Regular Meeting, December 5, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Glenford Williamson and Michael McCullen, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon Schmedeke and Scott Quady.

Paul read the record of the November meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Dollar Lake Road Entrance: The Pine County Highway Dept. told Paul that the county would likely do the work to widen the entrance to Dollar Lake Road next spring. Mark LeBrun said that if the township gets a permit to widen the entrance that the county would pay for it.

Pete Anderson Road Culvert: Mike checked the culvert that Dennis Slomka put in on the Pete Anderson Road after Melvin Elliot complained about it. Mike says the culvert is installed very poorly; it’s crooked and a foot above the bottom of the ditch. Gary said that if it were deeper it would get plugged up with debris, and that it is deeper than the old culvert; the ditch is 4′ deep and the culvert is 3′. Gary said that Slomka has put in many culverts and knows what he is doing. Mike said the ditch will be full of water even if it drains with the culvert so high.

Gary said he went to Eldon Schmedeke to apologize for misstating the size of the culvert that used to be at his driveway entrance on Pete Anderson Road. Eldon said he wanted a 32′ culvert so that he could get a truck into his land. Gary said that a longer culvert would have required more ditching and clearing, and that he intended to cover the culvert, but that Eldon covered it with gravel before we could get to it. Gary said that if it doesn’t drain this spring, that we will redo the culvert.

Property Taxes: Mike said everyone’s taxes are going up astronomically, and that the township grader levy is a big bite, and that the township needs to watch our finances and budget to control these tax increases.

Duncan Road Survey: The county surveyor copied all of our original town road records and wrote a report on the Duncan Road survey indicating that the original survey was correct and would stand. Eldon said that he feels that no one on the town board is concerned that Schmedeke Lane is being moved 60′ from where it is supposed to be, and that if it were Eagle Head Road the board would be more concerned. Eldon said that the surveyor is wrong; he had Schmedeke Lane as a 12 foot cartway, when it is a full width township road. The entrance culvert is 32′ wide. He is afraid they intend to replace it with a 12′ cartway. Gary said that the county maintains that the original surveys are correct and that this does not affect other landowners, but that the county does intend to re-survey Duncan Road this spring, and if things change, we will deal with it then. Gary said there is no point in continuing the discussion until this survey is complete. Glen said he wanted to express his gratitude to Eldon for all the work and research he has done on the surveys and for devoting so much time to this issue. Mike said that even back in 1911 and 1917 the surveyors did not agree and that this has been an issue for years. Gary said we need to let it rest until the new survey is done.

Grace’s Lake Sisterman Easement: Lisa Sisterman said that they are ready to move ahead with getting the easement rights from the DNR for their place on Grace’s Lake. They will get all the applications and forms from the DNR and send them to the Town Board, who has to make the easement application. Gary said we have no intention of making this a township road, and we will wait until the Sistermans forward all the documents and information.

NEW BUSINESS: Garbage Board Meetings: Mike asked that he be appointed the township representative for Wilma Township at the garbage board meetings. He attended the last one for Gary and said that his questions prevented the board from wasting money. The board intended to pay thousands of dollars of taxes on their new truck, but Mike told them to check and see if they are tax exempt; he believes they are as a non-profit agency. Mike said all the other township representatives signed off on the tax, but him. Gary moved that Mike be appointed Wilma Township Representative on the garbage board. Glen seconded.

Snowplowing: Mike said that we’re having all these grader problems and breakdowns because we are spending so much time plowing roads with no residents. He does not believe that these roads need to be plowed at every snowfall to keep them maintained; we could be doing more harm than good, and we are certainly putting wear and tear on the grader. Glen said we could put a moratorium on plowing roads without residents and see how people react. Glen said he would prefer that we not have a motion on record saying we will not snowplow roads without permanent residents, but that Gary be empowered to decide at each snowfall what roads would be plowed. Mike said that he wants it on the record, and he moved that Wilma Township not snowplow township roads that do not have permanent residents on them except for a pull-off space of about 20′ – 30′ for people to pull in off of the county road to park. Glen seconded the motion. Gary abstained. Motion passed.

Grader Tires: Gary said we need two new tires for the grader for the front where it articulates. We got a quote from Glen’s Tire in Mora for $309 apiece, which Gary said is a good deal for 16-ply tires. Mike said this should include the mounting. Eldon asked if the supervisors have checked with the county to get in on the cooperative purchasing venture; we may get a better deal. Gary thanked Eldon for the suggestion and said he would contact them.

Treasurer’s Report and Bills: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s Report (attached). Bills were presented:

Glen Williamson $ 24.26

Paul Raymond 70.76

Mark Pallow 480.22

Patrice Winfield 112.66

Mike McCullen 70.41

Hopkins Sand and Gravel 176.00

FNBN 2,000.00

Glen’s Tire 101.77

Dennis Slomka 325.00

ECE 28.22

Town & Country Oil 962.15

Total Bills 4,351.43

Glen moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report and to pay all the bills, and to transfer $4,300 from savings to checking. Mike seconded.

Rangeline Road Billing: Gary asked Paul to bill neighboring townships for snowplowing:

Danforth Township: Plowing Eagle Head and Crooked Lake Roads, 12/4 and 12/5/07, 3 hours, Danforth’s half: $225.00.

Mona Drive: $150, to be taken from the Escrow Account.

Arna Township: Gary hasn’t figured out this bill yet.

New Dosey Township: Snowplowing Heller Drive, 12/4 and 12/5/07: $75 (New Dosey’s half).

Mike moved to adjourn the meeting. Glen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. Patrice brought homemade chocolate cream and cherry pies for everyone to share after the meeting.

Paul Raymond, Clerk