Town of Wilma Board of Supervisors’ Meeting January 4, 2012

Town of Wilma Board of Supervisors’ Meeting January 4, 2012 

          Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Wilma Town Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisor Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Eldon and Marg Schmedeke.  The meeting was moved to the Duxbury Store because of fumes in the town hall.

Paul read the record of the December 7, 2011 meeting.  Eldon asked that the record be corrected to state it was a 12” culvert Mark put in the Pete Anderson Road, not 18”, and that Arna’s culvert was 32’ long, not 32” diameter.  With these corrections, Gary moved to approve the minutes; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:   FEMA Funds:  Paul said that Bill Hirte, State Public Assistance Officer, 651/201-7431, said that FEMA will be sending out report forms to townships soon for us to report the work we did and to attach invoices for the work performed.  Gary asked how these funds are designated.  We can only bill for the work Mike McCullen and Fudally Tackle did as bid and for the gravel that was approved.

Personal equipment:  Mark asked how to bill for the use of his personal tractor for some of the road work.  Glen said he should bill for the equipment separately, for $15/hour, and for his labor as an employee.  Gary said that when Joe uses his own equipment he bills for his labor as part of the equipment, and is not taxed.  Paul said we should have a consistent policy for employees who use their own equipment.  He would like to bill for using his computer and not have his pay taxed.  Glen said that for township employees, the equipment and the labor should be separate.

Grader parts:  Patrice asked why we pay a company in Sauk Rapids for our parts.  They want to open a line of credit with us for future orders.  Mark said that’s where we got the grader, and that’s where we order parts.  Gary moved that we apply for a line of credit with RDO Equipment.  Glen seconded.  He asked Paul to draft a resolution authorizing the application.

Road Retro reflectivity Plan:  The Board studied the plan Paul drew up for our road signs, which includes inventorying and testing our signs for retro-reflectivity and bringing all signs into compliance by 2015.  Todd Lindstrom from the Pine Co. Highway Dept. (320-216-4200) said that the county has the jurisdiction and responsibility for all Wilma road signs and stop signs.  That leaves dead-end and minimum maintenance road signs under our plan.  We have until 2015 to bring our signs into compliance.  The plan states that the inventory of our signs will be part of our regular spring road inspection.  Gary moved to approve the Wilma Township Road Retro-reflectivity Plan as written.  Glen seconded.  It was signed and filed.

DOT Surveyor/Escrow Fund:  Early in December a surveyor from a Rochester company started to dig on County Road 24 and Tamarack Pine Drive.  Gary and Mark stopped him and asked for an escrow payment for potential damages.  The surveyor and Paul had tried to contact Glen with no success, so Paul emailed Glen and gave Gary a copy.  Gary was upset that the letter to Glen said that it was Gary who stopped the man, not Mark. Paul said he didn’t know Mark was back, so had assumed it was Gary.  No one but Glen and Gary saw the letter, and Glen asked what was the big deal.  The letter supported the Supervisor’s actions and the company did pay the escrow the same day, and we’re keeping the money until next spring.

Town Computer:  Patrice said our computer was acting up and had cost a lot of down time this month.  Paul sent her and Glen a free program to defrag and fix computers and registries, and urged Patrice to download and run it, Advanced System Care.

NEW BUSINESS:    Ron McCullen Death:  Glen said he wanted to acknowledge the loss of Ron McCullen on December 30, and the debt the town owes him for his many years of service as supervisor and as one of the original fire department volunteers and board members and as fire chief.  All of the board and most of the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department members were present to honor Ron at his visitation on January 3rd.

Seven County Senior Federation:  They are requesting a donation of $300 or more.  Gary said we have always turned down solicitations because of the law forbidding towns from giving donations.  Glen said he researched the law and there are provisions that would allow a donation. Patrice said the other towns in the Pine County Wanderers donate, but did not know how much.  She outlined some of the services that the Seven County Federation provides for seniors like Medicare advice and over 55 driver discounts.  Gary moved that we donate $25, and after discussion Gary amended his motion to donate $50.  Glen seconded.  After further discussion, the board decided this is something that should be decided by the whole town at the annual meeting, if they want to donate to the Senior Federation.  This will give us time to find out what the other two towns give.  Gary moved that the earlier motion and vote to donate $50 be rescinded, pending the whole town having an opportunity to decide if they want to support the Federation.  Glen seconded.

Township Officer Dental Insurance:  Glen got some information on dental insurance coverage at the MAT Conference and said he believed we should join the program.  Many towns pay for their board members’ coverage.  Patrice said she does not need the insurance, and didn’t feel her tax dollars should go to subsidize other people’s insurance.  Glen said that this is another issue that should be decided by all the voters at the annual meeting.  We will research costs and coverage and give a presentation at the March 13th meeting.

Town Election Affidavits:  The filing period is open for two weeks.  Mike and Paul are up for re-election.  Paul filed and Marg paid Mike’s filing fee since he was at his dad’s funeral.  Paul will get Mike the affidavit.

Town Hall Fumes:  Gary asked how our tank could get down to 5% full?  Aren’t we on a regular refill schedule?  Mark said the tank was disconnected and moved by fire department members for the burial of the water tank, and it was never pressurized after it was reconnected.  It’s possible there is a leak.  The fire hall uses most of the propane, since we only heat the town hall once a month.  The board directed the clerk to contact Federated Propane for a complete inspection and to pressurize and refill the tank.

Town Hall Fund Deposits:  Eldon questioned why we have so much of our funds deposited in non-interest bearing accounts?  If we don’t need the money immediately, he said we should put more of it in CD’s.  Patrice said we do have a large part of it in CD’s, and Gary said if we have a road emergency we need to have immediate access to the funds.  Eldon said you can take money out of a CD early if you need to, and just pay a penalty.  The board will reevaluate our deposits.

Board of Audit:  Paul said that the Board of Audit will be held as part of our regular February 1st board meeting, at 7:30.  It is not a separate meeting as far as the clerk’s and treasurer’s pay, but must be posted as a separate meeting.  The Supervisors will examine the clerk’s and treasurer’s books and records for 2011.  Paul said the state auditor sent out a new report with a CTAS update on end-of-year procedures and backups.  Patrice said she does not get these emails.  Paul will forward his to her and she will try to get on their lists.  Patrice had to run her end of year procedures in order to pay tonight’s payroll claims.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached) and bills for January were presented:

NAPA                                               $            6.40

The Evergreen                                              35.00

Pine Co. Courier                                           33.84

US Treasury                                                         517.67

ECE                                                              50.51

Pine Co. Auditor                                          41.23

Hopkins Sand and Gravel                        2,943.93

Pine Co. Township Assn. Dues                            326.94

Patrice Winfield (expenses)                          10.00

Duxbury Store (Carbon monoxide detector)    26.75

Paul Raymond (expenses)                            49.93

Mark Pallow (expenses)                               16.81

Mark Pallow (truck rental)                           90.00

Paul Raymond                                            137.75

Mark Pallow                                               311.35

Gary Vink                                                  125.95

Glen Williamson                                           38.69

Patrice Winfield                                          102.84 

Total Bills   $     4,865.59

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, to pay all claims, and to transfer $5,000 from savings into checking.  Glen seconded.  Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk