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The County Commissioners met at the Pine County Public Works Building in Sandstone, MN, on Tuesday, February 16, to hear the studies and conclusions and make a decision regarding Schmedeke Lane in Wilma Township.   Wilma Supervisors Glen Williamson, Gary Vink, and Michael McCullen were among those in attendance, plus Clerk Paul Raymond, and Wilma property owners Eldon Schmedeke, Bruce Greenly, and Barbara Jensen.

County Attorney John Carlson gave a presentation intended for the narrowing of the issues and proposing a solution to the issues regarding the road.  He had a diagram showing that Schmedeke Lane is not on the surveyed section line, even if it is exactly a mile from the Pete Anderson Road.   He said that Pine County built Schmedeke Lane and Wilma Township maintained it and formally adopted it as a township road.  Carlson said that the road was built on the only good land for a road, and if they had known then that this was Jensen’s land, they would have acquired the land then from the Jensens because of a drop-off to the east.

Carlson said that there are three choices:  1.  Don’t do anything for anyone, and leave the road as it is as a statutory use road, and everyone be damned, because Wilma Township did not do a survey when they adopted the road as a township road.    2.  Determine the number of acres Bob Jensen lost and give Bob County land in exchange for what he lost, or pay him the value of the lost acreage.  3. Have the road easement go all the way to the surveyed section line, and Wilma Township can sell Bruce Greenly this land since his land does not go all the way to the road.

In addition, Eldon and Marjorie Schmedeke want to extend Schmedeke Lane the length of two 40 acre’s north, by 132’wide.  They have a camper on their land one half mile north.  Eldon paid to have the road extended and cleared it to 132’, believing this was his land.  He wants to buy 132’ of the first 40 and the next 40, 4 acres each, 8 acres, total $10,000 at current prices.   The county said they won’t sell unless they can keep their road easement so they can access their timber on county land.  In the future, Carlson said that Eldon’s kids will likely sell off the land north and east.  The road can’t be built on the section line due to a ridge obstruction.  For Eldon, getting to his land is a justified expenditure according to Carlson.

An alternative would be for the county to extend the road as a forest road and give Eldon a private easement, but this would not give Eldon a right for subdivision.   If the county builds the road to get to their timber, and it is good enough for a township road, Eldon would have to convince the town to adopt it as a township road.  Carlson said the best option would be to let Eldon buy the land for $10,000 so he can build his road.   The road he builds will be for public use as the only option for future development on Schmedeke’s land is for the road to be a public road.

Steve Hallan said they all want to do the right thing.  He said do the land swap with Jensens, and sell Eldon the two 132’ by 40 acre strips, but make sure that everyone has access to the public land to the west and can get to the tax-forfeited land.  Curt Rossow asked if the easement is granted, who will build the road?  The land department said that they will.  The easement will go to the section line all the way up.  The County Assessor’s office, with input from Robin Matthews, the County Surveyor, will calculate how much it is worth.  The current rate is $1,300 per acre.   Mike spoke up and said that he and Gary do not believe that the township should profit from this easement, and that the county should retain ownership and be the one to sell the land to the Greeley’s and Schmedekes; it’s taxpayers’ money. Rossow said it may require a special State legislative ruling to sell this to Eldon without open bidding.

A motion was made to sell Eldon Schmedeke two 40 acre by 132’ strips of land, and to sell Bruce Greenly all the land between Schmedeke Lane right-of-way to his section line, and to swap Bob Jensen some County land north of his land to compensate him for land he lost when Schmedeke Lane was built. This was seconded and passed.  Eldon asked that he be granted clear title to each of his 132’ x 40 acre pieces of land.

There was other County business and the meeting continued, but the Wilma Township officers left the meeting at this point.

Paul Raymond, Clerk, Town of Wilma



The Board met at the Duxbury Store at 10 a.m., Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr., Supervisor Gary Vink, Grader Operator Mark Pallow, and Clerk Paul Raymond.

EAGLE HEAD ROAD:  Danforth Township is responsible for the West Range-Line Roads.  The road needs some gravel the first 50 feet.  The first culvert is plugged and has no screens.  The second culvert is screened.  Regular maintenance.

CROOKED LAKE ROAD:  Needs gravel one mile down.   There is some washout at the first culvert; there is a bad hole south of the first culvert.  The second culvert is washed over.   The culvert at Jason Palme’s has no screen.  The road should have been ditched on the west side.  When Danforth bladed the road they destroyed the crown and bladed it flat.  The Kelch’s have agreed to move their trailer.   They also need to move the dumpster which is in the right-of-way.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD:  Regular maintenance; no gravel.

VINK ROAD:  Needs gravel the first quarter mile, and two loads of gravel at the north end.  Regular maintenance.

MINK FARM ROAD:  Regular maintenance; some gravel on the hill where it’s washed out.

MAYFIELD ROAD:   Regular maintenance.  Some gravel on the last culvert where it’s washed out (two loads).   After grading, the road may need some gravel.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD:  Regular maintenance.  Maybe some gravel before the landing.

SHORT ROAD:   Nothing needed.

LOST RIVER ROAD:  One load Class 5 at the first low spot by first driveway.  Regular blading.   We will contact Quinn to confirm approval for the gravel.

RIVER CABIN ROAD:  One load gravel at first quarter mile.   Regular maintenance.

MONA DRIVE:  Regular maintenance.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD:   Needs four loads of Class 5 gravel.  The road is under water after the first ½ mile.   There was a discussion on vacating the road after this point if building it up would be too expensive.

HELLER DRIVE:   Regular maintenance.   Needs one or two loads of gravel at the first culvert where there is a hole.

TAMARACK PINE DRIVE:  Regular maintenance.

MC CULLEN DRIVE:   Regular maintenance.

LANGSTROM ROAD:  Regular maintenace, plus the two loads of pit-run at the extension, as per our agreement.   2009 is Wilma’s maintenance year.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD:  Regular maintenance, plus two loads of pit-run at end as per agreement.

SCHMEDEKE LANE:  Regular maintenance.

FUST ROAD:   Regular maintenance.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD:   T & T Logging wrecked this road after we repaired it and used their escrow deposit.   They filled in our ditch with wood chips and the road is rutted and flooded.  The board discussed sending a bill to T & T with photos showing the damages.   We still have over $400 in escrow monies from them for another road, which we could tell them we would use.  The damages to S. Duncan could be more than this.  We could tell them they can do no logging in our township until they pay for repairs.

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD:   Gravel needed for holes.  At  ¾ mile up the road and 1 ¼ mile there may need to be gravel.  Gary will inspect it again after Mark has bladed it to see how much gravel is needed after Mark has shaped it up.  We got a letter from Allen Thiry, asking that there be some gravel put down at 1 ½ mile north going up the hill to his property; because of the mud and ruts he could barely get in.   Also we will put down more pit-run gravel at the end of the road, where it turns into grass.