The meeting was called to order by Chairman Glen Williamson with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Toni Williamson, Mark Pallow, Marge and Eldon Schmedeke and Don Sherper, District Minnesota Association of Townships District 7 Representative.

Toni Williamson read the minutes of the last meeting and the minutes were approved with the correction of Dave’s last name being Mazer (not Masters).  Toni noted that Gary had asked Paul for the minutes from 1981 to 1994.  Gary said that he was checking on the Fire Department relationship to the Township with the garage.  He said he will get them back as soon as he is finished.  It also was requested of Toni to check on the Resolution for Signage for the Clerk position.

MATTRESS ON LITTLE TAMARACK LAKE ROAD: The mattress is still there.  Gary called Robbie Fisher at Pine County Government Center about the county picking the mattress.

RIVER CABIN ROAD AND LOST RIVER ROAD:   Gary is in touch with Qwest as they plan to install phones and we need to mark the road.  We need to mark the road to ensure we know where wires and culverts are so they are not compromised.


New Dosey Township for Heller Road grading on September 21, 2010:  One half hour there, cost of $75

Escrow Laden Quinn: Road grading September 30, 2010.  Forty Five minutes, cost of $112.50

Escrow Mona Drive September 30, 2010:  Forty Five minutes, cost of $112.50

Gary Vink asked if the bond was paid by Carlson Logging.  Patrice said she did not think so, but will check.  After checking she said it was not received. The last bond received was in February for Dollar Lake road and that was from Doug Moske.

TOWN HALL WINDOWS:  The windows have been installed.  Mike mentioned that the newly installed windows are easily washable on both sides and that there is a lifetime warranty on all parts.  He said that it is a reputable company and they should be around for a long time.

STAIRS AND HANDICAP RAMP:  Steps in back of Hall are completed.  Mike asked which gravel pile is ours as he used a couple of pails to fill in the ground for the stairs. The Handicap ramp it is not qualified as there can be no lift on the ramp bottom to be handicap accessible.

LEGAL SEMINAR:  Mike attended the legal seminar in Albertville.  Some things were not particular to us.  He has notes, but mentioned that the Abandonment rules which was thought to be a 40 year limit is actually a 60 year limit.  New signage issues were discussed also. For example, if stop sign notifications are 500 feet in front of the stop sign, they do not need reflectors.

GUEST SPEAKER:   Don Sherper, the District Minnesota Association of Townships District 7 Representative was in attendance to give information on MAT and to encourage the township officers to attend the MN Association of Townships District and State meeting.  He started with a quick joke about computers.  He said that he appreciated the report from the legal seminar and re-emphasized the importance of documentation.  He also attended the National Association of Towns and Townships meeting, a few weeks ago in Washington, DC .

He mentioned that he spoke with the National Lobby Association, known as the Ferguson Group and that the group wants Fire Departments to get a better tax exemption from the current $300 to $600.  Gary asked if it was on sales and Don told him it was on income.  Mike said that they are running into that also for Wilma.  Don said we can do more when we work together.  He said the office of Legislative Auditor did a study on the DNR.  They have conservation easements on millions of acres of land that the townships must maintain in lieu of taxes.  MAT is working on this as it feels it is not fair.  Don said it was important for townships to contact their legislator to go to the meeting and find out the results.  He said his area has issues with “Green Acres” and that it most likely does not pertain to us.  Glen asked what the purpose of the district meeting in Cambridge.  Don said it is a review of the Legislative update by and Mr. Frickey was in attendance.  The planner from Baxter does a comprehensive plan and spoke about our situations regarding foreclosures and the economic situation.

The State Conference will be in Duluth on November 18-20, 2010.  Eldon Schmedeke thanked Don and asked if he could get on the agenda at the Pine County Township Officers Association meeting, Saturday, October 23.  Eldon said he is opposed to all the control.  Don plans to be at the meeting and is on the Agenda He went on to say that the National Association of Towns and Townships will be hosted by Minnesota in Washington DC in 2011 and asks each town and township to donate $25 to help defer the costs.  Glen asked what it means when we host.  Don said that the reception and prizes, etc.,  are paid by the state that’s hosting.

