Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Marg Schmedeke.

Paul read the record of October’s meeting.  Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Duncan Road Repair:  Bill Peno called and wrote to Glen, saying “The work you promised on the Duncan Road in front of my property was not completed. The two culverts were not installed as promised, and the road from my SE corner to the 2nd driveway beyond the corduroy was not graveled to match the rest of the Duncan Road south.”  Gary said we had agreed to budget $7,000 to build up the North Duncan Road, and he believes we spent the entire budget.  Mike said we never agreed that we would get the north section to match the road south of Peno’s.  Mike instructed Paul to research the funds expended on this project, including Hopkins gravel, and then to write to Mr. Peno that we spent the entire budget designated for this project, but that future expenditures will be considered.

Schmedeke Lane:  Eldon said he had requested that the township grade Schmedeke Lane because the County Board of Commissioners was going to visit the road.  Mark did grade it, and Eldon said he did a very good job, widening the road to its full 26’.  Eldon said he spent a lot of time picking out rocks because the grade is down to the solid ground, and the road needs class 5 gravel.  Four Commissioners showed up 3 days later.  Eldon asked for a copy of the letter to Steve Chafee regarding the Township taking over the Schmedeke Lane extension.

Snowplowing for 2012/2013 Season:  Ten people have signed up for snowplowing.  Patrice will make up a list for the grader.  Mike asked how we handle any requests after today’s deadline.  Patrice said if they are only a little late, she would accept them.  Mike said the people in the Schoolhouse next to the DNR said they wanted plowing and they have homesteaded their place, but he doesn’t have their phone number and they may not have seen the notice.  He will try to talk to them.  If someone wants to sign up after a big snowfall, they may be assessed late fees or denied.

Road Damage Notice:  Paul wrote a short notice stating that Wilma will hold anyone damaging a township road liable for the repairs, including  a property tax levy.  He printed up 20 copies and sealed them in plastic sleeves so they can be left at offending properties.  Mark and Gary and Mike can put them wherever they see our roads being damaged and can identify which cabin or property is responsible.

Green Acres Appeals:  The State is slashing the Green Acres program, and asked the county township officers to notify people in their towns who are in danger of losing their Green Acre classification that they have until May 1 to appeal.  Alden Shute and Curt and Marlys Nelson in our town are on the list, and Paul will write them.

Pine County Township Officers’ Meeting:  Paul and Patrice attended, and Paul was acting Secretary/Treasurer for Glen, and took the record.  Sheriff Cole said the county may be getting more radios from the state.  The Cloverdale and Duxbury towers haven’t started construction, and he isn’t getting response from the state.  Essentia will start construction on the new hospital by March 2014 on a 50 acre campus behind Gateway Clinic.  They are already running water and sewer there.

Board of Equalization Certification:  Gary just got certified, and Glen’s will expire in 2013, so he will need to take it again for the 2014 Board of Audit.

Town Hall Back Door Lock:  Mike moved that Patrice fix the lock so it fits.  Gary seconded.

Fire Hall Repairs:  Ron Proffit’s carpenters will resume the work after hunting season.  Ron needed Duane Glienke’s phone number to borrow his hydraulic jack.  It’s not listed, but Gary said it is on the firewood signs on the corner.  Paul will get the number and call Ron.  Gary met twice with Ron Proffit and with his builders.  They will inspect the leak in the roof; they said it may just be popped rivets.

Fall Fest Report:  Toni said it was a great success, with plenty of food and a lot of prizes, and The Procrastinators washboard band.  People had a great time.  The band cost $300 and they spent an additional $27 for posters and supplies.  The cups and plates and silverware were donated by Glen and Toni, and all the labor before and after to clean and prepare the hall was donated.  Patrice got Denny and Stephanie Hansen’s address to mail their check: 42037 Duxbury Road.  Glen said Arlene Oslowski from the Casino was going to contact Mike about donating a hotel package to raffle off at the Fire Department raffle Saturday.

