Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisor Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Assistant Road Manager Ben Glocke, Pat Story, and Sheriff candidate Jeff Nelson and Ziegler Sales Rep VJ Polkus.

Paul read the record of September’s meeting.  Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

Jeff Nelson:   Glen gave Jeff the floor. He is visiting town board meetings to see what the people’s needs and concerns are.  Gary said a big concern is county and commercial vehicles and trucks disregarding the 30 MPH speed limit in Duxbury and who don’t stop and barely slow down at the stop sign on the Duxbury Road.  Some big trucks have gone through the intersection at high speed.  Gary said he wants Jeff to address this if he is elected.  Jeff said they could get a car out here.

Ziegler Cat:   VJ Polkus said he is the new sales rep for Ziegler.  He said he knows we did have a Caterpillar Grader.  Our new grader is a John Deere, and Joe Vink owns the old grader.  VJ said that through the cooperative purchasing venture the town can get parts and equipment at state discount prices.

OLD BUSINESS:  Schmedeke Lane Extension:  The Board adopted a resolution to adopt Schmedeke Lane Extension as a township road, but we haven’t recorded this yet.  Gary said as far as he is concerned, Eldon missed the County’s deadline so the town should rescind the resolution and leave the road in the condition it is.  His concern is that the $10,000 the county is offering to pay the town to build up the road won’t be enough to bring the extension up to the condition to satisfy Eldon, and it will be an ongoing issue.  Glen didn’t like that the county wants invoices before any payments to the township.  Paul looked for any written agreement by the county to give the township the money in front, but said this isn’t an issue if we really do spend the money on the road and can prove it.  The county has had past issues with Wilma’s keeping escrow accounts without proving the money was spent.  There was no motion to record the resolution.

Storowoitow Reunion:  They have checked the hall and will clean up before and after their reunion on October 11, from noon to 6.  They would like to have the water hose connected.

Township Legal Seminar:  Paul said it was one of the best trainings he has ever attended, and the attorneys gave him session books for all of our officers, including the treasurer.  There was a wealth of information on roads and legal issues, and the power-point printouts cover almost everything that was discussed so all the board members can have the information.  Paul said he doesn’t understand how they can provide these trainings free to townships, including all the refreshments and lunch and printed materials.  We retain Ruppe as our town’s attorney, but the seminar was free.

CTAS Training:  We will be able to download the new program soon.  Training is offered in Duluth on Oct 6; Patrice has registered but hasn’t heard if the session is full.  Paul and Toni can attend the training at the MAT Convention.  Glen said they checked, and she can’t attend the training if she is not registered.  He offered a compromise:  if Toni can register for one day plus the banquet, she will not submit a claim for a half-day meeting.  The difference is $75 to attend the Duluth training vs. $145 to attend the convention.  Gary moved to approve this compromise, Glen seconded.

New Computer:    The new CTAS program requires at least Windows 7 to operate.  Our computer is obsolete.  Glen is researching a new laptop.

Town Hall Wiring:   Chuck Drilling checked out our wiring needs with Pat Story and gave an estimate of  $4,600 to bring everything up to code, install 6 ceiling cord reels to avoid having extension cords snaking through the hall; to rewire the outside fuel tank;  install new 120 volt circuits for the two furnaces; and install wiring for three door openers.  The board agreed to only install one electric opener for the grader bay, so the cost will be less.  The cord reels are the most expensive item; they run $600-700 each, but Pat said they would make the hall much safer.  Glen moved that Pat be authorized to work with Chuck and to authorize Chuck to upgrade and repair the fire hall electricity up to $4,600.  Gary seconded.  Glen moved that Pat be reimbursed for all his mileage connected with the fire hall repairs. Gary seconded.   Pat declined a stipend for his work.

Fire Hall Doors:  We did not get a bid from either Klocke or from Mark’s brother-in-law.  Pat said he knows several insured contractors.  Glen moved that Pat be put in charge of all the fire hall upgrades, the doors and the wiring, and be authorized to hire contractors for the work.  Gary seconded.

NEW BUSINESS:  Road Report:  Ben gave the report for Mark.  He said the Mayfield Road project is going very well and just needs one more load of gravel which Hopkins will spread with their truck and Mark can grade.  Ben said Mark bought a pressure washer, which he will lease to the township. His concern is that it would be used by unauthorized people if the town buys one and leaves it in the hall. Glen said the board directed them to buy a pressure washer for the township.

