Regular Board Meeting, June 4, 2008


Deputy Chairman Michael McCullen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Glenford Williamson and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield and Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Margjorie Schmedeke and Mark Pallow.

Paul read the record of the May meeting; Mike moved to approve, Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Schmedeke Lane: Gary said that Mark Pallow cut the tree that was in Schmedeke Lane, and that the County said that until the issue is resolved on moving Schmedeke Lane, we should maintain it as a minimum maintenance road.

Crooked Lake/Eagle Head Roads: Danforth had said that they were considering contracting Sandstone Township to do maintenance and grading on these roads, but nothing was done last month. Crooked Lake road is rough and needs work. Also, Danforth has not paid any of our invoices since August, 2007. So far they owe:

9-21-07 $75.00

10-25-07 225.00

12-27-07 225.00

12-24-07 75.00

3-16-08 75.00

Total due: $ 675.00

Paul was directed to write a letter to the Danforth Board to Jeff Shute, Danforth Chairman, stating that at their next regularly scheduled board meeting they need to pay all outstanding invoices in full or we will be assessing 1 ½ % per month on all unpaid invoices. Glen said we should remind them of our joint road agreement where the two towns agreed that Wilma Township will be responsible for all road maintenance on these roads, and that in the future all unpaid invoices will be assessed at 1 ½ % interest after 30 days.

New Dosey: Dave Baker said that New Dosey is considering buying some culverts and want to know if we want to go in with them on this. Arna has told them they will be getting their own. Gary said neither township was aware of the joint purchasing agreement with the county. Gary said it may be cheaper for them to purchase them through us as we are covered by the joint purchasing venture. Gary asked if we need any culverts. Mike said we need one on the Mayfield Road and we should have a couple stockpiled for future needs. Mike said we need to find out what sizes New Dosey needs and what price they are getting and what prices we can get through the county. Gary will check with the county on their prices and talk with Dave Baker about what their vendor charges.

Roads: Mark graded some roads before Memorial Day. Mike Scott was complaining that some divots had been dug out of Mona Drive and he thinks this will ruin the road. Gary told him he could fix them himself and get some gravel. Mike wanted to know how much was left in the escrow account. Gary looked up the agreement and it states that we bill them for all maintenance until tax revenues pay for it, before we take anything out of the escrow account. Gary expected Mike Scott to come to the meeting. Mike wanted more class 5 gravel on the road. Gary said that 4-wheelers were spinning up the road and taking off the gravel.

Town Park Site Logging Agreement: Duane Glienke said that he will not put in a driveway into the park site as there is little salable wood near Duxbury Road, and he would have to make a skid trail all the way to the end of the park to drag the wood out. Also, that it may be too soft this summer anyway, until winter. Eldon said that if Duane doesn’t want to build a road to do the logging, that we should get someone else to do it. He said all loggers build roads and landings when they log off land. Gary said that we have a signed contract with Duane and that we cannot abrogate this. Paul read the minutes of the March meeting where the agreement was made with Duane. Although Mike said he wanted Duane to clear out a landing and to use the present driveway off of the Duxbury Road, the motion did not stipulate that this was the only way he could get the wood. Glen said that the Board did not see the contract, but only Duane and Gary, and he moved that all future contracts entered into by the Board be approved and signed by the entire board, and not just the chairman. Mike seconded; all aye. Eldon said that letting Duane have access from the back is not working for the township.

County Assessor Fee: Glen questioned the County Assessor’s billing for commercial properties in Wilma Township. Patrice said this includes the store and the campground, properties that Bob Brewster does not assess.

CTAS Checks: Patrice called the other two check providers. One didn’t return her call, but the other one, used by New Dosey Township, charges $217 for 1,000 checks with no set-up fee and free shipping, vs. $199 for 1,000 checks and a $40 set-up fee. Glen moved that we buy 1,000 checks from Victor Lundeen at $217. Gary said to tell them that we are tax exempt; our tax number is #2193593 for the state and #41160926 Federal.

River Cabin Road concerns: Glen got an email from David Thielman at lot 66177 River Cabin Road complaining that the road at the cul-de-sac gets very soft and can’t be used. Mark confirmed that it is very soft at the end of the road and much muddier than other roads. Gary said this is because 4-wheelers are tearing the road up. (At this point Mike had to leave the meeting due to illness). Glen moved that we put one tandem truck load of class 5 gravel at the cul-de-sac at the end of River Cabin Road to firm this road up. There was no second and the motion failed. Gary said that when we coordinate all the gravel for township roads, that this one will also be considered. Glen moved that when we coordinate the gravel for all township roads that will receive gravel, that the cul-de-sac at 66117 River Cabin Road also be included. No second; motion failed.


Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached.)


Pine Co. Courier $ 15.04

Mark Pallow 73.88

ECE 41.06

FNBNS (grader loan) 2,000.00

The Evergreen 5.50

Paul Raymond 96.97

Mike McCullen 38.09

Pine Co. Public Works (blade) 177.57

Patrice Winfield 95.93

Glenford Williamson 38.09

Gary Vink 160.29

Pine Co. Assessor 289.00

Victor Lundeen Checks 217.00

Total Bills $ 3,248.42

Gary moved to pay all the bills, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $3,200 from savings to checking. Glen seconded.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk