Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisors Gary Vink and Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Alden Shute, and Stefanie Williamson. Glen acknowledged the death of longtime Wilma resident, Dennis Schmedke, from COVID. December Meeting Record: Paul read the record of the December board meeting. Mike moved to approve; Gary seconded.

ROAD REPORT: Alden has been out three times and has plowed all township roads and all driveways for those who signed up. Plus the Hall parking lot and the driveway and lot at the Duxbury VFD Eagle Head Station.

NEW BUSINESS: Duxbury Store and Country Store and More Cigarette Licenses: 2022 cigarette license due for renewal. $10. Glen moved to approve licenses for both businesses; Mike seconded; Gary abstained. Passed.

PINE CO. ASSN. OF TOWNSHIPS/MAT DUES: $335.52. Mike asked how much goes to the state MAT and how much to the Pine County Township Officers Association. Glen said 85% goes to the state MAT.

Board of Review and Equalization: Will be Monday, April 11, 2022, 1 p.m. at the Hall. Lori Houtsma and Bob Brewster will be there. Will be posted.

Township Assessor: Bob Brewster is retiring. The county will do it for $8 per parcel, replacing both county’s and Bob’s assessments. The county plans to reduce the fee every year until it is $0. The Board asked Paul to contact the other township assessors to see if they are interested, and their rates. Mike said we will likely have to go with the county, but he doesn’t trust them when they say fees will be reduced annually down to zero eventually.

Elections: Wilma Town Hall is the designated polling place for 2022. Filing for March 8, 2022 Election: December 28 – January 11, 2022. Polls open 5 pm to 8, then Board of Canvass and then 2022 Annual Wilma Township Town Meeting. Glen and Paul are up for re-election and both filed affidavits and paid their $2. Patrice will be head judge. Stefanie can’t judge: MN204b: “No individual shall be appointed as an election judge for any precinct if that individual is domiciled with any candidate on the ballot at that election.” Kim Felton and Tracie Riley can be trained online and then take the election judge training later this year for the primaries and 2022 election.

Board of Audit for 2021 Books: Usually done before the February board meeting. Mike moved to hold it before the March 2 board meeting which is a week before the Board of Audit. Gary seconded; passed. Paul and Patrice need to meet to coordinate and cross-check books before the audit.

APRA Funds: Mike asked if the town could make a donation from the nearly $7,000 we are receiving in ARPA funds to the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department to make up for lost revenue from the fund-raisers. Patrice said the department did get a lot of donations this year in lieu of the pancake breakfast. Paul said the board had intended to put some of the ARPA money into our broadband budget for WIFI at the town hall, but the town is allowed to make a donation to the fire department. Mike asked if he needs to file a formal request.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gave treasurers’ report: Total bills for December, $1,744.23. Total to transfer, $1,700. Mike moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds. Gary seconded. Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:10.