Road Records:  Glen emphasized the importance of Hopkins Gravel noting which roads they put gravel on and the amounts, and for Mark to keep track of all work done on our roads by individual road, especially on range line roads or on roads where escrow accounts are being held.  We can’t document damages and repairs to escrow roads without the records.  Loggers are still working on Tamarack Pine Drive and on the Vink Road.  Glen said we need a claim for the tree removal on Langstrom Lane so we can bill Arna for half.  Patrice gave Paul the claims for last month so he can do the billing.

Road Manager:  Ben indicated that Mark prefers to just work on the roads and he doesn’t like all the record keeping and paperwork.  Glen asked if Mark would like to be the grader operator, but have someone else take over some of the Road Manager duties? Mark would still have to keep some record of what roads he graded or worked on. The town bought him a recorder so he could dictate verbal records.  Ben will talk with Mark and discuss this with him, and convey the board’s urgency for detailed and accurate road records for the escrow and range line billings.

Fust Lane:    Glen  got a call from Mary Raiche asking that Fust Lane be

renamed Raiche Lane since their family has owned land on the east side of Fust Lane for over 100 years, and no Fusts currently own land or live on Fust Lane any more.  Gary gave the history of the road committee when the county went to 911 road numbers; most roads kept their traditional names unless the county made us change them.  All the maps and dispatch records and road signs have these new names, and the cost and confusion of changing a road name now is prohibitive.  There is a family named Raash near Fust lane, and this could cause more confusion. Pat said that township road names are not intended to memorialize anyone or to feed personal egos but only to mark a point for emergency vehicles and the postal service.  Glen will notify Mary Raiche of the decision.

Snowplowing Fees Due:  Fees for the 2014-2015 winter season are due by the next board meeting, November 5th.  Same rate as last year, $75, $100 driveways over 700′, plus driveways from 1,000′ up to ½ mile, $175; and over ½ mile, $350.  Paul will post and publish the notice.

Township Officers Meeting:  Saturday, October 25,  9 a.m. At Hinckley American Legion Center.  There was a discussion on which officers should be authorized to attend; elected officers, or also appointed deputies?  Patrice asked that when we have all three Supervisors present, that they vote on a policy:  if the elected official attends township educational meetings (not training meetings or short courses) should their deputies also be paid to attend these meetings?  She said she is speaking as a taxpayer, and is concerned that the township is paying for too many meetings, and some are redundant if two people with the same office attend.  Gary said he agrees.  Patrice refunded her pay for the District 7 meeting and said there was nothing there that helped her be a better treasurer.  Paul said they did have crucial information on tax deductions for election judges, and to hear updates and legislative actions makes us better officers and better civil servants.  We are among the lowest paid township officers according to the legal seminar, and every officer does much work for the town that is never billed or paid.

Fire Hall Crushed Rock:  Pat thanked the township for laying down gravel and crushed granite in front of the fire hall, to mitigate some of the puddling and mud tracking.  Gary said there are still pools of water.

Wilma Fall Fest:  Will go on as scheduled.  Paul and Toni and Glen will be the committee, and Jeff has said he will help if he is in town.  Paul said to have Toni set a time and date for cleaning up and prep work and decorating the hall.

2014 Town Mileage Certification:  This is due November 15.  We now claim 16 miles of township roads maintained in 2014.  If we record the Schmedeke Lane resolution, it will extend Schmedeke Lane from ½ mile to almost ¾ miles for 2015.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached) and bills were presented:

Mark Pallow                                     $        69.26

Gary Vink                                                   137.91

Paul Raymond                                            256.73

US Treasury                                                         493.28

Patrice (expenses)                                         21.26

Patrice (including refund of $75)                  29.56

Glen                                                              60.25

ECE                                                              55.38

Hopkins Sand and Gravel                          163.16

Mark Pallow                                               100.00

Duane Glienke                                            225.00

Glen                                                                4.48

Paul (expenses)                                             42.48

Ben Glocke                                                   83.11

Total Bills            $     1.737.86

Gary moved to approve the report and to pay all the claims and to transfer $1,700 from savings into checking.  Glen seconded.  Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Paul Raymond Clerk                                                     ___________________________


Attested to by Glen Williamson, Chair___________________________