Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present, Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Grader Operator Alden Shute.

Paul read the record of the July 6 board meeting. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

ROAD REPORT: Little Tamarack Lake Road Erosion Control Project: We have filed an application to fill in the eroded edge of Little Tamarack Lake Road, where storms and wake have cut into the road. Alden spoke with Heidi from the DNR office in Brainard. She says they are waiting for the comment period to end, which should have been July 27. She told Alden she didn’t think that the Army Corps of Engineers would be very involved with this project. Mark spoke with the Soil and Water District. Paul asked Alden to have Hopkins draw up a proposal that we can submit to the DNR, to replace the one Paul wrote up. Without the proposal, they can’t approve it. No work can be done until we have all the permits. Alden has all the paperwork and photos so he and Hopkins can make up an accurate proposal. Glen said he is getting complaints from Dave Parsons about the deep potholes and ruts in the road, and at the last meeting had authorized Alden to do work not in the erosion project area. Alden said he didn’t want to do any work on Little Tamarack Lake Road until they can do the whole job.

Mike said there was a timber auction and there will be some logging done on Little Tamarack Lake Road, but the road is too damaged for big logging trucks. If there is any logging activity, he said they need to have a joint inspection and pay an escrow when we find out who is doing the work.

Culvert and Ditch Projects: Alden said the culvert project at the end of Eagle Head Road required more rock and gravel than he had estimated. He got a bill from Hopkins, but they had left off the last load of gravel, and he wants to remind them about it. Patrice said they can’t be paid until next month anyway.

Flood Damage: Both Heller Drive and the McCullen Drive needed more gravel because of flood damage. Mike said the county may have funds to help with damaged roads. He talked with Denise Baran of the County Sheriff’s Department who said they may get FEMA funds, and Kelly Schroeder at the assessor’s office is collecting information about public and private damage. Mike said property owners may get a tax rebate, but not actual cash. Paul can write to them and ask.

Alden said Pete Anderson Drive had flood damage also. Gary said it is important to document all the work and have Hopkins delineate which roads get gravel, especially on range line roads like Heller Drive and Pete Anderson Road. Gary also had some billing for Arna and New Dosey for work he did on the roads, for Paul to bill them.

Carlson Timber Logging on Schmedeke Lane: Alden said Carlson has been logging without paying an escrow. Patrice said we are still holding their $500 escrow from 2013 for Mayfield Road, and we didn’t deduct any of it. We also did not schedule a joint inspection after they were done, to see if there was any damage. Gary said he will look at his records from three years ago to see if he can document damages. Alden said he will call Carlson to tell them they need a new escrow for Schmedeke Lane, and need to do a joint inspection when they are done. Paul said we needs to have claims that prove we did repairs or we shouldn’t take money from the escrow accounts. He can check claims from 2013 and 2014 to see if there is any documented repairs done that were Carlson’s fault.

OLD BUSINESS: Wilma Township WIFI: Report on WIFI Committee by Glen; The ECRDC has offered a memorandum/contract to Wilma, offering Wilma $10,000 for expenses to install WIFI at our hall, to include internet hardware and professional service such as internet subscriptions. The ECRDC spent $1,014.14 of the Blandin Foundation funds to purchase the necessary equipment for the Mesh Network project on behalf of Wilma Township (delivered). ECRDC: “This MOU is intended to formalize the understanding of the intended use of the funds since multiple year contracts are not available. It is understood and agreed that this MOU may be modified and amended as needed by the mutual consent of each party.” Paul said we need to include something in the memorandum that assures that Wilma will get the full $10,000. Thus far, $1,014.14 of it has been used for equipment, and $7,346 is set aside for subscriptions to an internet provider (Exceed), and installation, for a total of $8,340 of the $10,000. This leaves $1,640 for administration and extra costs for the installation and unforeseen expenses, which Wilma Township will need to complete this project.  The ECRDC was only able to purchase three of the four needed dish antennas. The installation of the antenna dishes and repeater on our pole will likely cost far more than the $149 budgeted.  (Exceed will only do indoor equipment installation). Glen asked Paul to write up these facts so he can amend the memorandum and sign and submit it to the ECRDC. Mike moved that Glen approve the amended memorandum; Gary seconded.

Township Records: Mike said he found a good fire-proof safe for reasonable prices at Sam’s Club, and the fire department has a membership there. He didn’t know the exact price. Glen moved that Mike be authorized to buy a safe, with a top price of $600.

Sentence-to-Serve Work: So far no response to the new request for the Pine County Jail Sentence to Serve Program to sand and poly the town hall floors. We can’t have this done until the roof-leak by the furnace pipe is sealed, since water damages the floor by Patrice’s table. Gary said it needs a cap. Mike volunteered to do the work.

NEW BUSINESS: Primary Election: We will have a primary election on August 9th for one judge position, from 10 to 8, with the Automark. Paul and Patrice will serve all day, and Jeff and Jeanne GrandPre and Barb Smith will split an all-day shift.

Election Judge Training: Four judges took the judge training today in Askov: Patrice Winfield, Barb Smith, Jeff and Jeanne. Cathy didn’t have our stuff, so Patrice will pick up our ballots for the primary and our ballot box and voter rosters in Pine City tomorrow. We will do the Automark test tonight.

2017 Certified Town Aid for Wilma: We get $3,525, paid on July 20, 2017 and December 26, 2017.

District 7 MAT Meeting: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at Anoka Ramsey, with Lyle Johnson, Gary Pedersen, Steve Fenske. Glen said he may be too busy to attend. Gary said they will cover things in the MAT township magazine and at the annual conference, and he doesn’t think we should send anyone. Mike agreed.

MATIT Dividend: We got a workers’ comp dividend for $915.

MAT 2016 Educational Conference and Annual Meeting: Will be November 17, 18, and 19 at River’s Edge in St. Cloud . The County MAT Association is giving 5 scholarships of $300, and Glen and Paul have applied. Registration deadline is October 18.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Claims totaled $1,369.81. Glen moved to approve the report, and to pay all the claims, and to transfer $1,400.00 from savings to checking. Gary seconded.

Gary moved to adjourn; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned 9 p.m., but the open meeting continued with the public test of the Automark Machine, which went until 9:30.

Paul Raymond, Clerk _____________________________

Attested to by Glen Williamson, Chair_____________________________