Glen asked how many states have townships and how many come to the national convention.  Don said that some states have huge ones, for example Pennsylvania has some township with over 100,000 people.  Wisconsin has more than 1250 townships.  The Chairman thanked Don for making the trip from Elk River.  Don said that he thinks townships are the greatest thing to happen to local government.

UPCOMING MEETING:  Glen announced the October 23, 2010 Pine County Township Officers Association Meeting will be held at 9am at the American Legion in Hinckley Minnesota and should be well attended.  Mike motioned that all that wish to attend be allowed to do so.  The motion was seconded by Glen and passed.

WILMA FALL FEST:   Toni said that the planning was coming along well.  She spoke with Jay Polasny regarding a band to play and he said that they would charge $400.  She is still looking for another band, but can still have a DJ.  To date we have several prizes, a hotel room and dinner package from Grand Casino Hinckley, two certificates for ½ lb of fudge from Cheri’s Flowers, and a $10 certificate from the Wild Bamboo Restaurant in Pine City.  Patrice Winfield also has several $10 coupons from Ace Hardware, a gift basket from the Organic Carrot and she and her father will donate several items also.  Glen announced that Two Creeks Campground will donate two Cudlees (which is a robe for cold weather).  All are working on getting more prizes and it was also mentioned in the Duxbury News article in the Pine County Courier and the Askov American.  Glen asked if the Wilma Fall Fest sign can be updated and put outside and then he and Toni will place flyers in a covered clear plastic container for information for those that wish to come.  Glen also suggested the idea for a Winter Wilma Festival.

DUNCAN ROAD:   It is still too wet to gravel.

OTHER ROADS:  Gary spoke with Jeff Schutte and he mentioned that brush cutting is behind.  Mike said that we should speak with them before they start on our roads.

Glen asked Gary and Mark how we are set up for winter plowing.  Gary said they had added new tires, added needed oil and it has a new blade.  Mark Pallow mentioned that the air conditioner was not working.  Glen asked Mark for better document where he grades when he submits his time sheet.

OTHER QUESTIONS:  Eldon Schmedke asked how conservative the vote for the Presidential election was.  Glen said the County Auditor should have that information.  Patrice told Eldon that of the 43 votes there were 23 for Barack Obama and 22 for others.  Glen suggested that Toni add the after election results for Wilma Township in her article that she writes for two local newspaper.  It was mentioned that it had been done for Wilma in the past and should be done again.

MISCELLANEOUS PURCHASES:  Glen requested permission for the clerk to purchase a flash drive at a cost of about $14.  Mike made a motion for the clerk to buy a flash drive.  It was seconded by Gary and motion was passed.

Mike requested Patrice to use money from Petty Cash to pick up fly strips for the town hall.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND BILLS:   It was motioned by Mike to waive the reading of the bills and seconded by Gary. Glen added to waive the reading, but that they still are entered into the record.  The motion was passed.  Patrice will transfer needed funds to pay the bills.

Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report Bills were presented

ECE                                                                 $49.61
Pine County Courier                                           $26.32
Glen’s Tire                                                         $1,086.84
DM Stamp & Specialties                                                $27.47
Eggen’s Bulk Service                                        $762.79
United Stats Treasury                                        $437.60
Mark Pallow (Mileage)                                        $68.00
Paul Raymond (Mileage & Election Training)       $45.00
Joe Vink (Mileage)                                             $27.00
Glen Williamson, Sr.(Reimburse-Web Domain)    $24.54
Absolute Vinyl Window & Siding Co                   $4,025.00
Mike McCullen (Mileage/Reimburse for Steps)    $180.76
Mike McCullen                                                   $171.31
Mark Pallow                                                      $390.64
Paul Raymond                                                  $60.95
Gary Vink                                                          $295.06
Toni Williamson                                                 $162.54
Glen Williamson, Sr                                           $42.60
Patrice Winfield                                                 $108.97

Total Bills                                                          $7993.00

Transferred to checking                                     $8000.00

Mike motioned to move for adjournment, it was seconded by Gary, motion was passed and meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm

Toni Williamson, Clerk