The meeting was called to order by Chair Glen Williamson with the pledge of allegiance at 7:30pm.  Other officers in attendance were, Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield and Clerk, Toni Williamson.  Other citizens were also present.  The minutes of last month’s meetings were read and approved.


Lost River Road

Gary and Mark Pallow checked on Duncan Road.  It is still too wet to grade.  Gary has contacted Hopkins Gravel.  He also checked the roads and cut trees from the recent storm damage.

Grader time for New Dosey is 30 minutes on November 23 2010, cost $75.

Borrowed Minutes

Gary will bring the minutes from several past meetings to the Duxbury Store to be picked up when he is finished checking them out for info on space in the Fire Hall.

Wilma Fall Fest

We came in under budget once again.  After the cost of plates, silverware, copies, additional decorations and DJ, we came in at $230.46.  Glen noted to go to Duxburynews.info for pictures of the event and inquired if it should also be on the WilmaTownship.com site.  Mike agreed and then thanked everyone.

Door Installation

Mike asked about getting doors in and when we can get them done.  Patrice Winfield mentioned that we still have a bad fly problem.  It was thought that it was just dead flies, but Patrice and Toni noted that for the setup before the Wilma Fall Fest, most of the flies were still alive.  Mike asked how the flies were during the election and Patrice mentioned they were still there, some dead, some alive.  Other citizens in the audience mentioned other ways of fly control, to include fly strip that stick to the windows and trap insects.

Duluth MAT Conference – November 18-20, 2010

Mike asked for the Agenda and Glen presented a copy to see if there are some other seminars to refer to Glen to attend since he will already be attending.  Toni requested to also attend the MAT Conference as they will be covering the CTAS software used by the Clerk.  Mike motioned for Toni to attend and Gary seconded.  Glen abstained and the motion was passed.


Glen thanked the Election Judges for their hard work.  With 48 registered voters, we had 33 people come in to vote and one new registration.  It was asked how most people voted and Patrice listed a few of them.  For example, in the US Rep, District 8, there were 16 votes for James Oberstar, 15 for Chip Cravaack and 2 for Timothy Olson.  For State Senator Districe 8 there were 17 votes for Tony Lourey and 16 for Michael Cummins. Also for County Sherriff, there were16 votes for Mark Mansavage and 11 for Robin Cole.  A listing will be in the Duxbury News Article and a complete listing will be available online at WilmaTownship.com.


Glen welcomed Leighton Quinn and read a letter from Pat and Helena Storey that was received on November 3, 2010.  It read as follows:

Honorable Chairman and Members;

Please accept read aloud in our absence the following concerns directed to the Wilma Township road maintenance program. We want to understand what to expect from the township.

The intent of this transmittal is to understand the process and procedure required by Wilma Township to maintain roads in those developments that have met the Pine County Final Plat Approval and accepted by Wilma Township as provided by Section 603N of the Pine County Ordinance.

Please provide details covering the Process and Procedures to maintain roads in conditions as not to degrade or deviate from the approved road design and development.

·         When and how is it determined that roads need grading? What are the standards once the decision is made to grade?

·         Are there operator training or experience standards to perform the grading or maintenance task?

·         Does the Township contract out the road maintenance?

·         Does the township have full time employee for road maintenance?

·         What is the procedure to maintain the road when grading is not required? Such as filling in holes and washouts?

·         What can the residents do to assist in preventing road problems and notification of problem areas?

·         Does Wilma Township have drainage standards for lots and parcels to follow as not to alter drainage that would erode the roads?

·         What is the process to install new or repair private driveways with or without culverts?

Thank you for considering our questions. We want to do our part in making Wilma Township a great place to live.

Patrick & Helena Storey

Leighton as been in contact with them and added that the agreement of two years ago is ending and has questions about the numbers and wants to end his responsibility for the road.  He asked what is left for escrow as he thinks it is about $1900.  Our records show it is $1600.  Leighton would like to get this straightened out.  He provided a copy of the contract and it was said they will have no problem returning any funds.  Toni will work with Patrice and get fund information to they by the next meeting.

He mentioned that past grading was OK but the grading as of late has not been good.  Gary said that they must be maintained to keep down the mud and sludge.  Mark Pallow explained some of the logistics of grading and explained there was son on the side and grass growing.  Mike asked about drain off and other possible ruts they can cause.

Mike moderated and answered the questions put by the Storey’s in order of their letter as noted below:

Question 1         When and how is it determined that roads need grading? What are the standards once the decision is made to grade?

Answer:            When the sod and grass emerge and the road is not smooth and able to maintain a crown.  There was discussion on grading logistics and inquiry on how the County grades roads.

Question 2         Are there operator training or experience standards to perform the grading or maintenance task?

