Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield,  and Clerk Paul Raymond.

          Paul read the record of the February meeting.  Patrice said the CD’s investments were taken from the Road and Bridge CD fund to a separate investments module.  With this correction, Glen moved to approve the record; Gary seconded.  Passed.

NEW BUSINESS:  General Fund:  Patrice said the General Fund is out of money and has a negative balance.  The Board discussed recommending increasing this fund for 2013, since it runs in the red.  For now, Glen said we can transfer $20,000 from the Road and Bridge Fund to the General Fund, to keep operating.  Patrice said $10,000 would be enough, so Glen moved that we transfer $10,000 from Road and Bridge into General.  Gary seconded.  Passed.

Danforth Township Claim:  The board reviewed Danforth’s claim for road work on the range line Eagle Head and Crooked Lake Roads.  Mike moved to approve payment of $2,342;  Gary seconded.  Passed.

Annual Meeting Agenda:  The Board reviewed the printed agenda.  Mike said he thought we had tabled the subject of a recognition plaque for significant township contributions, because of the possibility of old disputes surfacing, and resentments over who is or isn’t included.   Glen said he sees this as a healing tool, not a dividing one, and he suggested we make it a memorial plaque, to recognize all citizens who have passed, so there is no question of preference or discrimination.  We will present it to the voters this way at the Annual Meeting next week.

Pine Co. Township Officers Association Webpage:  Glen urged all board members with web access to go to the website for the association.  He reminded everyone of the meeting March 31 at the Hinckley American Legion Hall.  He said to sign up to receive E-blasts with Association news.  Paul said it will be an interesting meeting, with all the candidates and commissioners there, and reports from the Tribe and on the proposed high-speed railway.

ECE:  Glen said rates for ECE are going up 18 to 20%.

Board of Review:  The Assessor and Bob Brewster will be at our Town Hall on Wednesday, April 25, at 10 a.m.  We need at least two Supervisors present, and at least one needs to be certified.

Townhip Short Course:   The closest course is in Carlton at the Black Bear Casino April 6th.   They aren’t offering Board of Review training for Supervisors this year.  Glen asked Paul to call the county assessor’s office to see who is still certified.  Certification  is good for 4 years.  Gary said he would like to go, and Patrice said we can car-pool to Carlton.

Road Report for Annual Meeting:  Paul asked Gary if he could remind Road Manager Mark Pallow that he will need to give a road report at the meeting, explaining what roads got gravel and culverts or special work this past year.  Gary said he doesn’t keep records any more, but will tell Mark about the report.

Boards of Canvass and Reorganization:   At least two Supervisors are required to be at the Annual Meeting after the election to canvass and verify the election results.  Glen said they would receive an hours’ pay. We also need to schedule a Board of Reorganization.  Glen and Mike both said Sunday, March 25th, would work.  Meeting scheduled for 12:30 at the Duxbury Store to swear in Mike and set the wages for 2012.  Paul can be sworn in by Gigi Everett as she is an appointed, permanent clerk at Clover, if he is reelected.

Chain Pliers for Grader:  Mark bought a set of repair pliers for the grader chain, total cost $170.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills:   Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Bills and claims were presented:

ECE                                                  $           51.42

Patrice Winfield (expenses)                           58.06

NAPA Auto Parts (pliers)                          169.93

Danforth Township                                  2,342.50

Paul Raymond (internet)                                         10.00

The Evergreen                                               23.00

Mark Pallow                                               157.10

Glen Williamson                                            48.36

Patrice Winfield                                          119.83

Gary Vink                                                  107.56

Mike McCullen                                              29.72

Paul Raymond                                            115.11         

Total Bills                      $      3,232.59

Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, to pay all the bills, and to transfer $3,200 from savings into checking to cover them.  Mike seconded.  Mike moved to adjourn.  Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk