Chairman Mike McCullen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisors Glen Williamson and Alden Shute, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Alden Shute, Jim Bredesen, Steve Menth, and Mark Schultz from Anderson Acres Road.

Clerk’s Report of June 7 Board Meeting. Glen said he resigned as webmaster, not as web moderator. With this correction, Alden moved to approve; Glen seconded; passed.

Road Report: The culvert extension was done on Eagle Head Road and the pipe opening is 6 – 8 feet underwater, too deep for beavers to block it. He didn’t charge for his time but shot and killed 4 beavers. Alden said he wants to regrade and shape up Tamarack Pine Drive at least twice more before we put down red-rock gravel. He repaired three frost boils on Crooked Lake Road. He graded the east and west roads and Crooked Lake and Eagle Head Roads.

State, County, and Township December Storm Road Emergency: Mike cleared Lost River Road. Duane has started clearing trees that were leaning or on the right-of-way on other roads and we should be billed by Summerland and Hopkins for work they did. Alden said that Hopkins can use their backhoe on River Cabin Road to cut off the leaning trees and they will haul all the debris to Alden’s gravel pit..

OLD BUSINESS: Town Park Sign: The carved wood signs are too expensive but Security Sign can make one 3 feet by 1 foot for $70 with ‘Wilma Town Park’ printed. Glen moved that we buy the sign and have it blue with white lettering. Alden seconded; passed.

Plans for Park: Steve asked if the town board has any plans for the development or use for the park. He’d like to see an area cleared and access created so people can have picnics there. Mike said we could have a liability problem and Paul should contact MATIT who covers our liability insurance to make sure it covers the park. Mark Schultz said that any liability for the town should cover all town properties.

ECE Fiber-Optic Broadband for Wilma: ECE has started stranding and laying fiber-optic cable in the project for our county and they encourage people to sign up now. $65/month for 100 Mbps; no installation fee. The more who sign up in an area the more likely they will be served sooner. Apply at Mike said they have 136 crews working on the cable and are making fast progress.

Plow Display: Paul trimmed the branches and trees on the road blocking the view of the plow display. Mike said he will cut two or more branches that are still obstructing the view along with a dead tree. Alden asked how the board wants the plows aligned. He will turn the pointed plow around so it’s facing the driveway.

NEW BUSINESS: Employee Payroll Claims: Alden moved that all payroll claims for employee payroll (everything not directly board related) be given to Patrice by the Friday before the next Wednesday board meeting in order to be paid at the meeting. Glen seconded; passed.

Bob Ruppe Legal Advice: Bob wrote: “I spoke to Mike Couri and we both agree that we grant the Township a one-time waiver of the $312.50 invoice relating to the compatibility of offices matter.” [The board had no record of what was said in Glen’s phone consultation so Paul requested a written opinion for the $625 we paid. He charged us but then forgave the fee.] He said, “I am concerned that it appears that your Town Board may be divided on some issues and that my office may be contacted by various Town Board members regarding the same matter.  We will respond to any Town Board member who contacts us regarding legal matters before the Town Board and this will require my office to invoice the Township for our time.  The Town Board may wish to discuss who has the authority to contact my office on behalf of the Township.  My office will honor any restrictions adopted by the Town Board.” Glen moved that any supervisor be allowed to call the attorneys but that they must tell them to cap the consultation at $1,000 and they must give a written opinion for the whole board. Alden seconded; passed.

Federated Propane Summer Fill: Mike checked the tank and we are still at 70% so he said we can wait for the prebuy. Patrice said we still have $480 in our last prebuy.

Couri&Ruppe Legal Seminar: Will be Saturday, September 16 in Rutledge, 9-4. They will answer all legal questions for free.

Two Creeks Float and CDRCD Appointment: Glen said the float for Two Creeks Campground won 3rd place of all the floats at the Finlayson Fourth of July Parade yesterday. He also was reappointed to the ECRDC RLF Board for the revolving loan fund. They have financed many community businesses and projects and have only had two defaults in their entire history.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave the treasurer’s report. She was having computer problems last meeting and could not give a total for claims or transfers. The June totals were $5,188.49 and she transferred $5,200. For July, the total bills are $5,771.69 and she will transfer $5,800. Glen moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds Alden seconded. Passed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Paul Raymond, Clerk