Unapproved Record

Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisor Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Grader Operator Alden Shute and Cindy Kleinschmidt from the Vink Road.

Meeting Record: Paul read the record of the October board meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

ROAD REPORT: The culvert on Pete Anderson is done and pit run was laid and leveled on the South Duncan Road. We had a complaint about a deep ditch on the Pete Anderson Road where a property owner couldn’t access his land. He put some pallets in the ditch for a bridge. Mike said the township does not do private culverts, but he needs to put a culvert in to make a driveway. Alden said it has to be laid at the bottom of the ditch and needs to be at least 20′ long and 12” wide if he plans to bring a trailer across. There isn’t good drainage there. Alden said to tell him the Hinckley Trailer Sales has culverts, but his best option is to hire Summerland to do it professionally. Paul will write to him.

OLD BUSINESS: Pine County Township Officers’ Meeting: Was Saturday, October 24 at at the Community Center in Hinckley. Decent turnout, considering COVID fears. 44 Township officers attended, plus speakers. Paul gave the supervisors a written report of the speakers.

NEW BUSINESS: WILMA TOWNSHIP SNOWPLOWING: 2020-21 snowplowing fees were due tonight, Nov. 4, 2020.

General Election: Was yesterday, Tuesday, November 3, for President, Senator, and State representatives, judges, and County Commissioner. Wilma had 56 voters out of 61 registered voters. Paul, Patrice and Glen judged. Wilma totals for President: 35 Trump, 19 Biden; for Senator: Lewis 34, Smith 18; for District 8 Rep: Stauber 36, Nystrom 16; State Senator: Rarick 37, Lee 17; for state Representative: Nelson 38, Frechette 16; for County Commissioner: Lovgren 19, Chaffee 26. Terry Lovgren was elected Commissioner, and Stauber, Rarick and Nelson were all re-elected.

Wilmatownship.com postings: Wilmatownship.com postings: The website moderator, Glen, was opposed to giving Paul access to Wilma Township website because he would post non related materials on the site, and without the approval of the town board.  Paul said he thought that Glen had agreed to add Deputy Clerk Stefanie Rahn as a site administrator to work directly with the Clerk and the Treasurer to post meeting records and notices and monthly financial reports expeditiously, but Glen said he did not say that. Paul said he would not, and that Glen would still have control and could delete anything he didn’t approve. Everything on the township website is already provided by Paul and no one else. Paul also sends out the unapproved minutes to those he thinks need it.. Paul does not charge an annual fee for providing all the material for the website. Mike said that’s part of the clerk’s job, but Paul said it is not. Paul gave a report on the website for this year showing that it sometimes took weeks from when he sent Glen the reports to when they finally appeared on the website. Glen said he has always posted the minutes in a timely manner and has been doing that since 2006.  Paul acknowledged that for years, he never checked the website and only recently started doing do. Paul said he has had complaints from citizens wondering where the records were and thinking it was the clerk’s fault that they did not get posted in a timely fashion. Glen said because Paul asked to be added that he will increase his rate to the town from $300, because he has not raised the web site rate for 14 years, because of his commitment to Wilma Township.  In fact, that was the original rate, when the website was set up in 2006.  Glen also pointed out that in 2006 the Supervisors rate has gone from $35 per meeting to $100 per meeting, but his website rate has stayed the same.  The reason he would have to charge more, is because the website would need to be modified to allow others to use the site, without destroying it. He said he should also get $10 a month for the internet like the clerk and treasurer do. Mike said that Gary has never approved the website and he also doesn’t see its value, but without Gary at the meeting, nothing can be done at this meeting and he moved to table the issue. Glen said Paul should contact Bob Brewster who does Arna’s website (ArnaTownship.org) and that he should compare his website work to his. Cindy Klienschmidt said her husband is an IT director and may have some advice.  

Broad band Internet: Pat Story said the Border to Border Broadband Development Grant Program was created in 2014 with the legislative focus to provide state resources for new and existing providers to invest in building broadband infrastructure into unserved and underserved areas of the state. In the 2019 legislative session, $20 million was appropriated for each of the next two years. Pat said they supposedly contacted Wilma Township about this program, but no one on the board knew about it. Centurylink did put fiber-optic cable in part of our township, but they said they ran out of money to go further. Pat is served by a cable from River Cabin Road under a beaver pond and he has terrible speeds for internet. He asked if there is anything the township could do to get improved internet for him. Paul agreed to do some research and contact the Minnesota Economic Development to see if there is anything they can do for Pat. Paul also can contact Rep. Nathan Nelson and Sen. Jason Rarick.

2020 MAT Educational Conference and Annual Meeting: All sessions will be virtual by Zoom for two days of meetings and trainings: Friday, November 20 Breakout Rooms, 4 pm to 7:30 pm, three rooms with three classes (CTAS, Township Succession; Winter equipment; Workers’ Comp; Noxious Weeds; Cartways; Mediating Conflicts). (Schedule in Fall Township Insider). Saturday, Gov. Walz, speaker; business meeting. No charge to participate with Zoom, but officers have to register online. MAT’s website, www.mndtownships.org will have links to register. Discussion of whether it should be paid as a half-day meeting or by the hour. Mike moved that anyone who joins the meeting be paid their hourly rate and are expected to take notes to give a report to the board.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the November treasurer’s report (attached). Total bills for $5,260.22 and she wants to transfer $5,200 from savings to checking. Mike moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds; Glen seconded. Glen moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.

Report by Paul Raymond _________________________________

Attest: Glen Williamson, Chair______________________________