Mutual Aid Meeting at Town Hall:  Mike asked for the use of the Hall for the Fire Departments’/First Responders Mutual Aid Meeting Thursday, November 15.  Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

FEMA Funds Balance:  Mike gave Paul an invoice for the cleanup work that he can forward to Margaret Bergsrud at Homeland Security of Minnesota so we can get the $900 we are still owed by FEMA.

Road Report:  Gary said he and Mark drove out and inspected roads.  Summerland has been hauling gravel on North Duncan Road without notifying the township, and has damaged the road.  Glen asked Paul to write to Summerland Gravel and inform them of our 10 ton weight limit ordinance.

Park Falls Hardwoods Escrow:  Mark and Gary inspected Little Tamarack Lake Road and it is in good shape after Park Falls completed their logging.  Glen moved that we refund their $500 escrow, minus the inspections by Mark and Gary @ $18 = $36, total $464.  Mike seconded.

NEW BUSINESS:  Lost River Road, Dead End Signs:  Leighton Quinn said they are getting a lot of non-local traffic, and he asked if the town could put up a dead-end sign.  Paul wrote to Mark LeBrun to ask if the county handles these signs for township roads, and to let us know if there would be a charge to us.  Glen moved that we have a dead-end sign installed on Lost River Road, and authorized Paul to tell Mark LeBrun to go ahead.  Gary said the county has put up all our dead-end and stop signs, and even the minimum maintenance road signs.  Mike seconded.

Septic Permits:  The County Assessor has asked for a report on any septic permits we have issued in 2012.  Patrice said none so far.  Sometimes Gale doesn’t submit the forms until the end of the year.  Paul will call Gale and see if she has issued any permits, and report to the assessor.

Building Permits/Notifications:   Someone is building a big house on the Markville Road.  Glen said we should have some form of building notification so the town knows if someone is building, or even some form of zoning.  We are the only township locally who does not have a zoning ordinance.  Gary said Markville’s ordinance is very long and complicated, and a lot of residents resent it.  Paul asked why we would need to be notified of construction or building, as long as it is not septic related or within restricted water ways?  He said we once had a zoning committee, and Eldon drafted a zoning ordinance, but when the board rejected it he felt he had been wasting his time. Paul said he could get Glen the info on our zoning attempt.

Signs for our Weight Limit Ordinance:  We need to put signs on the county roads where they enter our township.  The board decided on the wording:  ROAD RESTRICTIONS.  PERMIT REQUIRED FOR OVER 10 TONS ON TOWNSHIP ROADS.  WILMA TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE.

Brush Cutter:  Eldon said Markville hired a hydro-ax brush cutter to cut brush on the side of their roads.  He said it did a very good job, and the board should consider hiring them for our roads.

Grant Workshop:  Glen said there is a workshop on Grants Training in Stillwater November 29-30.  The cost is $425.  Mike said Tracy Erickson in Markville has had a lot of experience on writing grant applications.

TREASURER’S REPORT AND CLAIMS:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached).  Bills and claims were presented:

Paul Raymond                                                     $        201.91

Mark Pallow                                                                    82.09

GaryVink                                                                       206.62

Mike McCullen                                                                59.44

Glen Williamson                                                              62.86

Patrice Winfield                                                             138.70

Park Falls Hardwoods (escrow refund)                         464.00

ECE                                                                                 53.87

Antoinette Williamson (Fall Fest expenses)                              27.95

Mark Pallow (mileage)                                                       5.55

Paul Raymond (election expenses and mileage)             317.49

Patrice Winfield (election; mileage; internet)                            178.58

Antoinette Williamson                                                   122.50

Security Life (Dental quarterly premium)                      391.32

Pine Co. Courier                                                              45.12

Duxbury Voluntary Fire Dept.                                             4,500.00

Barb Smith (election judging)                                         120.00 

Totals                                                $     7,278.00

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the claims, and to transfer $7,300 from savings into checking.  Gary seconded.  Passed.  Gary moved to adjourn; Mike seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk