Chairman Glen Williamson called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present: Supervisor Mike McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, Road Manager Alden Shute, Maureen Rioux, Stan and Tracy Riley, Angie Anderson, Doug Witta, and Rod Sorgaard.

BOARD OF REORGANIZATION: Glen took the Oath of Office for Supervisor. Committee of two Supervisors and the Clerk to nominate and appoint a Supervisor to fill the remainder of Gary Vink’s term: Glen opened the floor for anyone who is interested in taking Gary’s seat on the board until next March election. Maureen Rioux, Stan Riley and Doug Witta all said they would like to serve. Glen opened the questioning of the three candidates, with Mike and Paul also asking questions, mostly on their history in Wilma Township, what they like about the town and what they would like to change; their attendance at previous Board of Supervisor meetings, and how independent and objective they can be and not side with either of the other Supervisors to create a ruling clique or cabal. Mike nominated Maureen; Paul seconded. All eye. Paul administered the oath of office to Maureen and she took her seat at the Supervisors’ table next to Mike. Mike nominated Glen to serve as Chairman; Maureen seconded. Passed. Mike moved that Maureen be assistant Chair; Glen seconded; passed. Treasurer Patrice designated Northview as our bank of deposit. Mike moved that The Evergreen and Pine County Courier and the Town Hall and the township website be our notice-posting and publishing places. Mike moved that the wages and salaries for 2022 as proposed at the March meeting be adopted; Maureen seconded, passed:

Approve wages and fees for 2022-2023:

2021 2022

WAGES Chairman $105/Mtg. (3 Hrs). 105/meeting

Supervisor 100/mtg. (3 Hrs.) 100.00/mtg.

Clerk 100.00/meeting 100.00/mtg.

Treasurer 100.00/meeting 100.00/mtg.

Clerk and Treasurer reports 16.00/hr. 20.00/hour

General Labor 16.00/hour 20.00/hour

Major Mech. 30.00/hour 30.00/hour

Mech. Asst. 16.00/hour 20.00/hour

Grader Op. 25.00/hr 25.00/hour

Annual Meeting Moderator 75.00/mtg. 75.00/mtg.

Out of Town Meetings 100.00/half day 100.00/half day

150.00/full day 150.00/full day

Election Judges 16.00/hour 18.00/hr.

Zoom Meetings for all Board Members 20.00/hr. 20.00/hr

Hourly rate, Chairman $24.50; Supervisors $22 (Supervisor Labor $20/Hour)

Mileage: Federal rate for officers, judges, delegated township representatives, for judges training, township officers training, and association meetings, etc. $.58.5/mi. for 2022.

Monthly Board Meetings: Glen moved that we meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in 2022/2023. Mike seconded; passed. Township Donations: Requests from OSAC, Family Pathways, Pine County Historical Association and Seven County Senior Federation for continued contracts. . Mike moved to give $75 apiece to each of them; Glen seconded. Passed.

Snowplowing 2022/2023: Mike moved that we keep our private drive snowplowing rates for the 2022-2023 season the same as last year: $75; Drives over 700′, $100; 1,000′ to ½ mile: $175/season; over ½ mile, $350. Glen seconded; passed.

Garbage Board Representative: Mike said he had the position for a year or so many years ago, but since then Gary always served as Wilma’s representative, partly because the meetings were held at the Duxbury Store. They will not be using the store, but will have meetings in Markville or in the Wilma Town Hall. Mike moved that the board vote every year on a representative to serve for one year, and he nominated Glen to serve for 2022-23 until the next Board of Reorganization. Maureen seconded. Passed.

BOARD OF SUPERVISOR’S MEETING: March Meeting Record: Paul read the record of the March meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded. Passed.

ROAD REPORT: Obstructed Driveways: Alden had said there are two drives that he will not plow again in 2023 because of so many obstructions in the road. One was Lisa McCullen and Mike talked with her about it and she agreed to meet with Alden to see what corrections she needs to make. Alden said the sidewalk is hard to miss and he might hit it.

Snow Berm in North Duncan Road: The DNR does snowmobile trail grooming on the trail that uses part of North Duncan Road. Alden said they groomed both sides of the road and built up a big snow berm in the middle of the road that he had to go out an plow down, and he told Paul to charge the DNR $150 for the hours’ work, $150.

South Duncan Road Entrance: Alden said the road makes an unnecessary bend at the end so trucks cannot drive out to the east but have to go west and turn around. He would like to straighten the last hundred feet of the South Duncan Road where it enters the Duxbury Road; the curve makes it very difficult for trucks to make the turn. The land on the west side of the road is county land. On the east side the owner is Diane Raasch. He thinks it would take 10 loads of gravel. Mike said we’d have to get permission from the owner and may have to pay for the easement. The proposed change is outside of our right-of-way, but Doug said it could be in the County Right-of-way on Duxbury Road. Alden said it starts before that. Paul was initially instructed to contact Diane Raash to get her permission to straighten the road but Alden said we should contact the county first to see why the road was curved in the first place and if we can straighten it.

Grader: Alden fabricated mud flaps and changed the cutting blade. He bladed South Duncan Road and improved the cul-de-sac at the end.

County Land Sales: The County sent us their proposed land sales on the North Duncan Road, 3 40-acre parcels and one 80-acre plot. 40 on the northeast corner of the intersection of the Duxbury Road and N. Duncan and 80 on the west side. Mike said people have hunted and camped on this land and it has been public use for years. Doug said that Carlson Timber logged it all off. Mike said the Board’s position has always been to oppose any selling of public land in Pine County, since these are hunting and recreational lands used freely by the people and the board passed a resolution in 2020 to the county to state such. Mike moved that Paul to write to the County and share our reasons for opposing this and all land sales. Glen seconded; passed.

Back up Grader Operator: Glen said Alden needs a backup trained grader operator for when he is unable to do our roads. Stan Riley volunteered and said he is trained in big equipment. Mike and Patrice both said that Steve Menth was already trained and hired as backup grader operator and Mike said we spent hundreds of dollars to train Steve. He may have sold his truck, but he seems to be on the road again. Mike said Alden should find out if Steve is still active and available and should make his decision.

Supervisor’s Road Inspection Meeting: Date for inspection will be set at May 4 Board Meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: Pine County Township Officers’ Meeting: Was Saturday, March 26, at the Community Center, Hinckley. Glen reported that we had good attendance with 21 townships and with speakers and reports by Senator Jason Rarick and Representative Nathan Nelson, County Attorney Reese Frederickson, Commissioners Teri Lovgren and Steve Hallan, Sheriff Jeff Nelson, Mindy Sandell from Veterans, Michael Miller, District 7 Director. The big focus on was on broadband and ECE’s plan to bring fiber optic to the homes of all Wilma residents within the next five years.

MAT Spring Short Course: March 15 – 16: They were changed to online only. All sessions were free and are all still available on the MAT website, including downloads and power-points:

Information-library: Handout on Links to MAT Resources and Attorneys:

New Officer Orientation Day 1, March 14, 2022: Outline of Power point:

Video for New Officers:

Conflict Resolution, For All Board Members: Handout:

Video on Conflict Resolution:

Harassment in the Workplace (For All Officers:) Handout:

Sample Anti-Harassment Policy:

Video on Harassment in the workplace:

Video on Legislative Updates (For All Officers):

Town Roads, Topics and Q&A (For Supervisors and Road Manager): Power-point Roads:

Video on Roads:

CTAS Investments (Clerks and Treasurers): Power-point: Video:

CTAS Transfers and Indebtedness: Power-point: Video:

Handout: Year-end Reporting: Handout: CTAS Chart of Accounts 2022:

NEW BUSINESS: Board of Appeal/Equalization: For voters to appeal 2023 property tax assessments, will be Monday, April 11, 2022, 1 p.m. With County Assessor Lorri L. Houtsma and Wilma Assessor Bob Brewster. So far we have received no appeals.

Garbage Pickup Increase andTownship Dumpster: The Tri-Township Disposal District Board is restricting pickup to improved parcels only, with no refunds, at $80 per year, $3.08 per pickup day. Weekenders without cabins will be dumping at our dumpster. Mike said people have been abusing our dumpster and he took three TV’s to Pine City today. He proposed moving the dumpster behind the town hall and putting up a No Dumping sign in the front near the outhouse. Stefanie said we should get a professional sign. Glen proposed a resolution stating that the Wilma Town Hall dumpster is only for Wilma Town Hall and Fire Department use, and that signs be posted prohibiting dumping. Maureen seconded. Passed. Paul will get a sign from M&R Signs.

Unemployment Accounts: We are not being billed for unemployment payments for the Grader Operator this year so far, and we received some help from the stimulus bill so we don’t have large payments like other years. We just got our first bill for about $245. Mike apparently thought we were talking about the premium, not the payments for the grader operator, and thought this was high. Paul read the letter from the MN Unemployment regarding their subsidy, and that we may owe a total of $2,000 eventually.

Dental/Life Insurance: Gary’s beneficiary got his life insurance. We need to enroll Maureen. We are canceling Gary’s dental insurance with Ameritas, but Patrice said she needs some major work and wants to sign up. She needs the premium plan for her type of work which is $50 per month and asked if the township would continue to pay half for dental insurance. Mike moved that the township pay half of Patrice’s dental premium; Glen seconded. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report and Claims: Patrice gives the treasurer’s report. Total bills for April are $3,962.80. Total to transfer from savings to checking, $4,000.00. Mike moved to approve her report and to transfer the funds. Maureen seconded.

Motion to Adjourn: Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.