Proposed Bugdet, Town Meeting, March 10, 2009


Wilma Township Proposed Budget for 2010

2009 2010

Road and Bridge                                            20,000                           20,000

Building Fund                                                   1,200                             1,200

Fire Fund                                                         3,500                             3,500

Park Fund                                                           400                                    0

General Fund                                                  12,000                           12,000

Debt Service Fund                                          25,200                                    0

2008 2009

WAGES            Chairman                                17.50/hour                   17.50/hour

Supervisor                                                          15.00/hour                   15.00/hour

Clerk                                                                    75.00/meeting               75.00/mtg.

Treasurer                                                           65.00/meeting               65.00/mtg.

Clerk and Treasurer bookkeeping and reports                       10.00/hour

General Labor                                                  15.00/hour                   15.00/hour

Major Mech.                                                     30.00/hour                   30.00/hour

Mech. Asst.                                                       15.00/hour                   15.00/hour

Grader Op.                                                        16.00/hr                        16.00/hour

Out of Town Meetings                                35.00/half day              50.00/half

65.00/full day             100.00/full

Election Judges                                     10.00/hour                  10.00/hr.

Mileage:  $ .55/mile for officers, judges, delegated township representatives, for judges training, township officers training, and association meetings, etc.

SNOWPLOWING:                                   75.00/per season           75.00

Driveways over 700 feet:                100.00/per season          100.00

No closed gates (operator will not get down from grader).   Must have turnaround space. Fees due by 1st Wednesday of November, 2009.   Year-round residents only.   Special plowing, $150 per hour; one hour minimum.