Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow, Assistant Grader Operator Alden Shute, and Harvey and Nancy Klar.

Paul read the record of the October meeting; Glen made one correction, the payment to the Duxbury VFD was $4,500, not $4,000. Corrected, Gary moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS/ROAD REPORT: Schmedeke Lane Extension: We got two invoices from Hopkins Sand and Gravel for gravel on the extension, and from Duane Glienke for culvert work, so the Clerk will now bill the county for $10,000 as per their contract. Glen said we can now claim the extension as a township road for road tax on the County Highway Department report due November 15, an added ¼ mile. We spent more than $10,000 on the road, including all the labor and inspections.

Vink Road: Glen got a very nice comment from Barb Smith thanking our road crew for the great job they did on Vink Road. Gary said he could not find the culvert that he thought was in the early section of the road, so he and Mark installed a new culvert to allow the road to drain. At Grabow’s at the end of the road beavers have dammed the creek and the road is wet and won’t drain. Glen moved that Gary and the road crew be authorized to contact the DNR and county to see if we can legally blow up the dam, and to do whatever it takes, up to $1,500 for Tannerite. Mike seconded and said we need to find where the dam is and act soon, before winter. There is also a beaver problem on Crooked Lake Road. Alden said we may need permission from landowners to blow up dams on private land. Mike said as the road authority, the township has leeway to correct issues that damage our roads.

North Duncan Road: Gravel was put on the low spots on the road. At the October meeting, a motion was passed to have entire board and road managers inspect the far north end of the North Duncan Road. North Duncan Road is a minimum maintenance road, and we have never claimed the part north of Thiry’s to Ox Creek as a township road for gas tax, but we have done maintenance on that part of the road. Mike said decades ago the board with Joe Vink and Ron McCullen wanted to build up and improve the far north part of the road, but a property owner objected because he did not want trespassers to have easy access to his land. We do maintain the road up to this owner’s land, so he does have access to his land.

Heller Drive: Paul needs to bill New Dosey for their half of $651.97= $325.98, for gravel on Heller Drive.

Eagle Head Road: Bill Danforth Township for culvert flagging and installation of new culvert, on October 8, 19, and November 3rd, total $30. [this must be a typo]

Park Falls Hardwood Escrow: The board voted two years ago (11/7/2012) to refund Park Falls Hardwood’s escrow for Little Tamarack Lake Road, minus the inspections by Mark and Gary @ $18 = $36, total $464. We’ve had many calls from Park Falls and from Greg Beck that we did not refund the escrow. It was made out to Mike Weidendorf/Park Falls, November 7, 2012, check#2952. Paul will contact Park Falls and Greg Beck to confirm this.

NEW BUSINESS: Pine County Historical Museum Presentation: Harvey and Nancy Klar attended the meeting to explain how our donations to the historical museum are used and the features of the museum at the old middle school in Askov. It is the fastest growing county museum in Minnesota. The Historical Society was formed in 1948, and the museum was moved from the Askov Depot to the middle school in 2012. They have over 20,000 artifacts, and they are cataloging them now, in many categories: military, agriculture, railroad, abandoned farms, WW II and the Holocaust, logging, store fronts, and Native American history. The Mermaid Cafe is open from 7 to 7 daily, and the museum from 9 to 4 Monday through Saturday, and noon to 4 on Sundays, and have over 2500 visitors a year. The museum is a 5013C and has over 500 members. Annual membership is $10, $20 for a whole family. They have a facebook page and a website. They accept donations of historical items and books.

Snowplowing Fees for 2015-2016: Paul did not get the notice posted or published with the November 4 deadline for paying this year’s snowplowing fees. Glen moved that the deadline be moved to the December 2nd board meeting. Mike seconded. Fees remain the same as last year, $75/season; driveways over 700 ft.: $100. Special plowing $100/hr. Driveways 1,000′ up to ½ mile: $175 Driveways over ½ mile: $350.

Town Hall and Fire Hall Valuation Survey: The MN Association of Township Agency wants to schedule a survey of our halls to accurately determine the value for coverage. Rosa Butterfield made several attempts to reach Glen, Gary and Paul to see the inside of our hall and fire hall last week, but wasn’t able to reach anyone. She will re-schedule and Paul will be available.

County Township Officers’ Meeting: Was Saturday, October 24 at the Hinckley American Legion. Patrice gave a good report on the speakers and developments. Senator Tony Lourey talked about the new Senate Office Building and on bonding and transportation, nursing homes and mental health. The budget is balanced and they have a surplus for rainy days. Representative Jason Rarick talked about the new hospital in Sandstone, and the funding for the bridge to it. He is working on bringing broadband internet to rural areas. Commissioner Steve Hallen said there will be a 4.9% tax increase for property owners next year, plus a charge of $6 per parcel to fund a hazardous waste plant. County Attorney Reese Frederickson has hired another attorney for his office. Sheriff Jeff Nelson wants to institute a canine program and neighborhood watch programs for the county. Assessor Kelly Schroeder said sales are up in the county. She’s scheduled our Board of Review for April. All recorded documents must be notarized.

Commissioner Rick Nolan spoke on the Munger Trail extension and broadband internet. Katy Draper from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibway said they are building a community center in Hinckley for all citizens and are also building more housing. District 7 MAT Director Lyle Johnson said there is a new MAT office in St. Paul, and Township News will be changed to a magazine, “Township Insider.”

Glen also spoke about the meeting and his meeting with the East Central Regional Development Commission. They also are focusing on bringing broadband internet to the rural areas. Glen asked for a motion to research getting a grant to install a WiFi tower in Duxbury to serve our area. Alden said he knows of a 110′ tower for sale. Glen said even if the town doesn’t want to install a tower, he would like it for his campground.

2015 MAT Conference: Paul and Glen will be attending and have received funding for $300 each from the County Township Officers Organization. November 19-21 at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria. Glen asked that Toni be allowed to attend and the township pay her tuition ($165), but not be paid for two full-day meetings. Mike so moved; Gary seconded. Paul will send in all three applications.

2016 Election Schedule: The Auditor’s office has released the calendar and schedule for our March township election. Glen and Paul are up for re-election. Filing notice must be published by December 15. Filing open from December 29 through January 12, 2016. Judges must be appointed by February 12. Neither Paul or Toni can serve as judges, so we will need Patrice and Barb Smith and Jeff or Jeane GrandPre to judge. All are trained.

Duxbury Store: Mike said many people ask him if the store is open. Gary said it definitely will be for deer season, and always by appointment or when he is there. Mike suggested he put out a folding “Open” sign when it is open and many people would stop.

Fire Chiefs Meeting: Glen moved that the District Fire Chiefs be allowed to use the town hall for their meeting the third Thursday of November, the 19th. Gary seconded.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached), and claims were presented. Total claims $9,903.96. Gary moved to approve her report, to transfer $10,000 from savings to checking, and to pay all the claims. Glen seconded. Patrice needs a new briefcase. Glen moved to allow her to buy the one she wants, which is $42. Mike seconded. Gary moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.