Meeting was brought to order at 7:30pm by Chairman Glen Williamson with the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes were read by the Clerk and approved.  In attendance were Supervisors Gary Vink, Mike McCullen, Chairman Glen Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield and Deputy Clerk Toni Williamson.  In attendance in the audience were Marge and Eldon Schmedeke.


Gary reported that Mayfield Dr, which was logged by Carlson Timber, had three damaged culverts.  Gary flagged them.  We need to get in contact with Carlson as we have no bond.  Per Gary, they also dozed off snow when it was not needed and there were still visible tracks.

Glen suggested we get a repair estimate and send them a bill.  Per Mike, we can put a road restriction on the road to stop them.  Glen recommended going soon to document the damage. Glen motioned that the Road Manager do an inspection before and after we repair the damage and then bill Carlson for the cost  to repair or replace the damage and bring it to June meeting.  Gary will get an estimate.  The motion was seconded by Mike and approved.

Federated was up last week and Gary wanted the price per gallon.  Per Patrice it was $2.09.9. She will contact them.


Mike says that the Duxbury Volunteer Department will have their fundraising pancake breakfast on Sunday, May 29 from 6:30am to 1:00pm at the Town Hall.  Gary motioned to approve, Glen seconded and the motion was passed.

Mike wants to bury the tank behind the Wilma town hall to use for fires.  Glen motioned to bury when OK to do so.  It was seconded by Mike and passed.

Glen set the Road Inspection date for Wednesday May 18th at 10:00am.  They will meet at the Wilma Town Hall.

Patrice noted that she is now required to do Quarterly Taxes for Medicare and Social Security. She must currently do it on dialup internet.  She said that it is very slow, and came in a day late and we may get a fine.  There are more items that she will need to do online.  She mentioned that Hughesnet has free satellite installation and she was hoping the Township could pick up a portion of the cost.  Mike motioned that the Township pay $20 per month for her satellite connection and that she expense it.  It was seconded by Glen and passed.

Eldon Schmedeke spoke regarding the minutes he was billed for.  He had requested copies of all the minutes for 2010.  He said he could not clearly read and he went to Patrice’s home but was afraid of the dogs.  He further explained that Toni called to get his address and when he received the bill he was upset about the cost of the bill.  It was $47.56.  He said that he has paid over $12,000 and wondered what they are using the money for.  Glen explained that the billing is a law.  Glen motioned that we waive the expense with the understanding we will follow the statute. It was seconded by Mike and passed.  Glen thanked him for his input and said he is a valued member of the township.  Eldon also donated one ream of paper at the meeting.

Eldon then wanted to discuss the roads.  Eldon gave a history of the roads and read from past minutes regarding Duxbury road in the past.  Eldon said that he is unable to drive on the road when there is a lot of water.  He mentioned that he must tell people not to come to his home when the road is in these conditions and wonders what would happen if they needed medical attention.  He noted that he wants action taken.  Mike responded that all roads are bad due to frost.  Eldon said that we should have it paved.  Glen thanked him for is input and said that the township will be more proactive.


Patrice Winfield                $111.37 Treasurer Duties and taxes

Glen Williamson               $ 96.71                  Meeting and road inspection

Toni Williamson                $196.24                 Meetings and general duties

Mike McCullen                 $ 67.94                  Meetings

Gary Vink                        $185.40                 Meetings and road maintenance

Federated                        $535.83                 Propane

Donna Filler                     $ 40.00                  March Election Judge

ECE                                $ 52.55                 Electric

TOTAL             $1,286.00

It was motioned by Mike to transfer $1,300, seconded by Gary and passed.

Motion by Gary to adjourn, seconded by Mike.  Motion passed and adjourned at 8:45pm.

Toni Williamson

Deputy Clerk, Wilma Township