Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at the Duxbury Store at 10:00 a.m. Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink, Mike McCullen,Clerk Paul Raymond, and for portions of the inspection, Danforth Supervisor Jason Palme. All references to Class 5 means Red Rock, per Supervisors.

CROOKED LAKE ROAD: Danforth Supervisor Jason Palme joined us for Crooked Lake and Eagle Head Roads. At .8 mile two trees leaning into road; cut down. Jason asked that we not blade if rain is predicted as the rain opens up potholes. At .6 mile from road replace the culvert. At .7 mile replace culvert with 30” culvert. Dig deeper; Jason says the culvert freezes every year and he agrees to have Danforth pay half.

EAGLE HEAD ROAD: Minimum Maintenance road sign knocked down. Paul will contact county. At .4 mile tree down, needs to be cut. At .6 mile big culvert needs a cage to keep beavers out. (Mike said to contact Arna Twp. to see who makes these cages.) Small culvert needs 1 load of pit run and one load Class 5. One load of pit run at end of road so we can document that we are doing some maintenance on the road beyond what we have claimed for gas tax. Also the Board wants the alder and poplar trees for 50 yards in past the end of the road to be cut down and brushed. If the brush-rig operator has a minimum fee, have him work the full time of the fee, e.g. 3 hours. Blading and routine maintenance.

DOLLAR LAKE ROAD: Culvert at .3 mile is torn up; Alden has tagged it. Board says replace it and bury it deeper; 24” x 30′, covered with 1 load red rock. Blading and routine maintenance otherwise.

VINK ROAD: At 1/10ths mile in 2 loads class five. At .4 mile and at .8 mile blade rough spots. 1 – 2 loads at the end of the road.

MINK FARM ROAD: Routine blading, otherwise good.

MAYFIELD ROAD: Routine blading. At .8 mile put 8 loads pit run, right after the DNR Red Oak Orchard. Will need a culvert at 9/10-1 mile. At DNR second landing 1 mile in needs 2 loads Class 5.

LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD: Routine blading. At 3/10 mile in 3 loads Class 5 gravel at the private dock. At the boat landing 1 load Pit and 1 load red rock.

SHORT ROAD: (no gravel) Blade to dig up the grass. Routine blading.

LOST RIVER ROAD: This was the big project for 2020 and road is in good shape; Alden put down 26 loads of gravel the full length of Lost River Road last summer. Routine blading. Ditches are draining well; no water on road.

RIVER CABIN ROAD: Routine blading.

MONA DRIVE: Routine blading.

KENNY PETERSON ROAD: Routine blading.

SOUTH DUNCAN ROAD: Routine blading and leveling. At 3/10 mile in there are ruts; cover with 1 – 2 loads.

FUST LANE: Routine blading.

LANGSTROM LANE: Routine blading.

PETE ANDERSON ROAD: At 1.7 mile need to replace the culvert. Carlson Timber did $12,000 worth of work on the road the past two years to improve access to their parcels and land, ditching the first part and putting a lot of gravel down. Routine blading.

SCHMEDEKE LANE: Routine blading.

NORTH DUNCAN ROAD: Routine blading. At 1.8 miles in we need to cover two culverts. At 1.9 mile 1 load Pit Run at the muddy ruts. We do not routinely blade after the 1.5 mile point, but our road continues another ¾ mile.

MC CULLEN DRIVE: Routine blading.

HELLER DRIVE: Regular blading. At the beginning of the plowed fields need two loads pit run.

TAMARACK PINE DRIVE: One load red rock past Vink’s pond. Put one load of red rock at the end of the road by Nick Mattson’s. Regular blading.

Glen moved to adjourn; Mike seconded; Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. Total 4.5 hours, 1.5 hours overtime.

Paul Raymond, Clerk_______________________________

Glen Williamson, Chair______________________________