hole in the existing culvert that the town could be liable if someone attempted to cross over the driveway and fell into the hole.

North Duncan Road:  Gary is to check the North Duncan Road and make a report on what is needed to build up the road as per the agreement of the board at the May meeting.

Pancake Breakfast: Mike thanked all those who participated in the Fire Department Pancake Breakfast over Memorial Day.  They made $2,200. about the same as other years.  350-360 people were served.  Carter and Laurel Delaittre donated $150 to the fire department.  Glen paid for 55 people at his campground to attend.

Langstrom Road: Dave Drake from Arna Township said they will cut the trees on the sides of the road after the first quarter mile, and said Arna claims ½ mile of this road for gas tax.

Grading/Billing: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey for half hour of blading Heller Drive, $75, their half:  $37.50.   Also to bill Lost River Road’s escrow account for 1/2 hour:  $75; and Mona Lane’s escrow account, ½ hour, $75.

Mink Farm Road: We are holding T & T Logging’s $500 escrow for this road.  Mark graded it.  Gary said that they did damage the road and scrape off the crown, and the road will need more gravel.  Gary and Mark will keep separate records of all repairs and gravel on the Mink Farm Road so we can give an accounting to T & T.

River Cabin Road: Glen got a call from a cabin owner who said the road needs grading and maintenance.

NEW BUSINESS:   Township Summer Short Course: The one at Black Bear Casino is July 1.  Mike moved that any officer who can should attend.  Paul has to take the election training for clerks.  Patrice will take the session on township indebtedness and accounting procedures.  Gary may also attend.  We will car pool.

Town Hall Repair: Mike said the back steps to the hall are a liability and need to be replaced.  He moved that he be authorized to pick up the risers and boards to build new steps, with 9” risers and one foot wide.  Gary seconded. Passed.

The windows in the hall are rotting and need to be replaced.  The builders who put in the ramp gave an estimate then, but that included new siding for the hall.  Glen suggested getting two bids for 8 replacement windows.  Mike said we should put a window in the north wall of the hall on the stage for light and circulation.  The doors are crooked and need to be replaced also.  We want double-hung insulated windows.  Mike moved that we get bids and estimates to replace the 8 windows, plus the window on the stage, plus install a new window on the north wall, and replace the two doors, by the August meeting.  Glen seconded.  Mike said that Jason Phaller works for a window company and he would be a good one to get an estimate from.  Paul will look for the orginal bid from the people who did the ramp.  Patrice said the Roberts, the people who did her house are very good and reasonable and she will get their information.

Election Judges:  We have to have judges for the fall elections.  Patrice and Donna Filler and Barb Smith have said they will serve.  There is training in August that all judges will need to attend.

Grader Use Policy: Joe asked if he is still a backup grader operator.  Mike and Glen said yes.   Joe said he filled the hole left by the old grader near the fire hall with two loads of his own gravel.  He asked if he or Mark could use the grader to smooth it out.  Glen said OK.  Joe asked if he or Mark can take the grader out in an emergency situation.  Glen said that they should call all three supervisors and if they can’t reach any of them, to notify Paul that they are taking the grader out.  Joe said that a few years ago he took the grader out to pull out a truck that was stuck and blocking Tamarack River Road.  They paid $150 for the pull-out, but Joe said there was some negative talk about him doing that, and he wants clarification on his authority.  Gary said the issue is liability, and the danger of being sued if something goes wrong and we damage someone’s vehicle or driveway.  Eldon asked what other towns would do?  New Dosey pulled the garbage truck out of the ditch, but Mike said that is a NGO mutual aid, not a private party.  Glen said he has a problem with us using our grader to pull someone out when there are other businesses who do this.  Glen moved that, apart from regular and necessary plowing and road grading, the grader cannot be used except in a medical, life or death situation, if someone is in eminent danger or a township road is being blocked.  In that case, the grader operator at his own discretion can use the grader.  Anything else, he must get at least two supervisors approval to use it, and if they cannot reach the supervisors, the clerk can make the decision.  Mike seconded.  Passed.

Fire Department Tank: Mike said the Fire Department bought a big steel tank to store water, and they would like to bury it behind the town hall if it stays in Duxbury (it may be moved to Cloverton).  Duane Glienke has indicated he would dig the hole and bury it.   Mike said there will be a lot of dirt displaced, and we could use it to backfill the foundation of the town hall.  He is applying for some grants to possibly use the ponds on Tamarack River Road for a water source, and Duxbury may not need the tank then.

Town Park Culvert: The board moved the meeting to the town park and inspected the culvert.  Mike used a flashlight and said the culvert is clear all the way through, but there is a hole in it that can be patched and filled.   Mike moved that Gary patch the culvert and fill the hole with gravel.  Glen seconded, and said we could make a little wayside park where the driveway crosses.  There is a small clearing and beautiful trees there.

Town C.D.’s: Patrice said the town’s C.D.s are coming due.  Mike asked if we’d have enough left in our funds to do the repairs on the hall if we have money tied up in the C.D.’s.   Patrice said there is more than enough in the Building and General fund.  The Road and Bridge fund is designated and can’t be transferred, Gary said.  Glen moved that Patrice be authorized to reinvest our C.D.’s as they come due without a new motion every 3 months.  Mike seconded.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached).  Bills for June were presented:

The Evergreen                          $        26.25

ECE                                                   39.70

Mn. Township Agency                    1,606.00

Patrice Winfield (expenses)                 13.79

Joe Vink (expenses)                               7.75

Glenford Williamson                           37.87

Patrice Winfield                                  89.58

Gary Vink                                          123.28

Paul Raymond                                   118.20

Michael McCullen                               79.42

Mark Pallow                               299.21

Total Bills                       $    2,561.00

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report, to pay all the bills, and to transfer $2,550 from savings into checking.   Gary seconded.  Gary moved that the meeting be adjourned; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk