Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Grader Operator Alden Shute and Pat Story.

            Paul read the record of the June 5  board meeting.   Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

          ROAD REPORT:  Alden said CenturyLink ditched the underground cable right through the driveway, but it is too deep to interfere with the driveway gravel project. Alden said he’s graded all the roads again.  He and Gary gave Paul the billing for Eagle Head Road for culvert cleaning and grates and for blading and 14 hours of beaver abatement. Hopkins ditched Eagle Head road at the culvert on both sides to make it harder for the beavers to plug the culvert, and Alden will hire Jim Anderson to trap out the beavers at $50 per beaver plus $75 for the set-up. Mike asked him to confirm that he is insured or how he handles liability for other townships so there is some protection for the town. Alden said the N. Duncan and South Duncan Road culverts are installed and rock and gravel put over them.  The culvert at the end of Mayfield Road was plugged and collapsed and was replaced with a 24” x 30′ culvert with a grate to control beavers and three loads of gravel. Alden had Hopkins do the gravel for River Cabin Road, which took 39 loads (13–14 yards each) at the bid price. Gus Roberts will do the town hall parking lot. Mike took the board outside to see where he dumped red-rock before the pancake breakfast and how hard it has settled.  Craig Summerland hopes to get Crooked Lake Road done in July. Lisenius will do the red rock on Dollar Lake Road.  Todd Elliot will put 4 loads of pit run on the North Duncan Road and 6 – 8 loads on the Schmedeke Lane Extension. Alden doesn’t think he needs class 5 on the last 300′.  Alden said the corduroy on the first part of the Pete Anderson Road settled back into the road so we won’t need the fabric for now, just gravel. Alden removed the tree over the road.

          OLD BUSINESS:State Park Road Account Grants:  The DNR is offering financial assistance to improve roads that provide access to state parks and state forests.  The board had said to find out what are the requirements for roads for these grants. Mark LeBrun said our roads probably do not qualify. “There are minimum standards and the project would need plans, permits and probably R.o.w acquisition.  This process gets expensive and can take two years to get completed.  The State Park Road account projects we have done in the past typically have involved paving or complete reconstruction.  For doing erosion control on Tamarack Lake, the Soil & Water Conservation District could assist and does grants for that work.” He said the minimum requirements are:  “If the traffic is 0-49 ADT: 24’-26’ wide gravel surface, 1:3 ditch slopes. 30 MPH horizontal/vertical curves 18’ clear zone from center of road. If you are just planning on raising the road with gravel, this would not be a project I would recommend for state park funds.  The cost for the engineering to get plans done, would far exceed placing gravel and doing minor improvements.”  Mike directed Paul to contact Mary Straka, the Moose Lake Area DNR Supervisor and Park Manager to ask if she agrees with LeBrun’s advice.  She had originally said she would provide a letter of support with the grant. Paul will contact Soil & Water to see what grant help they might be able to give.

          OLD BUSINESS:   Town Hall Stage Project:  Mike said he’d be doing it after things quiet down a little and he has everything covered including moving the grills. He showed the board the deep cracks between the boards on the stage to let them know it won’t look like the hall floor.

           Summer Specialized Training:   Was Thursday, June 27 in Duluth.   Supervisor sessions on road vacating and abandonment; use of drones in road and bridge inspections; culvert installation, maintenance and inspection. Paul got all the supervisor power-points and handouts for the board. Clerks/Treasurers on budgeting and CTAS budget process; handling special meetings, notices and posting; and process of road vacation, and Paul got all handouts for Patrice.

          Full Unencumbered Title to the Eagle Head Fire Station:  With new Senator and Representative Jason Rarick and Nathan Nelson, the Duxbury VFD is working to get new legislation to give Wilma Township full title to the part of the Eagle Head Station with the pole barn and offices and garage bays.  Session opens again in February, 2020. They can’t give it to the fire department but only to a township.

          Bridge on Markville Road:   Pat Story asked what updates we have heard about repairing or replacing the bridge on Markville Road half mile from Tamarack River Road.  It is deteriorating worse.  Mike said we did contact the county and it looks like they will replace the whole bridge, and may block off traffic on that road for a period.  Pat said we also need to contact the county about the terrible condition of the pavement on the Markville Road from Jeff’s house to Grace’s Lake Road.  It is alligatoring and crumbling and getting worse.  Paul will write to the highway department to find out their schedule for the road repairs and bridge replacement. The letter will be from the Board of Supervisors.  Pat also asked if the board had decided on his suggestion to purchase a back-hoe.  Alden said they did discuss this at the last meeting and he did find a backhoe for sale, but they did not think it was worth the debt and investment when we can rent a back-hoe an operator.

          Brush-cutting on Township Roads:   Pat asked what the schedule or plan is for brush-cutting.  Alden said many of the roads like River Cabin Road were done last year and he will have every road done next year and then every three years after that.  It’s much easier in the summer than the winter.

          NEW BUSINESS: Annual Conference:   Will be Friday, November 22, 4-8 p.m., and Saturday, November 23, 8 – 4 p.m.  Verizon Center, Mankato. One night. Glen hopes to go.

          MATIT Consolidated Coverage Policy:  Mike took the policy so he could review it.

          Township Legal Seminar:   Our attorneys, Couri and Ruppe, are offering the free legal seminar on Saturday, September 7 in Rutledge,. 9 am to 4 pm.  Topics:  Township oad authority; working with neighboring townships and county officials; pitfalls in contracts and financing; restrictions on use of township roads; conflicts of interest with township officials.

          DSL Internet:  Patrice contacted CenturyLink again about their bill and they  corrected it and will start automatic withdrawals from our bank account.

           Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the treasurer’s report.  Total bills for July are $12,760.30 and she wants to transfer $13,000 from savings to checking.   Gary moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds; Glen seconded.

          Gary moved to adjourn; Mike seconded.  Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m.

                   Report by Paul Raymond ___________________________________

                   Attest:  GlenWilliamson, Chair_______________________________