Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the meeting to order at the Town Hall in Duxbury at 10 a.m.  Also present were Supervisor Gary Vink, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Doug Moske and William Peno.

DUNCAN ROAD NORTH:   Because of Mr. Peno’s concerns for the N. Duncan Road, we went there first.  Wilma Township claims  1 ½ mile in our road report for gas tax, but in 1999 we recorded two miles north as a township road. In the first 1 ½ mile, the road needs routine blading and maybe some gravel in bad spots, but after that, where the grass starts, the road will need a culvert and pit run gravel in three large holes.  Gary said Slama could put a culvert in; it is too soft for a large gravel truck.  Mr. Peno has put corduroy which has deteriorated, and he has packed the holes with old newspapers and magazines to absorb water; Gary said this is why the road doesn’t dry out.  Even with our drought, the holes were wet.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD:   Doug Moske asked the board to check the road so he could get his escrow deposit back.  The board said the road is in good shape and needs only regular blading, and told Moske we would refund his escrow at tonight’s meeting.

VINK ROAD:  Normal grading.

CROOKED LAKE/EAGLE HEAD ROAD:  Danforth takes care of these roads; they only need regular blading.

HELLER DRIVE:  Regular grading.  The culverts are holding up.

MC CULLEN DRIVE:  Regular blading.

LANGSTROM ROAD:  Arna Township is doing the road work this year.   Dave Drake said they want to do something about the trees in the right-of-way.   We had written to the Erickson Family Partnership last year about the trees, and they said they wanted to take care of them, but couldn’t do it until 2011.   Most of the trees in the right-of-way are past the ¼ mile point that is Erickson and Schmedeke land; past that it is State or County land.  We only claim ¼ mile for road tax, and we will write to Arna asking how much they claim for road tax, and telling them that they can cut the trees after the ¼ mile mark without landowner permission, but they should notify the DNR and county.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD:  Regular grading.

FUST LANE:   Regular grading.

S. DUNCAN ROAD:   At the Board of Review, Kratzke said that the South Duncan Road is on his land, and the Assessor removed the road from his taxes.  He has posted both sides of the road.  We used T & T’s escrow to repair the road and billed them $700 more to repair more damages they did. Now it only needs regular grading.

MINK FARM ROAD:  We still have T & T’s escrow for this road; it does have some ruts and damage from unloading their equipment.  Gary said we should see how much it will cost for gravel and to build up the crown, and take this from their escrow.  Glen said we need to account for any money we put on that road, and any escrow roads.

MAYFIELD ROAD:  Glen said we should cut some trees that are about to fall on the road about 1 ¼ mile in, but otherwise it just needs regular grading.


SHORT ROAD:  This road is in good shape and we can return T & T’s escrow payment for this road.

LOST RIVER ROAD:  Needs some gravel about ¼ mile up the road; otherwise, regular blading.   We will deduct this from Leighton Quinn’s escrow account.

RIVER CABIN ROAD;  Good shape; regular blading.

MONA DRIVE:  Regular blading.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD:  We have been claiming ½ mile for gas tax; we need to change that to ¼ mile.   After that, the road is under water and it would be very expensive to try to build it up.

Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 2 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk