Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at the Duxbury Store at 10 a.m. Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow and Assistant Road Grader Alden Shute.

Pit Run Gravel: Mike said Doug Wiita and Todd Elliot in Markville have the best source for pit-run gravel, and Alden or Mark should contact them for our pit-run. Alden will work with Hopkins for class 5 gravel.

EAGLE HEAD ROAD: Jason Palme, Danforth Supervisor, joined us for the Range Line Roads. The culvert ½ mile in is very short and needs to be extended or replaced with larger culvert some time in the future, not this year. The road needs 4 – 5 loads of pit-run at the beginning, and 2 loads of class 5. The culvert at the end needs to be replaced with a 30′ x 16” culvert, plus gravel; 2 loads pit-run at the end. Routine blading.

CROOKED LAKE ROAD: (3 loads Class 5) Routine blading. 1-2 loads class 5 at the beginning on frost boil. Area where the ditch was repaired has frost boils, 1 load. At the soft spot over the first hill 1 load. Discussion on Eric Ternes gate at end of Crooked Lake road entering old Mayfield Drive; did not check the lock. Road needs routine blading and building up from sides.

VINK ROAD: Two loads of class 5 at the start, at the culvert. Two loads pit-run at end of road for turnaround. Routine blading.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD: (no gravel) Ditch the landing, and routine blading.

HELLER DRIVE: (1 load class 5) One load on the second (new) culvert. Regular blading.

MC CULLEN DRIVE: No gravel. Knock down berm where grader went off side of road. Routine blading. Mike told Alden or Mark to grade all the way to the end of the road at Zanoskos’. One load of pit-run gravel at the end for a turnaround.

TAMARACK PINE DRIVE: Regular blading. Mark says it needs a load of class-5 at the hill where rocks are being torn up.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD: (Wilma’s year. 8 loads: 4 pit-run, 6 class-5) One load class 5 at 57891 Pete Anderson Road. Three loads 58157, where the road is soft. Two loads pit run and 2 loads class 5 after that. Mike said Alden should prep all the roads that get gravel before it’s put down. Two loads pit run at end of road.

LANGSTROM LANE: (Wilma’s year; 2 loads class-5; two pit-run) Blade past Dennis’ driveway. Two loads class 5 at top of first hill. Alden to flag where the gravel goes. Dump two loads of pit run at the end of both range-line roads.

SCHMEDEKE LANE AND EXTENSION: Trim tree. (4 loads pit-run; 2 loads class-5). Two loads of pit-run at the end for turnaround. Two loads pit run where the extension starts on east side of road to make road straighter. Two loads class 5 on the hill on the extension. Marking stakes must be removed for grader; notify Eldon to remove them, or he can let us do it. Routine blading on Schmedeke Lane. Paul will contact Commissioner Steve Chaffee and Mark LeBrun about their assurances they would get the county to do more for the extension than the $10,000 budget allowed.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD: (3 loads class-5; 5 loads pit-run; 8 loads total) Two loads on top of the new culvert at the wet spot. Two loads pit-run where water is on the road. South of 56805 two loads class 5. One load pit run south of the wet spot. (We didn’t get mile markers).

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD: At the beaver pond the water is higher on the east side. Ditch on east side where wet. Have Hopkins use the backhoe to ditch road, at the same time they’re putting the culvert in at Eagle Head Road. Two loads class-5 at 56805 and two loads south of 56805. Two loads at 57073 where road curves to the east. Pull it back in and straighten it. The culvert past 57073 needs 1 load class-5. At end of Peno’s 6 loads pit-run spread out.

FUST LANE: Routine blading. No gravel.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD: One load class 5 at the landing. A hole before the eroded spot needs 1 load class-5 gravel. Stretch of road on lake side eroded due to waves and is caving into the lake. Gary cautioned to get permission before doing any work on a lake to avoid fines and penalties. Glen told Paul to contact the MAT Attorneys to see what our rights are to build up and repair roads on waterways that have eroded or are washing away, before we contact Soil and Water or the DNR. One load class-5 at the flag by Ludwig’s.

SHORT ROAD: (no gravel) Routine blading. DNR fire pit found on right-of-way and moved off the road. Mike said he’d notify the DNR.

LOST RIVER ROAD: (no gravel) Just routine maintenance.

RIVER CABIN ROAD: Routine blading.

MONA DRIVE: (no gravel) Routine blading.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD: Routine blading.

MAYFIELD ROAD: (3 loads class 5) 1 load class-five gravel at swamp. 1 load over the new culvert. 1 load after the culvert. Glen suggested we get a brush cutter to cut a trail on Wilma’s right-of-way which extends all the way to Crooked Lake Road, to retain our road-rights to the right-of-way. Mike said a bulldozer could do it in hours. Paul said the MAT attorneys said that Wilma retains the right-of-way of any recorded roads, even if no maintenance is done; he will get the info for Glen. Gary said brushing or dozing it is a waste of taxpayer money.

MINK FARM ROAD: (3 loads class-5) 1 – 2 loads class-five over culvert. One load class-5 at top of first hill.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30, no lunch break; 5 ½ hours.

Paul Raymond, Clerk_______________________________

Glen Williamson, Chair______________________________