Wilma Township Minutes, March 6, 2024

Chairman Mike McCullen started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. The rest of the attendees joined in. Also present Supervisor Glen Williamson, Supervisor/Road Manager Alden Shute, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Stefanie Williamson, Stan and Tracy Riley, Angie Anderson, Lori Shute, and Jim Bredesen.

Paul Raymond read the minutes of the February 7, 2024, Wilma Town Board of Supervisors meeting. Stefanie asked Paul to correct a misquote from the minutes. The minutes read: “Stefanie said that Tracy Riley was also trained and should be appointed.” It should read: “Tracy was trained as a judge and should be considered because she was trained all along. She had been at every election she was eligible to judge. The only election she missed was the election when her husband was on the ballot.”

Glen asked if Kim had been exonerated of election fraud as stated in the minutes of the previous meeting. Paul confirmed that this is what he was told. Mike requested that we check with the Shariff and request a police report.

Mike stated the official record of the meeting is the recorded minutes. Not what is said in the meeting.

Alden made a motion to accept the minutes as amended. Mike seconded the motion. Glen abstained due to Paul putting too much of his own opinion in the meeting minutes. Paul remarked that they only need two votes anyway.

Alden Shute gave the road report: Mayfield Road was inspected and had quite a few potholes so that road has been graded. Mink Farm Road was inspected when the logging was completed, and the escrow was approved to be returned to Futurewood. Alden has not reached LeBrun and will catch up with him in Sandstone. No. Duncan Road has a few spots that are townships responsibility to build up the road. Alden has put a few loads across each culvert and would like to fill one or two holes.

Election Concerns: The primary election was last night. Tracy was an Election Judge for the beginning of the day and Stefanie was a Judge for the evening, as approved by the Board of Supervisors in the February meeting.

The absentee/or mail in ballots will be mailed to the clerk. Patrice is the head judge, and the clerk will give the mailed ballots to Patrice on the night of the election. Being that the Clerk is on the ballot and the ballots will be mailed to the clerks’ home, Mike stated that the absentee ballots should not be counted.

During the PNP election Paul stated that he was going to check on the address of a registered voter with the auditor Kelly Schroeder. He looked at the roster to get the person’s name and address, looked up Minnesota Statutes 200.031 and provided that information to Kelly. Patrice stated that he was registered, and he offered his driver license. As of the time of this meeting the outcome of the inquiry was not available.

Wilma Township Election Tuesday March 12, 2024: Mike and Paul are up for reelection. Patrice, Stefanie and Cindy will serve as judges for the township election.  Patrice will be the head judge. Paul will receive the absentee ballots in the mail and bring them to the town hall on the night of the election.

Spring Short Course: Friday April 5, at the DECC in Duluth. 8:00 to 8:30 check in. &75.00 per officer. Patrice needs the names tonight to cut the check and five officers have indicated that they will go.

Assessor, Board of Review and Equalization: Will be Monday, April 15, at the Wilma Town Hall, 1 p.m. Lori Houitsma and Karen Stumne, our appraiser, will attend. Her phone is 320-591-1639. Paul will post the meeting. The Supervisors cannot appeal their assessments at the meeting but have to go to the county. Glen Williamson is trained to assist with this so the people will not have to go to the county for their assessments.

Township Day at the Capitol: There will be a two-day conference at the Radisson in St. Paul. $99 per officer, April 8 and 9, 2024, $99, motel extra ($129). “ALL township officials are invited to join the Minnesota Association of Townships for “Township Day at the Capitol” on April 8, 2024, 1pm to April 9, 11am. We’ll have trainings, speakers, and impactful meetings with legislators to advocate for important township priorities.”

Pine County Township Officers Meeting: Saturday March 30, 2024 at 9:00 am at the community center in Hinkley.

Wilma Town Park: Stan asked if there would be any clearing done for the park so that it is usable for people. Mike said we should add this to the agenda for the annual town meeting next week to see what the voters would like to do with the park.

Superbowl Party: Stan would like to use the Town Hall for his Superbowl party next February. Mike said we have forms and applications for this and he can fill them out and ask closer to the date.

Patrice’s Treasurers Report and Claims: Total bills for February $2640.92. Glen moved to approve her report and transfer $3000.00 from savings to checking. Alden seconded and passed unanimously.

Mike announced the meeting adjourned. It was 8:41 pm

This minutes was approved by the board, Wednesday, April 3, 2024