Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  with the  Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present: Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Road Manager Alden Shute, plus Arna Supervisors Pam Berg and Jan Proffit.  Patrice made a pie and shared it with everyone before the meeting.

            BOARD OF REORGANIZATION:    Mike took the Oath of Office for Supervisor, Patrice for Treasurer. Mike nominated Glen Williamson to serve as Chairman; Gary seconded.  Passed.  Mike moved that Gary Vink be assistant Chair; Glen seconded; passed. Treasurer Patrice designated Northview as our bank of deposit. Mike moved that The Evergreen and Pine County Courier and the Town Hall and the township website be our notice-posting and publishing places.  Mike moved that the wages and salaries for 2020 as proposed at the March meeting be adopted:   Chairman $105/meeting (over three hours, $22.50/hour);  Supervisors,  $100/meeting (over three hours additional $20.00/hour);  Clerk and Treasurer $100/meeting. Special reports and paperwork  $18/hour.  Election judges $16/hour (including head judge).  Grader Operator $25/hour for grading and plowing; $20 hour for inspections and reports;  Assistant Grader Operator, $20; General labor $16/hour; Major mechanical work, $30/hour; Mechanic Assistant, $16/hour; Annual Meeting Moderator, $75/meeting; Out of town meetings, $150/full day; $100/half day. Mileage at Federal rate, now $.57.5/mile.  Hourly rate, Chairman $22.50; Supervisors $20 (Supervisor Labor $16/Hour) . Zoom meetings $20 per hour for all board members.   

            Mileage:  Federal rate for officers, judges, delegated township representatives, for judges training, township officers training, and association meetings, etc.  $.56/mi. For 2021. Gary seconded; passed.

             Monthly Board Meetings:    Glen moved that we meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in 2021/2022.  Gary seconded.                                                      

Township Donations:  Requests from OSAC, Family Pathways, Pine County Historical Association and Seven County Senior Federation for continued contracts. At 2018’s annual meeting, a total of $300 for all requests was approved by the voters for 10 years. Mike moved to give $75 apiece to each of them; Glen seconded.  Passed.

            Snowplowing 2021/2022:   Mike moved that we keep our private drive snowplowing rates for the 2021-2022 season the same as last year:  $75; Drives over 700′, $100;  1,000′ to ½ mile: $175/season; over ½ mile, $350.  Gary seconded; passed.

            BOARD OF SUPERVISOR’S MEETING:  March Meeting Record:   Paul read the record of the March 3 meeting.  Mike moved to approve; Gary seconded.

            ROAD REPORT:   Pete Anderson Range Line Road:   Arna Township Supervisors Jan Proffit and Pam Berg asked to speak about the invoice for road work on the Pete Anderson Road, to get clarification on the charges. Jan  said the copy she saw was so faint it could not be read, but it was for $1200 for ditching on Pete Anderson Road.  She said they were never contacted for approval for this project.  Alden said he took responsibility for that omission and will contact them from now on for major work.  Paul gave Cheryl the addendum to the old Arna Agreement that said Wilma would do all road work on Pete Anderson Road and bill Arna half. He said the invoice he sent Cheryl Wickham was very clear, so she may have made a copy that was faint. Paul apologized for misplacing his copy of the invoice he sent to Arna and will ask Cheryl to send him a copy. He will ask if Arna wants us to mow Pete Anderson Road or if they want to do it.  Alden  gave his report on plowing/grading, repairs, etc.   Alden inspected all roads for winter damage and bladed some roads but most were too wet.  We didn’t have too many frost boils this year.  Supervisor’s Road Inspection Meeting:   Date for inspection will be set at May 5 Board Meeting. Alden wants to put some gravel on some roads, to be finalized at the road inspection. 

            Jerry’s Roadside Mowing Bid:  Jerry Telker says his original bid of $1,000 to $1,500 will likely be lower depending on what roads we want done; closer to $550 – $750.  Mike moved that we hire Jerry’s Mowing to do our roads in 2021.  Gary seconded; passed.

