Chairman Glenford Williamson, Sr. called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Also present were Supervisors Gary Vink, Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mark Pallow, Eldon Schmedeke, Joseph Vink, and Jeff Shute from Danforth Township.

Paul read the record of the July meeting;  Gary corrected the record that the road with the sand haulers was Dollar Lake and Mink Farm Roads, not Crooked Lake.  Gary moved to approve the amended record; Mike seconded.

OLD BUSINESS:  Range Line Roads/Danforth Township: Jeff Shute said that Danforth has replaced Ralph and his mini-grader and have hired another road grader.  They will be grading both Crooked Lake and Eagle Head Roads, and will complete the ditch work.  Jeff said that Danforth Township is going to hire a boom mower to cut brush on their roads, and he asked if Wilma will approve using it on the range line roads.  The boom can reach 15 feet and cut 4” diameter trees.  It will cost $110/hr., and Jeff said they will do the first mile on Crooked Lake and the first half-mile on Eagle Head Roads, for an anticipated cost to each township of $600 to $700. Mike was concerned about the cost, but he and Gary said the work needs to be done.  Mike moved that we authorize Danforth Township to hire the boom mower and cut the brush on our range-line roads; Gary seconded. Mike asked Jeff to let Paul know the name and phone number of the boom operator so we can see about hiring him for our township roads.

Langstrom Road Brush Clearing: Joe said he talked with Erickson’s and they approved cutting the trees and brush on the first quarter-mile of Langstrom Road.  Mike said that when we contacted them, they said they wanted to do the cutting, but couldn’t do it until 2011.  Eldon said he sees Erickson once in awhile, and he will talk to him next time he sees him.  Dave Drake said that Arna will be cutting brush after the first quarter-mile, which is state land, and any work done this year will be Arna’s responsibility.  There was a question if a landowner can be forced to remove trees and rocks on their rights-of-way on township roads.

Bids for Town Hall Windows:  JR Construction and Jason Phaller both submitted bids for the window project:  JR bid $6,657 for the project, and Jason $4,025.  Mike moved that we accept Jason Phaller’s bid, and that the project be completed by October 1.  Robert Weiher from JR Construction said that he would complete the doors for us at no additional cost whether or not he wins the bid.  Mike will notify Jason Phaller and Paul will write to Robert Weiher to tell him his bid lost, but we hope to have the doors installed by October 1.

Back Steps: Mike hasn’t been to the cities yet, but hopes to go to Menards soon to get the materials to replace the steps.  He will do the work.

Road Billing: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey for grading Heller Drive on July 2 and August 3, 1 hour @ $150, New Dosey’s half, $75.

Grader Repairs: Mark said the air conditioning went out on the grader.  Dave Maser said he would recharge it for $150.  The grader needs two new cutting edge blades, about $147 each, and 55 gallons of transmission fluid, which costs $460.  Mike moved that Mark be authorized to get all the repairs and parts and materials needed.  Gary seconded.

Mink Farm Escrow Account: Paul asked if T & T Logging will be getting any of their escrow back for the Mink Farm Road.  Mark has had to grade it to pull the gravel back to form a crown after T & T cut it down. Gary said it will need gravel and more blading, and the total will likely eat up the entire $500.  Glen said that we need a breakdown on all the work and gravel done so we can give an accounting to T & T.  Joe said we should break it down with dates and details and have it all documented.

Township Assessor: Bob Brewster sent a contract for 2011 assessments, for 276 non-exempt parcels at $5.50 each, a total of $1,518.00. Mike moved that we contract with Bob Brewster for 2011.  Glen seconded.

Notary Stamp:  Paul asked for authorization to buy a notary stamp. Gary said this was approved at the last meeting.

Market Value Reduction: Glen said this does not apply to our township as we have fewer than 1,000 citizens.

Trees Blocking Town Hall Exit View: Mark said the trees block the view of the grader as it exits the driveway, and he said Duane may be willing to cut them for free for the wood.  The Supervisors went out to check the trees and said that Gary will mark the ones to be cut.  Mike moved that we have the trees cut at no cost, preferably by Duane Glienke, and that he get the wood.

September Board Meeting: The first Wednesday of September is Sept. 1.  Paul will be in Puerto Rico and asked if we could change it to the second Wednesday, Sept. 8.  Glen moved that we change the meeting date and post and publish this.

Automark Test: Paul said the Automark public test was pretty successful, although our machine won’t spit out the ballots without a key. The Township News says we have to have four judges next Tuesday, but Patrice said we’ve never needed four before.  We will ask Cathy Clemmer at the training tomorrow.  Barb Smith, Toni Williamson, Patrice and Paul will all be trained.

MAT Educational Conference: Glen said he appreciates the opportunity to serve as chairman, but feels a need to get more training and for our town to learn how to be more represented  and have more of an impact on the state.  He said MAT is sponsoring an educational conference in Duluth November 18 through 20, and he will be asking the board to send him.  He will find out the cost for the tuition and motel, and bring it up at the September meeting.

Legal Seminar: Our attorney is sponsoring another all-day legal seminar for all the township officials who were shut out of the first one.  It is free and will be Thursday, Sept. 9 in Albertville.  Our supervisors are already approved and accepted for attendance.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the treasurer’s report (attached).  Bills for August were presented:

Mark Pallow                                       $        124.67

Paul Raymond                                                       140.38

Paul Raymond (non-taxable; expenses)                   32.64

Gary Vink                                                             94.20

Patrice Winfield (non-taxable, judging)          42.50

Patrice Winfield                                                     86.81

Mike McCullen                                                      71.11

Glenford Williamson                                              28.39

ECE                                                                      44.64

Total bills:                                $        665.34

Mike moved to pay all the bills, to approve the Treasurer’s Report, and to transfer $600 from savings to checking.  Gary seconded.  Gary moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk