Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisor Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Alden Shute, Stan and Tracey Riley, Steve Grabeau, Gary Winter, and Stefanie Williamson. Supervisor Gary Vink was absent for the second month in a row. October Meeting Record: Paul read the record of the September meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

ROAD REPORT: The culverts were put in on Crooked Lake and Dollar Lake Roads. Paul billed Danforth Township for half of the cost of the culverts.

Alden filled the diesel tank with 30% #1 fuel oil/70% #2. He fixed the broken grader door opener by installing new electric eyes.

Township Road Mowing: Alden said he didn’t have a big issue with Jerry’s mowing job. It might have been better if done in a later season. We are not allowed to brush roads before August 1 every year, but we can mow.

Road Surveys: Alden allowed the surveyor who was on Tamarack Pine Drive who was looking for the survey marker to dig in Tamarack Pine Drive, with the agreement that they would pay for him to restore the road. The surveyor was able to find it and Alden restored the road and we will bill him for one hour of road work, $150. Alden got barricades for the end of Tamarack Pine Drive so no one goes down past the barricades.

WILMA TOWNSHIP SNOWPLOWING: 2020-21 snowplowing fees were due tonight, Nov. 3. This was posted on website and email sent to all township residents that we have email addresses for, and a notice sent to the papers. Alden said he won’t plow drives until we get a hard freeze, because they will be to soft to plow.

Eagle Head Road Culvert/Beavers: Steve Grabau said the beaver problem is very bad. They’ve dammed up the culvert and the road is flooding. Alden said someone stole his grates that blocked the culverts. He is having the ditch dug out with a backhoe much deeper than it is now and will install new grates on the culvert.

Duxbury Brush Rig: Mike told Alden that after hunting season he will park the brush rig in the grader hall. The water pallets have to be moved.

OLD BUSINESS: Liquor and Cigarette License: Stan Riley has started a new business at the corner of Duxbury and Tamarack River Roads and hopes to sell liquor and strong beer and cigarettes, among other items. At the October meeting, the board voted to have the record state that the Board of Supervisors of Wilma Township has no objection or opposition to the county granting Stan and Tracey’s business, Country Store and More, a license to sell liquor and strong beer. Stan says they told him we need to publish this in a newspaper, and the board directed Paul to publish the decision in the Evergreen. The board also adopted a resolution to petition the county to put up a stop-sign ahead warning sign and a 35 mph speed limit sign on Tamarack River Road a quarter-mile north of Duxbury Road or at a distance they feel is safest.

Pine Co. Twp. Officers Assn. Meeting: Was Saturday, October 23, at the Hinckley Community Center. Paul gave a report on the speakers: Representative Nathan Nelson talked about Chronic Wasting Disease and how some irresponsible deer farms are where CWD has been found and is a threat to wildlife. He also spoke about broadband internet; there is $70 million to bring broadband to more people in the state. They’re working on N. Pine County and Kerrick now. One problem is the supply chain blockage to get equipment and supplies. Commissioner Steve Hallan also spoke about CWD and broadband. There will be public meetings on it. Our county lost 800 people in the census so the commissioners districts will be redrawn. Auditor Kelly Schroeder said they are getting $200,000 to upgrade voting tabulators, but not automarks. They want to clear the rolls of tax-forfeited land, so there will be sales. County Attorney Reese Frederickson said there is a backlog of cases due to COVID, with five open murder cases. One case was ended when the accused sex offender killed himself. A Pine County Deputy said the new drone program helped find the man, when they were afraid of an ambush and suicide by cop. He said it is hard to find people who want to go into law enforcement now. Veterans Administrator Mindy Sandell said there are over 2,000 veterans in Pine County. They got $14 million for Pine County Veterans services. They have a van program and are giving gift cards to veterans.

Wilma Fall Fest: Was Oct. 23, with a potluck supper and the Procrastinators playing for the evening. Glen said he got many nice prizes, including a Play and Stay at the Danbury casino, and it was a very successful event.

Stefanie asked if the website could post a notice asking for people to join the FallFest Committee for next year, and that we have a meeting of the committee to plan for 2022. It will be October 22, our 115th Township Anniversary.

NEW BUSINESS: Chief’s Meeting: Mike will be hosting the Fire Chiefs’ Meeting at the Town Hall on November 18, 3rd Thursday of November. Glen moved that the chiefs be allowed to use the hall for no charge. Mike seconded.

Duxbury VFD Hunters’ Raffle: Mike said the fire department had to cancel the raffle again this year because of the very tight quarters at the Duxbury Bar and the danger of COVID. He said he has alternatives for next year; Rich’s Bar said they would host it for us. Glen said the Town Hall is bigger than the bar and has many more tables and chairs and we could have it at the town hall.

County Meetings for Broadband: Terry Lovgren, our Commissioner, wants us to participate in a meeting about increasing broadband internet access in our county. Meetings are Monday, November 15 @ 10:30 AM, or Monday November 22 @ 10:30 AM. Must register. Meetings are by Zoom. Complete this pre-registration survey to get the zoom link to join us:

Two Creeks Campground Donation to Family Pathways: The Campground donated $7,944 cash and $3,394 pounds of food to the Family Pathways Food Shelf.

Supervisor Gary Vink: Glen asked Paul to reach out to Gary and see if he will be able to attend our next board meeting, or if he would like us to appoint a temporary supervisor to fill his position.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave treasurers’ report: Total bills for November, $5,794.33. Total to transfer, $6,000. Mike moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds. Glen seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:30.