Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present, Supervisors Mike McCullen and  Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Grader Operator Alden Shute, Pat Story, and Scott Quady.

Paul read the record of the November board meeting.  Glen corrected the record that we don’t have a three-year contract with Exede; it is for two years. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

ROAD REPORT:    Schmedeke Lane Ditch and Logging: Alden checked all the roads prior to winter plowing, including Schmedeke Lane.  He said that the loggers had not removed any gravel from the road, but we will need to repair the ditch in the spring because the ditch is filled in. He will need to dig it out so the road and the clear-cut logging area can drain. Alden said he can dig the ditch out with our equipment, and all repair work and inspections come out of Carlson’s escrow account.  Any runoff from the logged area now will flow to the north, and not over the road. The logging trucks are gone, so we assume Carlson Timber is finished logging. No one has contacted Alden about an inspection.

Eagle Head Road:   Two more loads of gravel were put down on the road after the culverts were put in.

Grader Maintenance:   Alden bought batteries for the grader, has the chains and wings on, and the grader is greased and ready for snow.

Road Manager:  Gary said Mark Pallow has resigned as Road Manager.  Mike moved that Alden be appointed Road Manager, with authority over road maintenance decisions, and the authority to hire help as needed.  Scott said he would like to see Mark recognized for his years as service as our Road Manager and grader operator.  Glen directed Paul to formulate a letter and card.  Alden said many times Mark worked very late at night to ensure that everyone was plowed out, and he worked in all weather conditions and we owe him a big debt.  Mike moved that the Road Manager be able to plow his own drive without paying, since he needs good access to the hall.  Gary seconded.

Snowplowing:    Mark Ackerman does want to be plowed this season, but hasn’t been up here to pay for it yet.  Scott asked Alden to put the snow on the south side of McCullen Drive, so it doesn’t plug the ditch.  Vink Road will be plowed as far as Barb Smith’s home.  That road and Duncan Road are snowmobile trails, and Mike said we need to be considerate of snowmobilers.

OLD BUSINESS:  Wilma Township WIFI:   Report on WIFI Committee by Paul, who took over chairing the committee from Glen.  Paul and Glen assembled the four parabolic antennas for installation Friday. Paul has hired a cable installer who will rent a hydraulic lift from MRC in Sandstone.  Pat said the best option for mounting the antennas is all on our one 50′ pole. Blandin Foundation said $1,640 remains in our account.  We will send claims for the installation and our administrative hours before the December 16 deadline. Bob Voss says they do not want to return any of the money.  Scott asked if we could find out if any surplus funds after the installation and administrative costs could go to purchase more parabolic antennas so that we could extend the WiFi reach. Glen directed Paul to talk with Bob Voss about this when Paul sends ECRDC the invoices for the work and equipment they haven’t already paid for. Mike said Exede put the satellite dish in the middle of the driveway where the fire trucks need to back up to get water.  Glen said he will ask them to move it, further back.

Township Records:   Mike found a fire-proof safe at Sams, but hasn’t been able to pick it up. He thinks it is under $400, and as soon as he is able to get to a Sams he will pick it up.

State and Federal Election:  Was Tuesday, November 8.  Paul, Patrice, Robin Fornengo, and Jeff GrandPre served as judges. We had a very big turnout, with 55 voters, including many new registrations. Final tally, Trump 38, Clinton 15, Gary Johnson 2.

MAT 2016 Educational Conference and Annual Meeting:  Was November 17, 18, and 19 at River’s Edge in St. Cloud and Paul, Glen and Toni attended. Since Pine County had only five delegates, Paul, Toni and Glen will all get $300 scholarships from the County Township Officers Association, $900 total. This year the theme was universal broadband WiFi.  Senator Amy Klobuchar was the featured speaker, and all officers learned a lot.  Paul distributed info for the supervisors and for Patrice on the Chart of Accounts and the financial reporting.

NEW BUSINESS:  Township Dental Coverage:  The MN Benefit Association informed us that our group plan is being discontinued, but we can apply for individual coverage through them at an equal or lower cost.  If our dentists are in their Advantage II Network, coverage is $120/year cheaper. Dr. Michael Bennett will not be in the network so closest dentists are in Pine City. Patrice said if the town pays half of the open plan, it will be $202 per year.  Under our old plan, we paid $196.60 per year. Mike moved that the township pay half of whatever plan each individual chooses. Gary seconded. Passed. We have to enroll individually, and pay our premiums ourselves, and then bill the town for half.

Fire Department Payment:   Glen moved that we pay the annual $4,500 fee to the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department for protection.  Gary seconded.  Passed.

Disposal District Increase:   Gary said the garbage board wants to return our yearly rate to $36 per year, from $30, where it’s been.  Glen asked who can use the outside dumpster?  Mike said everyone in the town is paying for garbage service, whether they live here or not, so everyone can put stuff in the dumpster.

March, 2017 Monthly Board Meeting:   Glen said he can’t be here on March 1, and asked if we could postpone the March meeting to March 8.  The Annual Town Meeting is March 13.  Gary moved to move the meeting; Mike seconded; passed.  Paul asked to be reminded so he can post and publish the change next year.

March Election and Annual Town Meeting:   Patrice and Gary are up for re-election.  Filing dates are January 3 – January 17, 2017, fee $2.  Both Gary and Patrice intend to file.  The election will be March 14, and Paul will need two more judges.

MAT Workers’ Compensation Report and premium:   Audit for 2016 due by Jan. 31; the board signed the premium claim for 2017 ($461) due January 1st.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:   Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Claims totaled $10,854.48.  Glen moved to approve the report, and to pay all the claims, and to transfer $11,000.00 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.

Gary moved to adjourn; Glen seconded.  Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

_____________________________              Attested to by Glen Williamson, Chair_____________________________