Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisors Mike McCullen and Gary Vink, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Pat Story, Grader Operator Alden Shute, and Steve Menth.

Board of Audit for 2019 Books: The board inspected and compared the Clerk’s and Treasurer’s Schedule 1 Report and Cash Control for the year 2019. Mike moved to approve the books; Gary seconded; passed.

Meeting Record: Paul read the record of the January board meeting. Gary moved to approve; Mike seconded.

ROAD REPORT: Alden got four new radial tires and installed them; he was able to give them our old tires with no charge. He scarred the Lost River Road to correct the icy condition. He said he didn’t think buying a scarifier for the grader would be worth it, but he will check out prices.

OLD BUSINESS: Little Tamarack Lake Road Shoreland Mitigation: Paul contacted Katie Petzel, District Technician of the Pine Soil & Water Conservation District. They said they do have grants for shoreland projects and we may qualify for some funding. She will come out and inspect the road after the freeze is over. Paul sent her photos of the erosion on the lake side of the road.

Relationship between Wilma and Ogema Township and the Contract with DVFD, Inc. Ogema Township and the Lake Lena Band have proposed a contract with the Duxbury VFD for $1,500 from Ogema and the Band. Mike will meet with the Ogema board again tomorrow.

County Assessment Takeover: Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster crafted a petition and explanation which Paul sent to all the county town boards requesting another meeting with the Commissioners.

County-wide Zoning: The County did pass county-wide zoning, but so far only three townships have opted in. Mike said the county cannot enforce local township ordinances like our weight-limit ordinance. We have enforced it on our own all these years by barricading roads until the loggers or truckers pay into the escrow account.

Workers’ Comp: Pat asked if the payment for Workers’ Comp last month was a monthly payment or for the whole year. Patrice said the year.

NEW BUSINESS: Presidential Primary 2020: There will be a Presidential Primary Election on March 3, 2020. All expenses will be paid by the county, including judge training and mileage. Each election judge will need one hour of additional training if working the primary, either this past Monday, February 3, or tomorrow, Thursday, February 6, 2020 3:00pm-4:00 pm at the North Pine Government Center, 1610 State Hwy 23. Patrice, Pat, Stefanie Rahn and Paul will get training. Paul told them to keep track of mileage.

Telcom Construction Ditching for CenturyLink: They asked if we have any permit requirements. Paul sent them our resolution on excavating in township rights of way, with provisions for a Supervisor or Road Manager to be paid for any time involved in inspecting or supervising their construction work. The Board directed Paul to write to them to contact the clerk and to require a joint inspection before and after doing any ditching in Wilma roads.

2020 Garbage Pickup Schedule: Copies available and posted on website.

MAT Spring Short Course: Will be Friday, April 3, at the DECC in Duluth. No posting yet on schedule or times. MAT Summer Specialized Training: Will be Thursday, June 25, at the DECC in Duluth. No schedule released yet.

Pine County Township Officers’ Meeting: Will be Saturday, March 28, 9 am at the American Legion Hall in Hinckley.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the treasurer’s report. Total bills for January are $8,898.86 and she wants to transfer $9,000 from savings to checking. Gary moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds; Glen seconded. Gary moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.

Report by Paul Raymond _________________________________

Attest: Glen Williamson, Chair______________________________