May 18, 2011

Road Inspection took place on May 18, 2011 beginning at 10:00am meeting at the Wilma Town Hall.  Present for the inspection was Supervisor Gary Vink, Chairperson Glen Williamson, and Deputy Clerk Toni Williamson.

Purpose of the inspection was to review possible problems and to recommend necessary changes and to check signs for the retro reflectivity.  There are some signs in question and Gary will check with the County Engineer as to if the signs that abut the county roads are our responsibility.

Eagle Head Road (Shared with Danforth Township)

We have drained and cleaned the culvert in the past.  Recommend to trim hazard trees to enable the sign to be seen.

  • Dead End and Minimum Maintenance signs will need to be replaced.

Cooked Lake (Shared with Danforth Township)

Recommend regular maintenance and gravel in some areas.  Gary will recommend to Danforth

  • Dead End sign is in good shape with retro reflectivity on sign, but not on bottom.

Dollar Lake

Recommend normal maintenance

  • Dead End sign is county responsibility

Vink Road

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Dead End sign needs to be replaced, Stop sign is the county.

McCullen Dr

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Replace Dead End sign, Stop sign is the county.

Heller Road (Shared with New Dosey)

Problems with the last small culvert that goes to the west.   Gary will discuss with New Dosey about maintenance and gravel needs.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Tamarack Pine Dr

Recommend routine maintenance

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Langstrom Lane

Recommend routine maintenance and two loads of gravel at end.  Gary will remove the hazard tree blocking road near Dennis Schmedeke’s.

  • Dead End sign must be replaced

Pete Anderson Rd (Shared with Arna)

Hazardous tree limbs in need of cutting.  Culverts are in good condition.  Recommend routine maintenance and two loads of pit run at the end per agreement.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Fust Lane

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Schmedeke Lane

Cut down hazard tree and routine maintenance recommended.

  • Replace Dead End sign.

Duncan Road  (South)

Trim hazard trees and routine maintenance recommended

  • Dead End sign is not in need of replacement

Duncan Road (North)

Clear hazard trees/brush in several spots and do maintenance on wash over at culvert by beaver pond and replace culvert after road work completed and add gravel.

  • Replace Dead End sign

Mink Farm Dr

Trim hazard brush, gravel and routine maintenance recommended.  Use escrow from TNT for gravel.

  • Replace Dead End sign

Mayfield Drive

Trim hazard trees, repair mud holes.  Culverts are dangerously exposed.  First culvert has holes and is pushed down and bowed.  Second culvert is exposed and the end is ripped.  Third culvert is half exposed and logs were placed on it to keep it in place and it is bowed.  Fourth culvert is concrete and in good shape.  All damages will be billed to Carlson Timber.

  • Replace Dead End and Minimum Maintenance sign.

Little Tamarack Lake Road

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Replace Dead End, right curve sign, road snake sign, Stop Ahead and Next 1 mile sign.  First Stop sign is county’s.

Short Road

Recommend routine maintenance

  • Sign is county’s.

Lost River Road

Recommend routine maintenance

  • Stop sign is county’s.

River Cabin Road

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • Stop sign is county’s

Mona Drive

Recommend routine maintenance.

  • No signage issues

Kenny Peterson

End of road swamped about 1/3 mile in.  Gary will research how far gas tax goes and see if we can reduce the gas tax to the swamp.  Trim hazard trees and continued routine maintenance recommended.

  • Replace Minimum Maintenance Road sign.

Road inspection adjourned at 2:30pm

Toni Williamson
Deputy Clerk