Answer:            Yes, they have gone through training.  Mark did hands on training in Elk River and also in Hutchinson with Gary for maintenance courses.  It was asked if the township contracted out and they said only gravel hauling and all other work is done by the Township.

Question 3        Does the Township have full time workers for maintenance?

Answer:            No.  Gary will work and inspect once a year as well as after storms, etc.  Mark may also help as needed.

Question 4         Does the Township contract out the road maintenance?

Answer:            Only for gravel hauling.  All other work is done by the Township

Question 5         What is the procedure to maintain the road when grading is not required? Such as filling in holes and washouts?

Answer:            Standard maintenance

Question 6         Does Wilma Township have drainage standards for lots and parcels to follow as not to alter drainage that would erode the roads?

Answer:            No standard, but the State and County cannot compromise right of way.

Question 7         What is the process to install new or repair private driveways with or without culverts?

Answer:            Must be drainage in the ditch.

Mike mentioned that we will do our best and Glen asked what would make them happy.  Leighton will talk to Toni when numbers are found.  Mike and Joe Vink looked at the road and it was rough and the rain did not help it.

Glen suggested since it took Mark 30 minutes to grade that we not charge for last grading and for Toni to note in escrow.  It was motioned by Mike to waive the $75 and seconded by Glen.  When put to a vote Glen voted yes and Mike voted no due to the word legality by Leighton.  He was in favor prior to that.  Gary also voted no and the motion was denied.  Leighton felt it was a conflict of interest because the person making the decision to grade will also be getting paid.

Pallets on River Cabin Road

Gary said the emails of the pallets are not on the right of way.  Mike said that they burn them.  Glen said that when it comes to burning we cannot enforce DNR rules.

Wilma Fall Fest 2011

Mike spoke with Stephanie Hansen and they are willing to provide music for next year’s Fall Fest.  The Committee will be in touch with them.

Backup Grader

Glen suggested that we get a backup grader operator.  Joe Vink said he can be the backup.  Mike suggested Bruce Filler go along with Mark for instruction on basics.  The cost will be $18/hr.  Mark guessed about two hours training time.  It was motioned by Glen to have Mark train Bruce on the East Side.  Mike seconded, and wants it noted that Mark is the main grader, Joe the second and Bruce will be an alternate. The motion carried.

Mona Drive

Toni received a phone call from Mike and Dornalee Scott. They have $2,000 Escrow with Wilma Township.  They plan to keep the last four lots and close up.  They have seven cabins and are closing company accounts.  They have received no itemized bills. They are wondering how to handle the escrow and balance on the seven units on the property and will the taxes handle the roads.  This issue is tabled until Treasurer and Clerk can look into the records.

Water on the Roads

Eldon Schmedeke mentioned the water on the roads and that we should ask to have it raised by the Highway Department.  He said there were no signs warning of the water.  Mike said that the road had been raised and Joe said that there were signs out. Gary noted that if the road were raised, they would have to also raise the bridge.  Mike motioned for the Secretary to write to the County Board, seconded by Glen and motion carried.

Fire Hall

The Supervisors went next door to view the Fire Hall building.  Glen noted that a meeting must be posted at least five days prior to discuss any plans.  The issue was tabled and they will set a date for inspection at the December meeting.

Mail In Ballots

It was mentioned by Patrice that there are possible savings by going to mail in ballots as we are required to have four judges due to the use of the Automark.  It was also mentioned that New Dosey said they saved approximately $1200.  The downside is that if the ballot is lost, no other will be sent and that you also must have someone witness it.  It will be discussed at the Annual meeting in March.

Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report Bills were presented

Donna Filler                              $181.50 Election Judge

Pine County Courier                   $ 22.56             Election posting

Mark Pallow                              $ 49.50

East Central Energy                   $ 46.54

Patrice Winfield                         $ 32.00

Toni Williamson                         $295.00

Joseph Vink                              $ 28.50

Glen Williamson                        $ 41.00

Aspire Inc                                 $157.85

Gary Vink                                  $261.81

Patrice Winfield                         $193.93

Glen Williamson                        $102.97

Toni Williamson                         $156.07 Election Judge

Mike McCullen                           $ 96.04

Mark Pallow                              $182.85

Mike McCullen                           $   8.50

Dave Baker                               $ 42.00             Election Judge

Patrice Winfield                         $333.39

New Dosey Township                $100.00

Bruno Deep Rock                      $444.01

MN Assoc Twnshp Assoc          $422.00

Maynard Workman                    $117.00 Election Judge

It was requested that the clerk note what the payments are for in future records.  Patrice will need to transfer $3,300 to checking account to pay the bills.  It was motioned by Gary to transfer necessary funds and seconded by Mike, motion passed.

Gary motioned to adjourn and Mike seconded.  Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 9:45pm

Toni Williamson
Wilma Township Clerk