Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisor Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Joe Vink and Eldon Schmedeke.

OLD BUSINESS:    Spring Short Courses: Paul and Patrice reported on the Short Course in St. Cloud, and Glen on the Tower course.   The most helpful information was the session on the new version of CTAS accounting and all the features.  Glen said there was a lot of emphasis on the new reflective sign ordinance and the need to be prepared.    There were new road maintenance materials and Glen said they recommend that all towns get a slope meter to assure a correct crown on township roads.

NEW BUSINESS:  Road Inspection: The Board set it for Wednesday, May 5th, same day as our meeting, at 10 a.m. at the Town Hall.  Mike moved that only two supervisors and the clerk attend this meeting.  He said he is hearing from citizens that our payroll is too high and they think board members are trying to make a living from the township.

Roads: Joe said that the grader operator should inform the board when road work needs to be done.   Eldon said we should bring our roads up to full specs as 66 foot wide roads, and we should use our funds to put gravel down and fix the roads this year.  People should not be getting stuck on our roads.  Mike said the problem with making the roads 66’ wide is we have to cut a lot of trees on both sides, and our roads used to have beautiful canopies over them, as there still are by Eldon’s land.  Eldon said the drawback of this is the roads don’t dry out.  Joe said there is a stump about ¾ mile up on the ease side of the Duncan Road that needs to be dug out.  Glen moved that the grader operator report to the Board or to Gary after each grading if there is a bad spot on the roads so the board can act.  Mike seconded.

Grader:  Joe said we need two 8’ cutting edges for the grader; he said we can order them through the county.  Mike moved that we order two 8’ cutting edges and have Joe order them and install them.  Glen seconded.

Old Graders: Mike said scrap prices are going up and we should see if our graders are worth something instead of having two graders sitting out and rusting.  He said Pine City Salvage and Jensen Salvage both pick up.  Mike said the fire department has some old trucks to scrap also.  Joe said we should take the two cutting edges off of the 140 as they are new.  Joe said he could get the book to see what the 140 weighs; Mike said he would like to know the approximate weights.

Group Life Insurance:   Glen moved that we renew our basic group life insurance.  Mike seconded.  Glen asked Paul to research the costs for group dental insurance, now that Paul also needs dental insurance.  This would be paid for by the insured officers.

New Sewage Ordinance from Pine Soil and Water: The State is pressuring counties to amend their ordinances, and can withhold money from counties who don’t.  If Pine County adopts the new ordinance, we will be bound by it.   Eldon took the ordinance home to study it.  There are several hearings scheduled.  Eldon said he wanted to attend a hearing.  He said they are trying to impose mandates from above and they will inspect everyone’s septic system every three years and will force some unnecessary rebuilding of systems.  Eldon said our officers don’t speak up at county meetings.  He said the county surveyor should come out to the township if he wants to make any changes in our roads.

Township Legal Seminar: Our township attorney is sponsoring a legal seminar on Thursday, June 10.  Glen moved that any officers who want to attend be authorized to go.  Mike said he would like to go because he has so many questions about roads and the laws on vacating and gating roads.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached);  Bills were presented:

Glen Williamson (mileage/expenses)    $        186.00

Patrice Winfield (mileage/expenses)              213.00

ECE                                                             41.91

MBA Group Insurance                                 165.00

U.S. Treasury (1st qtr withholding)                338.50

Paul Raymond (expenses)                             83.31

Barb Smith (election judge)                             40.00

Donna Filler (election judge)                           40.00

Patrice Winfield                                           302.90

Glen Williamson                                           233.18

Paul Raymond                                             364.78

Mike McCullen                                              84.27

Glen Williamson (short course)                       45.00

Aspire, Inc., (website annual fee)                  200.00

Total Bills                       $     2,344.70

Mike moved to approve the treasurer’s report, to pay all the bills, and to transfer $2,200 from savings into checking.   Glen seconded.