            OLD BUSINESS: Escrow Accounts:   Patrice does not want to keep carrying over escrow accounts for long-completed road projects. Attached is a report of escrow accounts and roads they were for; some going back to 2013. Board decisions: T&T Logging was dissolved and the two Fornengo brothers formed a new company. The board directed Paul to contact the MAT Township Attorney about the $1,923.25 of their money we are holding, some for roads as long ago as 2009. Mark Sauter Logging, S. Duncan Road: He is still working on this project, so keep the escrow.  Carlson Timber, Schmedeke Lane;  return full $500 escrow.  Wermerskichen Timber: Gary said he remembers there was some damage 8 years ago. Mark Pallow was Road Manager then and no report of damages was given to Patrice or Paul. Gary moved to take their whole $500; Mike seconded.  Midwest Hardwood Corp.: S. Duncan Road.  Some damage was taken out in 2014; Glen moved to return the full balance of $276. Gary seconded.  Hayward Land & Logging, Tamarack Pine Drive, $500. Gary said he remembers there was some damage 7 years ago.  Gary moved to take their whole $500; Mike seconded. Patrice will put these escrow accounts into the regular R&B Fund.

            MAT Spring Short Course:  They were changed to online only.  All sessions were  free and are all still available on the MAT website, including downloads and power-points.   Supervisors Day 1:  Cyber security; Easiest Catch:  the Dark Net;   Weed Inspections & Noxious Weed Law;   Understanding Your Fire Department;  The Danger of Nature: Town Powers and Obligations with Noxious Weeds and Destructive Animals.  Clerks & Treasurers:  May – What a Typical Month in Clerking Looks Like?  “Treasurer 101;”  Junk Drawer of Questions & Technology Options.   All Officers Training: Special Meetings;   Personal Injury Claims Against the Town.

            Pine County Township Officers’ Meeting:   Was Saturday, March 27, 9 am at the Community Center, Hinckley, hosted by Wilma Township.  Four board members attended.  Good attendance with at least 50 officers and speakers and reports by Senator Jason Rarick and Representative Nathan Nelson,  County Attorney Reese Frederickson, County Auditor Kelly Schroeder, Caleb Anderson from Zoning and Septic; Commissioners Teri Lovgren and Steve Hallan, Brett Grundemeier from the DNR.

            NEW BUSINESS:   Board of Appeal/Equalization: For voters to appeal 2022 property tax assessments, will be Monday, April 12, 2019, 1 p.m. by Conference Call for County Assessor Lorri L. Houtsma and Supervisor Mike McCullen. Glen will have a speaker for his phone.  Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster will attend in person.  So far we have received no appeals.

            Garbage Pickup Increase:  The Tri-Township Disposal District Board has sent out a Notice of Proposal (attached).  They cannot refund payments on more than one parcel so are proposing restricting pickup to improved parcels only, with no refunds, at $80 per year, $3.08 per pickup day.  Our board has concerns that people who are used to having pickup after a weekend but who don’t have improved parcels will still put out their garbage and won’t know about the change.   Who picks up all this garbage, the county?

            Unemployment Accounts:  We are not being billed for unemployment this year so far, and may receive some help from the stimulus bill so we don’t have large payments if our appeals fail.  We won’t be billed until July.

            Application for Utility Permit on Vink Road by East Central Energy:  Starting at existing junction box on east side of road north 1,550 feet, 3 feet deep underground cable. Glen moved to approve the application but to ask for $1,000 escrow against any damage to the road.  Mike seconded.  Passed.  Glen and Alden signed the permit.

            3.2 Beer License for Duxbury Store:   Glen moved that Duxbury Store be given a beer license; Mike seconded; Gary abstained.  Glen and Paul signed the County permit and Gary will send it to the county.

             Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gives the treasurer’s report.  Total bills for April are  $3,572.01. Total to transfer  from savings to checking, $3,500.00. 

 Motion to Adjourn:    Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

                        Report by Paul Raymond ___________________________________