Regular Meeting, May 2, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, and Clerk Paul Raymond, and Mark Pallow and four citizens.

Paul read the record of the April meeting; Glen moved to approve; Gary seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Laptop Computer: There was a discussion on what brand of computer would be best. Mike moved that Patrice or Glen be authorized to purchase a laptop PC computer for the CTAS program and to spend up to $600, with an extended warranty. Glen seconded.

Outhouse: Mike said getting a handicapped-accessible porta potty would be almost impossible. There was a discussion on the type and location of an outdoor handicapped-accessible outhouse. Mike moved that Mark Pallow be hired as a contractor to build an 8 x 8′ outhouse including a holding tank, to be completed by May 24, 2007. Mark will contact Denny Slamka for the tank, up to $3,500. Gary seconded.

Grader: Ken Yager questioned why the grader was used to tow Wisconsin Truss’s truck out of the mud; he understood that the grader was not to be used for such purposes as it could damage the grader. He also said that Joe Vink has no right to take the grader as he is not on the board. Mike said that the grader is not used for digging trenches, but that town graders have been used in the past to pull out a school bus and a fire truck. Mike said the board has an operational fee for special uses of the grader and that Wisconsin Truss is paying $150 for the tow. Glen said he understood Ken”s concern but asked how harmful pulling this truck would be on the grader. Mark said he did not think this was harmful to the grader. Paul said he was told by Bob Skorzseske when he was Board Chairman that he could not hire the grader to grade new gravel on his drive. Gary said this is not board policy, but at short courses they have advised against any private use of the grader, including snowplowing. Paul will call the township attorneys and ask about the legality of private uses of the grader.

Soil and Water Conservation District Meeting: Glen said the meeting was very informative, especially on restrictions on wetlands; e.g. if there are cattails in a road right-of-way, the board would have to go to the Soil and Water Conservation District for permission to build up or ditch the road, and if they approved the board would have to go to the DNR.

Grader/Road Report: The oil is changed but the grader got a flat tire and we had to borrow a tire from Danforth Township. Someone dragged Eagle Head Road and dug up a lot of rocks and degraded the surface. They think they”re doing a good thing but they destroy the integrity of the road and separate the clay from the binder. Mike said McCullen Drive had to be dragged after Mark graded it. Joe got a trapper who took 13 beavers out of the Eagle Head Road culvert at no charge. The culvert still needed to be cleaned out. The road inspection will be Tuesday, May 22, at 11 a.m. Paul will post the open meeting. Mike said the grader operator should go along with the inspection, but he is concerned about spending money.

Website Advertising: Glen said he would like to sell advertising or links to ads or websites on the township website in order to pay for the site. Paul will also ask the township attorneys if this is legal, and if the town is allowed to profit from advertising.

Pancake Breakfast: Gary moved that the Duxbury Volunteer Fire Department be allowed to use the town hall on Sunday, May 27, for the pancake breakfast.

Census: Gary got letters from the United States Census Bureau asking for financial data on the town and its employees. Paul has the info and will fill out the forms.

Grader Training Course: Mark and Gary attended the training in Hutchinson. Mark has decided not to be so aggressive on ditches but to take a little at a time. Gary left the meeting temporarily to get figures for road work done on town line roads. He gave the figures to Paul, to bill Danforth $235 for grading and labor and New Dosey $150 for grading and labor.

Bills for May:

East Central Energy $ 31.13

Pine Co. Courier 13.16

The Evergreen 5.00

First Natl. Bank 4,000.00

Mike McCullen 76.18

Couri/Ruppe/MacArthur Attorneys 270.00

Joe Vink 404.12

Mark Pallow 533.37

Paul Raymond 160.49

Glen Williamson 108.57

Gary Vink 345.16

Patrice Winfield 270.00

Total All Bills $ 6,217.79

Treasurer”s Report:

General Fund Disbursements 1,634.96

Balance 8,198.51

Road and Bridge Receipts 265.00

Disb: 1,529.00

Bal: 8,567.60

Fire Fund Balance 321.14

Park Fund Bal: 719.53

Building Fund Bal: 6,790.95

Escrow Fund Bal: 4,864.87

Gas Tax Fund Start: 3,779.40

Partial Distrib: 1,752.00

Bal: 2,027.40

Total all Funds: 31,490.00

Glen moved to approve the treasurer”s report and to pay all the bills and to transfer $6,200 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Duxbury Days: Glen asked Donna Filler if she would be willing to work with Patrice on Duxbury Days. She said she would think about it.

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting; Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk