Clerk Paul Raymond called the 106th annual Town Meeting for WilmaTownship to order at 8:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Fourteen citizens were present:  Duane Glienke, Alden Shute, Jeff and Jeanne GrandPre, Patrice Winfield, Lisa and Mark Sisterman, Joeseph Vink, Toni and Glen Williamson, Mike McCullen, Mark Pallow, Gary Vink and Paul.

Nominations opened for meeting moderator:  Mike nominated Patrice;  seconded by Mark Sisterman.  Joe nominated Glen; Toni seconded.  Patrice elected, and took the gavel.  Paul read the record of last years Annual Town Meeting.  Duane said the fence on the east side of the hall does not necessarily mark the property line; he put it there because the town had stored picnic tables there.  Patrice said this is not a correction of the record because the board acted in good faith that the fence line was the property line, but it would be noted.  Gary moved to approve the record as written; Joe seconded.

ROAD REPORT:  Road Manager Mark Pallow said that in 2012 all township roads received routine grading and snowplowing.  There was a major project on Crooked Lake Road in cooperation with New Dosey township, where we brushed and made ditches for the road and applied many tons of gravel to bring that road up to standards. Wilma will be doing all maintenance on that and Eagle Head Roads.  Four loads of gravel were also applied on Little Tamarack Lake Road. Gary said we also put gravel to repair damage on Tamarack Pine Drive.  Gary said that Tri-State Lumber stopped payment on their escrow bond for N. Duncan Rd. because they said we were still holding an earlier bond when they were unable to log.  Gary said they did grade the road improperly. Forester Greg Beck said the county would repair the damages they did when they did log last year. Mark said the loggers on Little Tamarack Lake Road (Weidendorff) were the most conscientious we have ever had, and they left the road as good as before they logged, and their escrow bond was returned.  Last year was Arna’s year for Pete Anderson and Langstrom roads, and they brushed the road, but only on their side, and did not bill us.  Gary said the board passed a weight limit ordinance after the Tri-State issue, making all township roads off limits to over 7 ton axle weight vehicles, without a special permit from the township which would require posting a $500 escrow bond to cover potential damages.  Signs will be posted on county roads entering WilmaTownship.

LEVIES:  Road and Bridge Fund:  Last year we levied $16,000 for 2013, and the board recommended the same for 2014. The receipts and expenditures last year were read to give guidance on how much to set for 2014.  The FEMA payment was included in both, so it was misleading (+$56,000, -$49,000).  Glen moved that we keep it the same; Gary seconded.  Passed.

Building Fund:  Paul said if we build an addition or a totally new town hall, and if there are further fire hall repairs, we should increase the building fund from $1,200.  He moved that we set the fund at $5,000.  Mike seconded.  Patrice said we will have to get a loan and certificate of indebtedness either way; we have $4,500 in the fund now.   Passed.

Fire Fund:  There is no discretion on this fund, as all three townships in the Duxbury VFD are billed $4,500/year for fire protection.  Glen moved that we set the levy at $4,500; Patrice seconded.  Passed.

Park Fund:  The fund still has a $6,000 balance, and we have no plans to improve the park.  Joe said it is not a good building site, with drainage problems, one reason we never put a cemetery there. There was a question on dead timber; the board has voted that any citizen can remove any downed timber or firewood from the park, the 40 acres west of Anderson schoolhouse. Gary moved to set a $100 levy; Glen seconded. Passed.

General Fund:  This fund covers all wages and taxes and notices; all general business of the town.  We spent $22,000 in 2012 and had to borrow $10,00 from the Road and Bridge Fund.  Paul said if we always run a deficit on this fund, we should increase it from $10,000.    Patrice said we can always borrow from another fund, and moved that it stay at $10,000.  Glen seconded.  Passed.

Wages, Meetings, Election Judges:  There was an explanation of the wages and other payments that were on the proposed budget.  Technically, the Board of Supervisors has sole authority to set wages and fees, but Wilma has always allowed the people to have input and a vote.  Glen said he believes that election judges should be paid the same hourly rate as the clerk or treasurer ($12/hour) and we haven’t increased it in years.  Patrice said the job is so easy and it is tax-free, and we pay a lot for elections, so she doesn’t want an increase. Mike moved that we keep all wages in 2013 the same as 2012, except for a $10 per meeting increase for the treasurer, on par with the clerk.  Glen seconded.  Passed.

Seven County Senior Federation:  Patrice said she is vice president of the Federation, and Fran Levings is president.  She explained the work the federation does for seniors with education and Medicare counseling, secondary insurance and prescription drug assistance, plus help with medical billing and drug claims, and thrift stores in Mora and Isle, and statehouse lobbying.  Glen said almost everyone in our town is a senior.  Gary said he has the same reservation as last year, if we start giving to groups that solicit support, where will it end?  Patrice moved that we give $100 to Seven County Senior Federation;   Glen seconded.

Pine County Historical Museum:  Alden said he fully supports the mission of the HistoricalMuseum in Askov and he even joined.  He said if anyone wants to support them, they can do it personally, but he doesn’t want to be taxed for it.  Paul said the tiny donation they are asking for, $1 per citizen ($67 for Wilma) would hardly affect anyone’s taxes, and he moved that the town donate $1 per citizen, $67, in 2013.  Glen seconded.  Hand vote: 10 yea, 4 nea. Passed.

Old School Arts Center:  Paul explained that the OSAC opened in February, 2012, and exhibits work by 75 local artists (including Dave Baker, Dave Drake, Joe and Micki Vink).  They have had four major free art shows and have art and pottery classes.  Barb and Rick Smith donated a kiln for pottery and ceramics classes.  Paul moved that we donate $100 to the OSAC; Lisa seconded.  Hand vote:  9 yea, 3 nea.  Passed.

Town Hall Addition:  Blueprints and proposals were distributed with plans for an addition on the east side of the hall, and also for building an entirely new hall. Glen said as much as we love our town hall, it is old and bowed and the foundation is bad and the walls have nests of flies that come in whenever the hall is heated and cover the floor. The estimate of a 16’x50’ addition is about $87,000, plus almost $16,000 to repair the foundation on the present hall.  The estimate for an entirely new hall on the same spot is $121,000, not counting any demolition and disposal costs for our current hall.  Glen said we hope that someone will want the hall and will move it off site.  Duane said Wilma may not own enough land east of the hall for a 16’ addition, and that he does not want to sell the town any land on the west side between the Duxbury Store and the hall to build there.  Glen said that building it on the park site has been discussed, but there are security concerns, plus the need to build an entirely new septic tank and dig a new well and bring power to the site.  The Pine County Wanderers and other groups do not want to use our hall because of no bathrooms or plumbing, but they would use a new hall, as well as wedding parties and other events.  Jeff and Mike said they would like a show of hands to know if there is any interest by the citizens to proceed, or if the idea should be dropped. The majority (9-3) indicated that they wanted to proceed.  Glen made a motion that the town board of supervisors be authorized to research the feasibility and cost of building a new town hall on our existing site, with a maximum budget of $150,000, with a goal to build a new town hall. Patrice seconded.  Mike asked for a hand vote; 8 yea, 4 nea, 2 abstain.  Glen said that any project over $100,000 would require sealed bids, and the board would have to accept the lowest reasonable bid, but if a contractor had a history of careless or untimely work, that could make their bid unreasonable.  We would need to get a loan with a certificate of debt, and this would require a new levy on the taxpayers, and Paul said this would require a special town meeting for final approval, but he could check with the auditor about this.  Paul moved that if we get a final bid including all demolition and disposal costs and what the levy would be and for how long, that we call a special town meeting for a vote before the final decision is made.  Lisa seconded. Passed.

Pine County Regional Hospital Board:  Paul explained why this was on the agenda that Wilma did not join the board decades ago when it formed to get a $150,000 bond to build the hospital.  Mike and Joe said the reason we did not join at that time is they could give no assurances that the rates the township taxpayers would pay would remain stable, and the possibility of big increases.  Mike said he and Shawn give many hours as first responders to the hospital district, with no reimbursement.  Alden said he supports the hospital every time he uses it, with big bills.  Paul said Ron Osladil said the bond will be paid off this year, and they are not asking us to join, it just came up at the county township officers meeting.  New Dosey is also voting on it, but a town can only join if they’re adjoining a member town.  Once you join, you can never leave.  Patrice moved that we not join; Mike seconded.  Passed.

Wilma Fall Fest:  Glen said the Fest was started on Wilma’s 100th anniversary in 2007, and has been a big success every year.  We’ve had live bands and lots of food and drink and prizes.  Toni said all the labor is donated, and many of the plates and napkins and all the prizes.  This year will be our 106th anniversary.  We have budgeted $500 in past years for this, but have not spent it all.  The band, The Procrastinators, cost $350.  Paul moved that we sponser a Wilma Fall Fest this year on the 3rd Saturday in October and that we budget $500 for this.  Glen seconded.  Passed.  We need to advertise and publicize more, to get more people.

Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Toni seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk