[NOTE: This is the unapproved record of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors’ Meeting. Town Board Meeting records are posted online and available in the Clerk’s office within hours or days of the monthly board meetings. If a board member or the public finds an error, it is pointed out to the clerk and the record is changed online. The record is read at the next board meeting and at that time if any corrections or revisions are made, this is noted in the record of the meeting at which the board hears the record. Any errors are corrected, and if approved it then becomes the official record of the Board of Supervisors, not just the Clerk. Official records are kept in the town safe or in the office of the clerk. All meetings are tape-recorded by the Clerk and the recordings also become the official record of the Board of Supervisors and cannot be altered or deleted]

Chairman Glen Williamson called the Board of Supervisors Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisors Mike McCullen and Alden Shute, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Alden, and Stefanie Williamson, Kim Felton, Cindy Klienschmidt, Stan and Tracy Riley, and Maureen Rioux.

Clerk’s Report of February Board Meeting: Paul read the record of the February meeting; The record stated that “MAT Expelled 5 Townships and that MAT says to ignore them.” There was a claim that Paul had been told not to put anything about MAT in the record. What Mike had objected to was any more statements about Mike Miller being fired. The record said nothing about that. Paul said that townships being expelled from MAT was important and it was brought up in the February meeting by him and removing it from the record would be falsifying the record. Alden said that Brad Rootke has not been confirmed for trimming overhead branches and the record was changed to “Brad Rootke of East Central Logging may trim all the overhanging trees at $300/hour.” With this correction, Mike moved to approve the record; Alden seconded. Passed unanimously.

Meeting Records on Website: Glen asked if Paul changed the records on the website if corrections are made at the meeting. Paul said for example, at our February meeting, Patrice had said she had given the wrong amount of bills at the January meeting. This was corrected in the February meeting, but the January record was not changed, since it recorded what Patrice had said then. Paul put a disclaimer on the website stating the procedure on corrections. Paul said he will put a disclaimer on the posted records stating that they are not approved until the next board meeting, and any changes are noted in the new record.

ROAD REPORT: Alden plowed all township roads and most of the subscribed driveways. He met with H&S Logging who were logging a 5 acre plot off of the Mayfield Road. Because the road was frozen, he did not ask for escrow.

Tires: Alden found grader tires cheaper in Duluth, so he got them there.

State, County and Township Road Emergency: In January, the board declared that the December 14 storms were a township road right-of-way emergency, allowing us to clear and cut trees in the right-of-way. Some citizens had to start clearing township roads, including Erv and Cindy Klienschmidt, Maureen Rioux, Kevin and Nick Mattson, and the Board agreed to pay them at $20/hour for the time they spent clearing the road, which will be covered by the grant. We gave the county an estimate of $6,000 for Wilma Township damages, based on Alden’s estimates for Rootke and Duane Glienke. It will be actual costs that will be reimbursed; the estimate isn’t important except for Pine County to qualify for State aid. Alden went out with Paul and with Glen to inspect the damage and Paul got good photos to support our claim.

Tree Trimmings: Discussion on disposal of tree trimmings and branches after they are cut. Mike said they would belong to the property owner if they wanted them. He asked Paul to post on the township website that we will be trimming overhanging trees and any trees in the right-of-way and tell people they have until June 1 to remove them or we will.

Jerry’s Roadside Mowing Estimate for 2023: $1,175.00, same as last year. He asks for a response. Alden moved that we not hire him this year because of all the road damage. Mike seconded; passed. Paul will notify him.

May Road Inspection: Citizen Clayton Heller sent written concerns about Heller Drive: “Heller Drive is by far the worst road in the township. The grader at the most was used once last year; I don’t believe it was graded at all. I almost called New Dosey to grade it. Maureen’s road was crap most the summer. I’ll sure try to be present for road inspection. I’ve read the minutes on the inspections. It will be interesting.” Alden said he graded that road several times last year and Paul has the records and will document it and let Clay know what grading and gravel was done.

OLD BUSINESS: Snowplowing: At the February board meeting, the Board voted that we propose a $25 increase across the board, $100 per season; $125 over 700 feet; $200 1,000 ft. to ½ mile; and $350 over ½ mile. There was a question if this is fair, $25 for a $75/drive and $25 for a $350/drive? Paul suggested a 30% increase across the board? $97.50 (or $100); $130; $227.50; $455.00. Discussion. Decision to let the motion from February stand.

Dumpster Camera: In February, Glen gave the camera to Stan to program it to show on cell phones. Stan said he was not able to program it so it was given to Cindy Klienschmidt for Erv to program it.

Internet Fund: The fund is down to $386, about 6 months. Paul sent an application to Blandin Foundation to give us an additional $5,000 to extend our internet with Centurylink and they said they are no longer funding internet projects. Mike moved to transfer $800 from our ARPA funds to the internet fund. Alden seconded. Passed.

Snow shoveling and Grounds Maintenance: At the February meeting, the Board hired Stan Riley as year-round Property Maintenance man to keep the grounds mowed and clean and the ramp and steps shoveled when there is more than 3” of snow. Stan said he no longer wanted this job, and he was paid his contractor rate for the work he did already, plus use of his snowblower.

NEW BUSINESS: Town Hall Furnace: In February, Glen said our furnace blower is very loud and asked Paul to research gas stoves or getting a furnace repair man out to service our blower. Paul found propane furnaces for around $1,600. Stafanie said they went to a trade show and met furnace dealers who said new furnaces are so much more efficient that they will pay for themselves in savings. Mike said we heat the hall only once a month usually, and only for 6 months. It would take a very, very long time to pay for a $2,000 stove by improved efficiency. Paul said that if we use the silent box fan to circulate the heat, like we are tonight, we can heat the hall hotter than is comfortable. Subject of new furnace tabled for a year.

Town Propane Tank: We got a fill on January 31, but on March 6 Federated said they came and we were totally empty. All the furnaces had to be reset and the hall pilot light re-lit. Our tank holds 400 gallons. He said the thermostat in the grader hall was set at 70 degrees; this might account for burning 400 gallons in one month. He turned it down. He did a pressure test and that was OK, and he said it is not possible to sabotage the tank and drain it. Mike set all the thermostats to 50 degrees and rechecked them and they were the same. Alden said he has Jeff check the furnaces once a year. Alden said he has Jeff come out once a year to check on the garage furnaces. Mike said we may need to get new furnaces. Paul thought they were recent, 10 or 20 years old, but Mike said they may be the original furnaces when the hall was built. [“June 6, 2005 record: Fire Hall Furnace: The fire dept. has been getting bids on furnaces for the fire hall, and will get a bid for two furnaces from Federated. November 5, 2005: They’re in and installed. One can’t be connected until a hard-wire line is run to it. Gary has someone lined up to do it.”] Addendum to record.

MN DOT Township Map: MN DOT is asking us to check the map they have of our town roads (including private roads and non-maintained roads) and significant landmarks in our town. The map was printed out for Board to review and they said the only change would be to add our Short Road on the border of Arna to the map.

Northview CD’s: Patrice said that we can get far better interest in a new CD that Northvew is offering. Mike moved that we move all four CD’s to four new 13 month CD’s at the 4.05% rate. Alden seconded. The board and Clerk signed the forms. Patrice said she may wait for the two that have a later maturity rate to avoid penalties.

Wilma Township Election, Tuesday, March 14, 2023: Patrice and Alden are the incumbents and both filed, along with Stan Riley for Supervisor. Stan said he no longer wanted to be on the ballot. Cindy Kleinschmidt and Peggy Branch from Arna Township, and Paul will judge. Board of Canvass and Annual Town Meeting: Will follow the election. Board of Reorganization: To swear in newly elected officers and set wages, bank and posting sites for 2023; Will be before April board meeting.

Board of Review and Equalization: Will be Monday, April 10, 2023, at the Hall at 1 pm. Lori Houitsma and Karen Stumne, our appraiser, will attend. Her phone is 320-591-1639. Paul will post the meeting. The Supervisors cannot appeal their assessments at the meeting but have to go to the county. .

Pine County Township Officers’ Meeting: Will be Saturday, March 25, 9 am at the Community Center, Hinckley.

2023 Garbage Pickup Schedule: Copies available at meeting.

Fire Department Issues: There was a long discussion about a medical response by fire Chief Mike on March 3 at the Riley home and how he asked for sheriff backup because in a recent Facebook thread, Paul quoted Stan Riley as stating that even if he or Tracy had a heart attack, they would not want Mike in their home. Stan did not dispute that he had said this, as well as demanding that Mike be impeached as Supervisor. There had been misinformation posted implying that the Fire Department is a Fire Relief Organization and subject to open meeting laws. We found out that it is not. Stan played a phone call where Paul urged him not to keep demanding to join the fire department at this time. Glen said our town used to be so peaceful and loving and he wants to get back to that time. He said we need to put this behind us and move on with cooperation.

Tracy Riley submitted a typed complaint to the Board, “I would like to make a formal complaint due to the negligence and disregard for life by the Fire Chief Mike McCullen. At 6:15 on March 3, 2023, Stan Riley placed a call to 911 for severe chest pain and elevated heart rate. Mike called the Pine County Sheriff as backup from the public works parking lot. At 6:50 the Sheriff deemed our home safe and Stan was transported to the hospital. As a first responder Mike McCullen has the duty and diligence to provide a standard of practice minimum amount of care to the patient regardless of the patient’s sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs or personal conduct.”

Treasurer’s Report: (Attached) Patrice said total bills for March are $7,650.85, and she needs to transfer $7,600. Mike moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds. Alden seconded; passed. Alden moved to adjourn the meeting; Mike seconded; passed. Meeting adjourned at 9:30.