Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm  with the Pledge of Allegiance.  County Assessor Lorri Houtsma attended by telephone conference call;  Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster and Supervisor Gary Vink and Clerk Paul Raymond attended in person, plus Wilma citizen Lynnea Miller from Tamarack Lake.

            Meeting Record of 2020 Board:   Paul read the record; Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

            Llynea Miller, Parcel 32.0209:  Her valuation went up almost $30,000. She had been communicating with Bob and he checked her property and said there were no changes, although the Tamarack Lake Neighborhood all got a a 5% increase for being lakeshore. She checked with her neighbors and their taxes did not go up in 2021 over 2020.  Paul said taxes and valuations are not the same thing; you can have a big increase in value like everyone else but your taxes may not go up unless the taxing districts increase their levies or assessments.  Wilma has not increased levies in over 10 years.  Lori said this hearing is only about valuations, not taxes, but Paul asked her if her taxes went up this year over last.  She checked and said no.

            How Values are Determined:   Lori explained that estimated market values are based on a sales study of qualifying sales; the assessor has to set values at 90% – 105% of sales in the previous year, October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020.  The assessment records are stored at the assessor’s office in the courthouse. Qualifying Sales have a CRD, Certificate of Deed filed with the Auditor who gives it to the Assessor. Excluded sales are family sales, forced foreclosures, and token sales.  The increase in EMV for the 33 townships in Pine County is set by the sales in each township the previous year and a half ago, and must be set between 90 – 105%.  Ours are at 93.3%.  Lori said sales are going through the roof in Wilma and all over the state. Bob said wait until next year because Jeff GrandPre’s home was valued at $163,000 and sold for $319,000, not in time to be included in last years qualifying sales.  Another property, Daniel Albafore was valued at $216,000 and sold for $245,000.

            Gary Vink,   Parcel R32:1041, the Farm:  Gary said he put the land under the county 2C forest plan two years ago, and his 2020 taxes went down $698, from $2,270 to $1,578.  But this year the value went from $80,600 to $90,600 and he asked for a new appraisal. Out of his 200 acres, only $400 is in buildings, Bob said.  High ground went up $50 per acre.  Swamp went up $25/acre. Gary does have electricity to the meter even though it is disconnected, but no well or septic.  Lori asked if there is an old well that hasn’t been filled in?  Gary said no well for 40 years.  Bob could reduce it to a half site since he does have a driveway and electric, but no well or septic.  Gary said he was satisfied.

            Schmedeke Land Sales:   Bob said to prepare for some major sales off of Schmedeke Lane and Pete Anderson Road.  Carlson Timber has developed several parcels with new driveways and they are going to sell at a very high price, a lot more than they paid to purchase it.   Paul said he looks forward to the road inspection to see these new parcels.   Bob also said that Tim Fornengo who got have of the T&T Logging Business has plans to build an RV Park just north of Markville, with spaces for many dozens of trailers and RV’s, with holding tanks, wells and electricity.  Bob said they have to get an environmental impact survey since Arna has strict zoning.

            Trailer Value: Dawn and Jason Bickle, Parcel 32.8900.   They did not have tags at the Two Creeks Campground so were valued at $4,200 as personal property. They did get the tags so the value was dropped.

            Travel Trailer, Shawn Durand, Parcel 32.5061:   Same situation; no tags. It is a new trailer and was valued at $62,400.  They told Lori they do have tags but they are inside, and they will send her proof of the tags.  Lori said she doesn’t want to change it until they do.  Glen moved to accept Lori’s decision and leave the values on until they show otherwise.

            County Meeting to Appeal:   The County meeting will be June 14 at 6 p.m.

            Gary moved to adjourn; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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                                                                                                Paul Raymond, Clerk