Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present, Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Mark Pallow, and Pat Story.

Paul read the record of the June 4th meeting; Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

Schmedeke Lane Extension.  The deadline for Eldon to take the county up on their offer of the land, which will release the $10,000 to the township to build up the extension, is Tuesday. Aug. 5, before our next board meeting.  Otherwise the offer will be withdrawn and the County will retain the road as an easement to their land, with no further improvements.

Mayfield Road:  Summerlands put enough gravel down and covered the road erosion at the culvert so they could get in to haul gravel to Lou Forenetti’s.  Fornettis  want to know when the culvert will be replaced or fixed.  Randy Michel cleaned out the culvert.  Mark said that Hopkins will use all our gravel at Alden Shute’s pit and have the road fixed before Mark leaves for San Francisco on July 13, depending on the weather.

Wilma Township Land-sale Resolution:  The county is holding a hearing on Tues., July 15, at 10 a.m. on our resolution against any sales of public tax-forfeited lands in Wilma Township.  Committee of Mike McCullen, Pat Story, and Jeff GrandPre was appointed in June to draft a position paper for the officers to take to the meeting, explaining in greater detail than our resolution our reasons.  Mike said he had a long talk with Commissioner Matt Ludwig, and Matt seemed to believe it is a done deal.  Matt said they have been planning for 7 or 8 years to sell this land, and all the paperwork is done.  Pat said he spoke to state officials, and Cynthia Givens said the state gives the county the authority to sell tax-forfeited lands, but that Wilma should have been involved in these discussions back in 2007.  Matt said the county invested in all these easements and extending Schmedeke Lane for the purpose of selling the properties.  They say the only reasons for delaying the sales would be for health and safety or for access.  Pat said the town could file a court injunction.  Glen moved that Pat and Mike be authorized to draft a position paper to present to the County at the July 15th hearing, and that Mike and Gary represent the township at this hearing.  Mike seconded.  Passed.

Mike and Pat asked for copies of the June meeting record and of our resolution re: tax-forfeited land sales to prepare.

Starowotow Family Reunion:   Mike moved that the Starowtow family be allowed to use the Town Hall for their family reunion on October 11, 2014, from noon to 6.  They sent the deposit and rental fees.  Gary seconded.  Passed.

Carpeting for the Town Hall Stage:  Paul brought the carpeting taken from the Eagle Head DNR house to the stage, and we need a work day to cut it up and install it on the stage before Fall Fest or the Starowotow Reunion.

Mn. Assn. Of Townships Summer Short Course:  Glen, Gary and Paul attended.  Glen said they said, “If a town has not expended any public funds on a road for 25 years, it may be considered abandoned and the town can no longer spend money on the road unless it is authorized to do so by the voters at the annual town meeting.”  This somewhat contradicts what the township attorneys had told us about old town roads remaining public rights-of-way indefinitely, even if the town has not maintained the road for decades.  The Township Attorneys had told us that a public right-of-way is different from a road and does not make it a road, but no one can gate it off.  Gary said we still have issues with gating off Mayfield Road at the end of Crooked Lake Road.  The board questioned if the township can demand that a gate be removed entirely, and not just left unlocked.

Other interesting information:  The Treasurer can choose a bank of deposit and checks if the Supervisors do not designate one.  We no longer need four election judges for state and national elections when we use the Auromark; three are enough. A husband and wife cannot serve simultaneously, but can work different shifts.

Assessors Office Public Records Access:  The Assessor’s Office is offering Townships membership access to all assessment records, including aerial photos, for a one-time payment of $100 for five years.  The usual cost is $25 to join and $25 per month.  Pat said that almost all assessment records are accessible for free, and Gary said we can get aerial photos from the DNR, so why spend $100?  The board decided not to apply.

Annual District MAT Convention:  This is on Wednesday, Sept. 3, the same night as our scheduled board meeting.  Glen said we can change the board meeting date at the next meeting.  He wants as many county township officers as possible to attend the meeting, to vote for him as District 7 Director.  He said one other person is running.  He said he will resign his position as Pine Co. Twp. Officers Clerk/Treasurer if he is elected, and will recommend Paul at the October meeting, if he’s interested.

Mink Farm Road Damage:  Gary said the culvert on the road was torn up, and water is over the road.  He believes this is T&T Logging Damage.  The County took up the road and stop signs to allow access for their logging trucks, but Gary asked them about it and they replaced it this week.  The TV is still in the road and the sofa is still on Duncan Road.  Paul will write Melzark, the head of hazardous waste, about the garbage; we did notify the highway dept.

U.S. Census Survey:  Pat said he got the American Community Survey from the Census Dept.; he believes the town will get one, and can be fined if we don’t fill it out. The purpose is to get information so the govt. can make plans for us and allocate funds to the state, county, and townships.  We did get a Census survey several years ago on priorities in our township, etc.,  and we filled it out.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims:  Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached) and bills were presented:

Gary Vink                                         $        271.97

Glen Williamson                                         198.78

MAT                                                           150.00

Patrice Winfield                                          123.75

Patrice (expenses)                                         10.00

Paul Raymond                                            256.73

Mark Pallow                                                 88.66

Mike McCullen                                             46.17

Paul (expenses)                                             15.88

Glen (mileage/expenses)                                72.80

ECE                                                              65.14

Total                     $     1,299.88

Gary moved to pay all the claims; to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $1,300 from savings into checking.  Mike seconded.  Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.


Paul Raymond, Clerk