Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the

Pledge of Allegiance. Also present Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond and Grader Operator Alden Shute.

CLERK’S REPORT: Paul read the record of the December Board Meeting. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

ROAD REPORT: Alden did maintenance on the grader, replacing the hydraulic line. He said Gus Roberts has some almost new tire chains for the grader for $200 a set; ours are wearing out. The meter on the fuel tank froze and needs to be replaced; he said it’s not urgent but we won’t know how much fuel the fire trucks use. He has concerns about damage to the grader from overhanging trees, some on private drives, especially when they are heavy with snow and ice.

Escrow: Alden had Sauder Logging pay Patrice $500 escrow for logging on South Duncan Road.

Late Snowplowing Payments: A citizen asked to be signed up after our big snowstorm last week. There were some extenuating circumstances for him not paying before the first big snowstorm. There was a long discussion on policy and if the board should make an exception for this citizen. Mike at first argued for the exceptional reasons this person may be allowed to pay two months late even after we had a big snowfall. Glen was concerned about making exceptions and the precedent it could set, which could get the township in future trouble. He said this property under the previous owner had been plowed every year and this person ought to have known that plowing wasn’t free; he himself had paid for plowing in past years. Our notice was published and posted and on the internet well before fees were due. Gary moved to allow this person this time to pay late. There was no second to the motion. Tabled.

Fire Hall Furnace Repair: Alden had the man from Federated out and they replaced the four burners on the grader side of the fire-hall. There was a birds nest in the pipe, but they think the terrible smell was from the bad burners in the grader side. The fans were also running 24 hours, even with the heat off, so our electric bill was much larger than usual. We will screen the pipe to prevent birds. Federated sent a bill for $240 for the work. They also checked the fire department side furnace since they’re the same age and are 20 or more years old, and said it’s ok for now, but Mike said next year we need to replace those burners also.

OLD BUSINESS: New Fence-line by Hall: Duane Glienke told Glen that he did move it one foot over and that he’s willing to move it more if the township or fire department pays rental of his land of $100 per year. Mike was delegated to talk with Duane and negotiate how far he is willing to move it, and that he could tell Duane the fire department and township will pay the rental if he moves it. Mike didn’t get a chance, plus he needed to get some wood from Duane so it wasn’t the right time. Mike said those posts are frozen in solid so there won’t be any moving until spring.

NEW BUSINESS: DSL Internet Coming: Centurylink has ditched fiber-optic cable for DSL internet all the way to Duxbury on Tamarack River Road and down Markville Road and are installing pedestals. Paul and Patrice got calls from a man on River Cabin Road asking if the broadband would come down their road. Glen said if you go to the CenturyLink.com website and click internet, you can already sign up for installation and you can input your address to see if it is available to you already. He said most of our town, including River Cabin Road, is ready now and this man can sign up if we can find him.

County-wide Zoning Ordinance: Mike and Gary were going to represent Wilma at the working session at the Pine County Courthouse on Monday December 17th for townships participating in the drafting of the proposed ordinance, but they weren’t able to go.

MAT L & R Meetings: Two days, February 20 and 21 at the Best Western Hotel in St. Paul. Patrice said she will go, and will stay at the motel since she can’t stay with her father. She has already lobbied the legislature and knows many of the officials. Paul said the new Minnesota Township News has a story (p. 40) about why it is so critical for townships to lobby the legislature: Multi-subject bills are illegal in Minnesota’s Constitution but still the legislature passed many omnibus bills and when the Governor vetoed one of them, the Mega-Omnibus Supplemental Budget Bill, it also eliminated township bills that had nothing to do with the veto, which eliminated financial support for town road accounts, local bridge replacement funding, the broadband grant program, and other vital township priorities.

Board of Audit for 2018 Books: Glen moved to schedule the board February 6, before the February board meeting. Mike seconded; passed. Paul and Patrice need to meet to coordinate and cross-check books before the audit.

March Township Election/Designated Polling Place: Glen moved to designate the Wilma Town Hall as our polling place this year. Glen and Patrice are up for re-election. Filing opened today and ends January 15, call the clerk 245-2579. Glen and Patrice filed Affidavits. On the last day, January 15, Deputy Clerk Toni Williamson will be open for affidavits by appointment, 245-0603. Election and annual meeting is March 12, 2019. Glen and Patrice paid the $2 filing fee.

2019 Garbage Pickup Schedule: Copies available and posted on websites. Glen will put a notice not to put garbage out a week before the date since crows and coyotes will tear it up and it makes an unsightly mess.

Eagle Head Fire Station Plowing: Mike said he needed to get the brush rig out of the Eagle Head garage and it had not been plowed after two storms. Alden said he will get to it. He has to go up to Tamarack Pine Drive because the school bus said they couldn’t drive on that road yesterday.

Duxbury Store Cigarette License: 2019 cigarette license due for renewal. $10. Paul forgot the forms, but Glen said he’d sign it when we had it.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached to record); Total bills for November, $2,659.95, requiring a transfer of $2,700. Gary moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to transfer the funds. Mike seconded.

Alden, the grader operator will post here on this website by 10 pm, the night before, if the roads and driveway will be plowed, the next day.

Gary moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:45 p.m.

Report by Paul Raymond____________________________________

Attest: GlenWilliamson, Chair________________________________