Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Grader Operator Mark Pallow, and Danforth Township Chairman Jeff Shute.

          Paul read the record of the June 1st board meeting.  Gary asked that the record be amended to say that his claim for mileage was actually Joe Vink’s claim; he submitted it under his name because Joe wasn’t available to sign the claim.  With this amendment, Gary moved that the record be approved.  Mike seconded. 

          CROOKED LAKE RANGELINE ROAD:  Jeff Shute took the floor to present Danforth’s proposal for work on Crooked Lake Road.  They got a quote for ditching, $240.  Plus 20 loads of gravel to gravel from the highway to Bob Johnson’s.  They can get gravel hauled for $3.50/yard for 12 yard loads, $42, plus $72 for hauling.  Mike said Terry Mullins and Jolie Wichlidal and Jack Anderberg misrepresented the facts when they said Linneman built this road and that it was not a township road.   Paul said they did accept that this was a rangeline township road and were asking for maintenance.  Both Mike and Jeff said they were able to drive the road all the way to the end in the 1970’s, although the road was much worse than it is today, as all roads were.

          The board discussed Danforth’s bill for $4,000 for two years of work, our half $2,002.   Jeff said that half of this was for the culvert put in by Jason Palme’s which cost $2,000.  The bill only included 3 loads of gravel.  Mike questioned if the road needs 20 more loads of gravel.  Jeff said they have a quote for another road for $17,000, which they don’t even have in their budget, and this is a reasonable amount of gravel to build up the road 5”.  Mike said Crooked Lake Road will need to be ditched all the way from Highway 30 to the bottom of the hill and from Bob Johnson’s north.  Gary said if we ditch, will Bob just fill it in again to get to his fields?  Jeff said if he does, he will need to put in a culvert.  Also the rock pile by Bob Johnson’s is in the right-of-way and will have to be moved.  Mike moved to approve Danforth’s proposal, using their gravel, and if the work goes over the estimate by more than 10% they will need to come back to Wilma for approval.  Gary seconded; approved.

          Glen said he had no issues with their bill for past work.  Gary said his questions were clarified.  Jeff said the hourly rate is half what Wilma was charging.  Mike moved to pay the bill.  Gary seconded.  Approved.  Patrice prepared the check and it was signed.  Jeff thanked the board for the agreement.  Gary said the school should drive the bus on Crooked Lake road, but Mike said we’re only repairing the first ¼ mile, and the kids live a mile down the road.  We can notify the school district when the work is completed.  Mike asked Jeff about the brush cutting on the road.  Jeff said the man they hired never showed up, but they may go in with Sandstone Township and rent a brush cutter.  Mike asked Jeff to call us when they do this so we can also go in on the rental. 

          OLD BUSINESS:  SHORT COURSE:  Glen said he had to cut trees at the campground and couldn’t attend the Short Course.  Paul and Patrice gave reports on the one in Carlton last week:   Employee Files:  Because every year several townships are picked for random audits, they stressed that every town must have employment files on all officers and employees, which need to include a Federal I-9 form,  a W-4 and W-4MN form, a Minnesota New Hire form, and a PERA enrollment form.  Also anyone driving township vehicles or equipment must have a copy of their license on file, and it is strongly encouraged that anyone doing any driving for the township, even in their own vehicles, have a license on file.  All the board members and Mark gave Patrice their licenses to copy; Gary said he does not have a driver’s license.  Mark took forms for Frank Rehberger and will get a copy of his license.

          Bids/Quotes:  Contracts under $25,000 do not need bids or quotes.  From $25,000 to $100,000, we need to solicit at least two written quotes, which can be modified and negotiated, and the board is not required to take the lowest quote.  Over $100,000, we need sealed bids and must accept the lowest responsible bid.  Mike said he talked with Mel Elliot, Jr. about our Town Hall addition, and with the Coveaus about the foundation and the fire hall damage.  Mike said Duane Glienke could do the repairs on the foundations and the halls, but he still hasn’t buried the water tank.

          Deputy Treasurer:  Patrice said she needs to appoint a Deputy Treasurer, who does not have to be from our township.  She may appoint her sister.

          Election Judges:  No party can have more than half of the judges for a state or federal election.  If we get lists from the parties, we need to appoint from those. Patrice is the only one who has attended caucuses lately, to get on the lists.

          Supervisor Conflict of Interest:  A Supervisor cannot  vote on or participate in the debate on a decision that triggers a conflict of interest.  A supervisor doing work for the township must submit an affidavit stating that the pay rate is equal to or less than the market value for the item or service being performed.  We have affidavits from Glen for Aspire  website work, and from Gary for town hall and road work.  The board passed a resolution in 2009 authorizing contract with interested officer Gary Vink under MN Statute #471.88 Subdv. 5. 

          ASSESSOR CONTRACT:  Bob Brewster submitted a contract for 2011 for our assessments, 276 parcels at $5.50 per parcel, $1,518, same as last year.  Mike moved to approve this contract; Gary seconded.  Approved. 

          GRADER:  Mike said he borrowed the scarifier from the grader to use in the tree removal following the huge storm July 2nd.  He put in 63 volunteer man-hours in cleanup and tree removal.  Mark said that our grader trainee damaged the grader tire and it will need to be replaced, at a cost of about $1,000.  Mike moved to purchase a new tire; Glen seconded.  Approved.  Mike asked that when the grader is parked, that the tires be set so the fire truck can get out.  

          CLEANUP RESOLUTION:  Glen said he would like to commend the Fire Department and the Fire Chief Mike McCullen and all the volunteers from our township and neighboring townships for their wonderful and unselfish response to the wind damage last Friday.  Many roads were blocked and Markville still does not have electricity. 

          TIRE AGGREGATE:  We got a proposal to use ground up tires for aggregate on our roads, especially for frost boils.  This is put 2 feet underneath the road and insulates and helps drain frost boils.  Mike said this would be better for the county, not our township. 

         ATV/SNOWMOBILE TRAIL:  We got an information packet from the DNR for the Matthew Loury ATV/snowmobile trail that runs up the North Duncan Road. Mike said this goes into New Dosey Township, and we do not need to act on this as any bridge would be in their township.

           TREASURER’S REPORT AND CLAIMS:  Patrice presented the Treasurer’s report (attached).  Claims and checks were presented:

           Federated Coop                                          $                   546.52

          Paul Raymond (internet)                                                             10.00

          Danforth Township                                                       2,002.00

          The Evergreen                                                                    12.50

          ECE                                                                                   67.29

          MAT (for Paul’s tuition)                                                             45.00

          US Treasury (2nd quarter deductions)                                        391.72

          Patrice Winfield (mileage and tuition)                                       118.24

          Gary Vink                                                                        454.50

          Frank Rehberger                                                              348.15

          Mike McCullen                                                                  33.97

          Mark Pallow                                                                    152.85

          Patrice Winfield                                                               194.36

          Paul Raymond                                                                 209.46

          Glen Williamson                                                                38.69

                                                Total                    $                  4674.73


          Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to pay all the bills and to transfer $4,700 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Approved.  Mike moved to adjourn the meeting.  Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

                                                                    Paul Raymond, Clerk