Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisor Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Ben Glocke.

Paul read the record of the August meeting; Glen moved to approve; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Schmedeke Lane Extension:  Glen met with Eldon, who told him that he did pay the county the money they were requiring to turn the extension over to Wilma Township.  He gave Glen a statement asking that Schmedeke Lane “Must be extended 300 more feet to properly accommodate access to the newly created 100 acre parcel, including a culvert and pit run gravel, built up with class 5 gravel, 26′ wide.”  Gary said he understood that the issue was closed since Eldon had missed the deadline, and he doesn’t feel the town should proceed any further.  Let the county keep the road as it is.  There was a question of whether the county will still give the township the road and the $10,000 to improve it if Eldon does not sign and agree to our January agreement with the county:  “Agreement by the Town of Wilma and by Eldon Schmedeke, Citizen of Wilma Township, to Accept Pine County’s Offer and to Abide by the County’s Terms and Conditions for the Buildup and Repair of Schmedeke Lane Extension.”  Eldon has not signed the agreement, which does not provide for any further extension or development of the road beyond it’s existing length.  Glen said the township and the board cannot afford to extend the road, and he made a motion that the township accept the County’s offer to pay Wilma Township $10,000 to build up only the existing extension, if the county will honor this agreement without Eldon’s signature.  Paul will write to Cathy Clemmer.  She has made it clear that “If Wilma adopts the road and the County pays Wilma for the repairs, once the Road Order is filed with the Pine County Recorder, the County will be out of the picture and any further requests/demands concerning the road will be between the township and Eldon.”

Wilma Fallfest:  Dennis Hanson of the Procrastinators will turn 70 the day of Fallfest, October 18, and Stephanie would like to recognize him.  Dinner will start at 6 p.m., and the music at 7:30.

District 7 MAT Meeting, Cambridge:  Four officers attended, as well as Fran and Dave Levings-Baker, to show support for Glen who was running for Director.  There were a lot of important legislative issues covered and representatives from Franken and Nolan’s offices spoke, plus we got new information on election judges and their tax status and procedures.  Glen made it to the fourth ballot, but was not elected.

Township Legal Seminar:  This free all-day seminar covers many legal issues affecting townships.  Paul plans to attend.  Saturday, September 27, 9-4 p.m. in Rutledge.

Fire-Hall Doors and Wiring:  Paul solicited a quote from a building contractor for replacing the doors, and Glen asked Mark to get a quote from his brother-in-law. So far we have gotten no estimates.   We will replace three doors, with the large grader door with a electric door opener.   Pat Story met with Chuck Drilling to get an estimate to bring the fire hall up to electrical code and wire for the new garage door opener. We should have the quote at the next meeting.

Road Report:  Ben represented Mark for the road report.  Ben asked what Hopkins charges for loading and for hauling gravel.  They will be bringing gravel to Mayfield Road tomorrow, a load of class 5  to top the 24′ x 30′ culvert at the washout.  This is 9” larger than the old one.  Mark and Ben and Duane Glienke will install it.  Ben said they had to cut trees that posed hazards on the road.  Gary said the people on the road moved the warning barricades he put up and put logs in the washout, without replacing them, so he had to.

NEW BUSINESS:  Propane Prebuy:  Gary moved to prebuy 1200 gallons at $1.849/gallon.  Glen seconded.

T&T’s Escrow Deposit for Vink Road:  Mark said to refund their $500 deposit, but deduct one load of class 5 gravel.  Gary said they crushed the culvert on the road.  One load is about 14 yards, about $200.  T&T have three escrow accounts:  2/15/14. $500 for Crooked Lake Road; 1-2-14 $500 Mink Farm Road; 9/11/13, $500 Vink Road.  No action taken.

Pressure Washer:  Ben asked permission to purchase a pressure washer to clean

the road grader.  Gary moved to authorize Mark or Ben to buy an electric  pressure washer, up to $300, or up to 20% over without Gary’s authorization.  Glen seconded.

Cooperative Purchasing Venture:  We got an application; Glen said to fill it out and send it.

Fleet and Surplus Services Division:  All officers had to sign the renewal to be able to purchase surplus inventory.  We haven’t used surplus services.  Mike was not present to sign.

State MAT Convention, November 20-23 in Duluth:  Glen moved that he and Paul be authorized to attend.  Gary seconded.  Paul will drive.  Gary said to keep receipts of any expenses.

Yard Light:  Our hall yard light flickers on and off.  Glen instructed Paul to call ECE to have them repair it.

Sentence-to-Serve, Town Hall Painting:  Dan Raden is the new coordinator for the program.  He said they could paint the town hall if we provided the paint, and pressure-washed the hall before hand.  They can’t do it until next summer.  Paul said he could do it this fall, but Gary said it is already too cold.

New CTAS Program:  This will be implemented in the new year.  Training in the new program will be offered at the State MAT Convention and also in Duluth on October 6.  Patrice said the township will need a new computer for the program; the OS on the old one will be obsolete.  Glen moved that he be authorized to research computers  and printers for the township.  Gary seconded.      Patrice said our current printer still works but sometimes freezes.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Bills presented:

Hopkins Sand & Gravel                                                $           526.72

Jeanne GrandPre (election judge)                                        66.00

Paul (expenses, training and election training, July)         138.60

Mark Pallow                                                                       61.60

Federated Propane Cooperative                                              2,218.80

Glen (expenses)                                                                  78.40

Paul (expenses and election, Aug.)                                    219.60

Joe Vink                                                                              60.00

Jeff GrandPre (election)                                                      72.00

Patrice (expenses, election)                                               148.00

Evergreen                                                                              7.32

Pine Co. Courier                                                                 13.16

ECE                                                                                    58.67

U.S. Treasury                                                                   594.40

Mark Pallow                                                                     254.89

Ben Glocke                                                                       180.08

Paul Raymond (July and August)                                     341.69

Gary Vink                                                                         154.23

Glen                                                                                  157.92

Patrice                                                                               168.08

Total Bills:                     $        5,520.00

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the claims, and to transfer $5,500 from savings into checking.  Glen seconded.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk