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Supervisor Mike McCullen called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. at the Duxbury
Store. Also present, Supervisor Gary Vink, Chairman Glen Williamson, Road Manager Mark Pallow, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Danforth Township Supervisor Jason Palme.

CROOKED LAKE ROAD: Jason said a chronic problem is the culverts on Crooked Lake Road freeze in the winter time, causing any melt or runoff to go over the roads. Gary said that is an unavoidable issue when you have water in the culverts at below zero temperatures.
¼ mile down, past Bob’s driveway: Supervisors recommend 1 load gravel. The culvert at this point, right past the ditch repair area, freezes over and the end of the culvert on the west side is not visible. Supervisors agreed that someday this may require a new culvert, and flooding here should be monitored.
Crooked Lake landing: frozen culvert; no action.
One mile, by Jason’s property: County Surveyor cut into road and did not restore it to original condition, at 52979 Crooked Lake Rd. Supervisors recommend 1 load gravel to restore road.
One ½ mile down: More Surveyor damage. Paul can write to highway dept. and notify them of damage and ask if we can be reimbursed, if he has the receipts and documents to show the remedy.
End of Road: Landowner Eric Ternes gated the entrance to Mayfield Road, but did not lock the gate. Loggers (T&T) have left a huge pile of debris, much of it in the Mayfield Road right-of-way. Supervisors said to notify Eric Ternes and T&T to remove the debris, or to deduct the damage from their escrow account. Paul needs the receipts and records to document deductions. We have $1,900 in T&T’s escrow.

T&T: $1,933.25
Carlson Timber 500.00
Wermerskirchen 500.00
Berthiaume Logging 500.00
Midwest Hardwoods 500.00

EAGLE HEAD ROAD: Tree across road @ 55902 Eagle Head Rd. Culvert at end of the road has water, may need new culvert someday. Supervisors recommend monitoring.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD: Supervisors recommend load of gravel at end for turnaround.

VINK ROAD: Supervisors recommend two load of gravel at the end of Vink Road, to be deducted from T&T logging, and two loads at the beginning of the road. Mark said T&T did inspect the road with him before their logging activity, but did not inspect it with him afterwards. Supervisors directed Paul to write a form letter of our road policy to send to all loggers, specifying that they need to arrange an inspection meeting with the Wilma Road Manager before logging/hauling activities and also afterwards, or their escrow may be forfeited. Paul needs documentation of when T&T did the logging and receipts and records of gravel and repairs.
Water over road at entrance. The culvert is crushed or collapsed. Glen said we should have a road map showing all our culverts. 1/2 mile up road, after Tim McCullen’s property line, Supervisors recommend one load pit-run and 3 loads of Class 5, to be documented and deducted from T&T’s escrow account. By Smith’s, road needs ditching, on east side of Smith’s driveway, plus one load gravel.
There are concrete barricades and a gate at northwest end of the road. Gary asked Paul to write Greg Beck and tell him that the road is barricaded and that the county will not have access to their land because of the barricades, if they want to sell land west of there. The maps of the proposed sale show an expected easement from the end of Vink Road directly west to the County’s land.

VINK ROAD TOTALS: 8 loads gravel, four in the middle, two at the beginning and two loads at the end. T&T to be charged for 6 loads, township for two. Road Manager is to use his discretion on final gravel and repairs needed.

LANGSTROM ROAD: Eldon Schmedeke joined the road inspection for the range-line roads and for Schmedeke Lane. 2014 is Wilma’s maintenance year for Langstrom Road. Town will put the annual two loads of gravel at the end of Langstrom Road and Pete Anderson Road. Any tree removal will be up to the Erickson’s and Dennis Schmedeke. Duane Glienke is willing to remove trees on right of way, but ownership and disposal of the timber will need to be negotiated between them. Eldon said the board should tell the County that any time they authorize logging on a township road, that they should cut the trees to a full 66′ right-of-way on the roads.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD: Markville has trimmed brush along the road all the way up; road looks very good. Routine blading. Fallen tree in right of way ½ mile up. Culvert at 57891 Pete Anderson Rd. is too high, and is under water. Supervisors recommend one load gravel on both sides of the address sign. At 58502 need 1 load Class 5 gravel to fill a hole in the road at the Brown cabin. There is a culvert at the driveway access into Eldon’s land the town damaged and replaced with a 12-15′ culvert, but Eldon said it should be 30′. Eldon said he put gravel on this culvert.

SCHMEDEKE LANE: Eldon said this road has been an issue for 40 years. He feels he is being asked to pay for land he already owned. He said the extension as built is not according to code, and he feels that the Board is working with Auditor Cathy Clemmer and Commissioner Steve Chaffee without consulting him. Eldon said if he buys the strip of land bordering Schmedeke Lane he wants a clear title with no strings attached, but he wants the road to be built to the full width, 66′. Eldon said that at the entrance to Schmedeke Lane the county culvert is too narrow and no semi truck can enter the road. Eldon said there has never been gravel applied to Schmedeke Lane, but it should have Class 5 gravel applied the whole length. The Board recommends 3 loads of Class 5 gravel to be applied to the existing Schmedeke Lane. Greg Beck and Steve Chaffee will be attending our June 4 Board Meeting, and the Board encouraged Eldon to attend to address the road and land issues directly. He said he’s done talking to the Commissioners. For now, there will be no action taken on building up the Schmedeke Lane Extension until the impasse between the County and Eldon is resolved, and for now, it will remain a County logging road. The County is holding $10,000 for the township for gravel and repairs, pending the resolution. Mike said we could build a pretty good road for that, and then the township would take over ownership of the road.

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD: Board recommends two loads gravel at the beginning of the road. 1.4 mile up road, culvert has collapsed and there is a hole in the road. It needs a 24” 30 foot culvert, and whatever gravel is needed to fill in road, right past 57553 N. Duncan. At 1.6 mile the gravel ends, and Board recommends putting 2 loads of gravel at the end of the graveled part of the road every year.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD: 1/2 mile down road, clay has run down the hill where loggers cut into the hill, washing into and filling the ditch and washing out the road. Needs a ditch cut, if Mark can cut it with the grader. Board feels that the County should have the loggers repair the damages when they fill in ditches. Board will bring this up at our June meeting with Greg Beck. Gary said Mike Weidendorf did the damage.
¾ mile down road, S. Duncan is flooded. Ditch is filled in with runoff. Gary said we ditched it but T&T filled it in again. Board recommended Mark re-ditch the road after it is dry, and apply 10 loads gravel on rutted and damaged area.
Toni Williamson came to bring Mike’s truck to pull Mark’s truck out of the mud in the road; Mike moved that she be paid for one hour labor for her time and work. Gary seconded. Glen abstained.

HELLER DRIVE: Board recommends gravel over the culverts; one load on 2nd culvert 1/3 mile in, plus 3 more after. Paul should notify New Dosey to get their approval.

MC CULLEN DRIVE: Routine blading.

MAYFIELD ROAD: Culvert is plugged and water is washing over and eroding the road. The culvert needs to be inspected to see if it’s compromised when the water level drops, and if it’s just plugged, the Fire Dept. can blow out the culvert when the levels drop. The culvert is cut open and needs to be replaced. For now, 1 load pit-run gravel over culvert. Gary said the damage is from Betheume and T&T logging. One mile in, need 30′ 18” culvert, put in deep enough to drain the water. The second culvert in is buried too high and is exposed. The area around it was rip-rapped with stones, but is still eroded. Board recommends more rip-rap by the rocks and one load pit-run to fill it in and one load Class 5 over it. Split one load to fill both holes. Any digging or replacing culvert needs to have a utility locate done before any cutting because there are electric lines buried under the road before the private drive. Total gravel, 2 loads each of pit run and Class 5 for the road.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD: ½ mile in, at curve is under water, at the low spot and the edge of the lake before the cabin’s driveway. Needs one load gravel. Also one load before the boat landing, two loads total.

SHORT ROAD: Routine blading/maintenance.

LOST RIVER ROAD: Routine blading/maintenance. Driveway ditching inspected, that Pat Storey did. Looks adequate.

RIVER CABIN ROAD: Routine blading.

MONA DRIVE: Routine blading.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD: Routine blading.

Glen moved to adjourn meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m., 7.5 hours.

Paul Raymond, Clerk
attested to by: Glen Williamson, Chairman



CROOKED LAKE ROAD:  Culvert ¼ mile down on west side washed out. Road Manager should consult with Summerland  to determine best way to repair.  (They ditched the road before and after the driveway and may have ditched too deep). Water washed over the drive and eroded the ditch with a steep drop-off.  Board thinks the ditch will need rip-rap and fill to bring it to a safe angle.  May cost a few thousand dollars to repair.

One mile south there is a soft spot from frost boils.  Need to pull the gravel from the sides of the road to fill and build crown.

1 and ½ mile south a low area is very soft.  Needs two load of class 5 gravel, per board and Jason Palme.

Board recommends grading and reshaping the road all the way to the end, and routine blading, and scraping the gravel from the edges back on the road.

EAGLE HEAD ROAD:  Need a load of gravel at the beginning, by the dead-end sign.  Board recommended one load of gravel at the end of the road also, where it is soft.  Routine blading.

VINK ROAD:  Remove fallen tree in right-of-way.  Board wants to research cost of hiring hydro-ax to brush township roads with a lot of small brush and trees in the right-of-way, which will help roads dry out.  Gary said we should send James Doody a certified letter saying someone who entered his property at the end of the road did some damage to the road, and to cite the statutes about road damage liabilities.  Routine blading.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD:  Soft at the beginning, and greasy.  Board said blade it; may need some gravel.  Glen suggested Mark take a chainsaw with on the grader to take care of dropped trees or trees over the roads or too close to the roads.  Routine blading.

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD:  Garbage and sofa dumped in county right of way at entrance to Duncan.  Clerk should write to county highway dept. and report it.  Normal grading recommended.  Jim Bredesen apparently did some ditching and tore up the ditch and removed some of the road gravel.  1 ¼ mile up needs one load class 5.  Need load at 1.7 miles north.  2-3 loads of gravel needed before the hill.  Grade berm to enable drainage.  Two culverts that were intended for N. Duncan road went on the Pete Anderson Road and will need two culverts.  We have $700 left from the agreement to build up and repair North Duncan Road still to spend.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD:   Big puddle about .1 mile south.  Gary said to wait until road dries out and bring gravel from the sides of the road.  Routine blading.

SCHMEDEKE LANE EXTENSION:  Waiting for Eldon’s report.  Board said that the county will need to put some pit-run at the bend in the road at the extension to straighten it out more, and needs to be ditched.  The entire extension is built up with pit-run gravel, and needs a layer of 6” of class five gravel to bring it to our township specs.  Very good bed built up.  The big culvert is not reinforced properly, with logs across it. The whole thing could give way in a heavy rain.  Board says it will need to be rocked up and bouldered  with rip rap on both sides to support it, and then needs to be sloped and seeded.  Culvert already full of debris.  The county asked the fire department to blow out the debris with the fire truck.

FUST LANE:  Routine blading.

LANGSTROM ROAD:  Markville’s  year.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD:  Markville’s year; there is a tree in the road.

HELLER DRIVE:  Routine blading.

MC CULLEN DRIVE:  Routine blading.

TAMARACK PINE DRIVE:  Routine blading.

MAYFIELD ROAD:  1.2 miles at culvert still needs the FEMA Hazard Mitigation repair; rip-rap on sides by culvert.  Gravel: load of pit-run over the rip-rap.  Routine blading.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD:  Two loads pit-run and one load class five at curve before the landing (.3 mile).  1 load class five at the entrance to the landing.  .7 mile tree over road.

SHORT ROAD:  Blade when dry.

LOST RIVER ROAD:  Routine blading.

RIVER CABIN ROAD:  Normal grading.

MONA DRIVE:  A lot of logging equipment on Mike Scott’s land.    Keep an eye out for logging or hauling activities.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD:  Routine blading.

MC DERMOTT CREEK BRIDGE:  Clerk need to write county to ask for railings or barrier to prevent cars dropping off sides of culvert-bridge.