Chairman Mike McCullen called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisors Glen Williamson and Alden Shute, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Alden Shute, and Jim Bredesen, Stefanie Williamson, and briefly, Stan Riley.

Clerk’s Report of November 1st Board Meeting. Paul read the record: Alden moved to accept the report; Glen seconded; passed.

Road Report: Eagle Head Road Beavers: Alden said the beavers were able to remove the grate and plug the culvert again. Hopkins came out and pushed a log completely through the culvert but could not break up the plug. Alden said we need a new 30” culvert with a grate and a walkway to reach the ends of the culvert. This may cost up to $2,000 but we’re spending a lot of money each year for beaver mitigation and they still plugged it. New Dosey has a grate with all vertical bars. Dave Fornengo built two for New Dosey. The grate will be secured before the culvert is put in.

Mink Farm Logging: Logger will be logging on the south side of Mink Farm Road from now until January. He was informed of escrow and inspection requirement and how to give check to Patrice. The logger is Futurewood. The check was signed by W B Johnson and there was a card in the envelope for Quinton Finley, Forester.

ECE Escrow: We’re still holding $1,000 from ECE. They’ve completed the project on Dollar Lake Road. Paul asked them if they want us to hold the escrow for future projects.

Storm Damage: Paul compiled a list of everything following the December storm related to the snowfall. Patrice has a separate CTAS code for storm related damage, 43190. According to Wayne Lamoreaux, we have one year from the date of the declaration January 31, 2023 to complete all of the work and submit our claims. Paul will find out if he needs copies of all the claims.

OLD BUSINESS: Plow Display: Plows have been moved to display platform and the angle plow was painted with two coats in the original safety yellow color. Patrice suggested commercially printed lettering. Glen moved and Alden seconded to have WILMA TOWNSHIP, EST. 1907 on both sides of the plow. Passed. Custom Vinyl has 12” lettering for both sides for $82; the Est. lettering will be smaller. Alden said it’s too cold to apply lettering so wait until spring.

Snowplowing for Private Drives in 2023: Tom Ackerman paid $150 and we refunded $25. Dawn Hamlett on Crooked Lake Road asked if she could sign up. She sent a check that she said would be postmarked by Nov. 1. Alden inspected her drive for overhanging branches and turnaround space and said she is good.

NEW BUSINESS: Caleb Anderson No Longer Zoning Administrator: Erin Hoxsie, Pine County Planning and Zoning, will serve as the interim Pine County staff contact for zoning inquiries. PH: 320-216-4220.

File for March 12 Township Election: File for Clerk or Supervisor from January 2 to January 16. $2 fee.

Designate ARPA Funds: We will need to designate how we will spend our ARPA funds by Dec 31, 2024. The auditor said that we can use ARPA to pay for training like the MAT Conference and short courses. Alden moved that we use ARPA fund to pay for the upcoming MAT Conference; Glen seconded; passed.

MAT 2023 Annual Conference: Starts tomorrow, December 7 – 9 at the Rivers’ Edge Conference Center in St. Cloud. Glen missed the early registration and said he’d pay the penalty. The board said no. Paul and Deputy Clerk Cindy Kleinschmidt will also attend. Breakout educational sessions: Four rooms and four hours of training presentations which include: CTAS (Auditor’s Office), MAT Trainers, MAT Attorneys, Broadband, EMS, LTAP, Kennedy & Graven, MN Fire, MATIT, Corporate Purchasing Venture, Cannabis, Township websites, and more. Business Meeting: Introduction of MAT, Directors, Financials – CLA, Proposed resolutions, Bylaw recommended changes, MAT dues structure, Question and Answer, Legislative Update.At MAT’s Annual Meeting this December, the voting officers will be asked to consider a set of changes to MAT’s Bylaws and definition of vacancy and discontinuing parlimentary procedure.

Township Day at the CapitoL: Two day conference at the Radisson in St. Paul. $99 per officer, April 8 and 9. $99, motel extra ($149). “ALL township officials are invited to join the Minnesota Association of Townships for “Township Day at the Capitol” on April 8, 2024, 1pm to April 9, 11am. We’ll have trainings, speakers, and impactful meetings with legislators to advocate for important township priorities.” Banquet and breakfast included.

Assessment Training: Online training for boards of appeal and equalization is available from MAT. “Follow the instructions on the Board of Appeal and Equalization Training website and follow the instructions. If you close out of the course before certifying your completion, you will need to retake the course. This new format does not save your progress so you must complete it, or you’ll need to start over.” Glen is certified to July, 2026. Mike and Alden not certified. We have a computer in the hall with internet access for Mike to use.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Total bills for December, $4,024.23. Glen moved to approve her report and transfer $4,000 from savings to checking. Alden seconded; Passed.

Glen moved to adjourn; Alden seconded; passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Paul Raymond, Clerk