Regular Meeting, October 3, 2007

Wilma Town Board Meeting October 3, 2007

Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. at the Wilma Town Hall with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon and Margorie Schmedeke, Eric Vathne, and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the September meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Pete Anderson Road Culvert: Mike said we need to put in the culvert in our service year, so we don’t have to pay a lot more next year if Arna puts it in. Gary got quotes from Land and Cabins for culvert prices. Arna hasn’t yet marked the culvert location. There is an old steel culvert on the side of the road at the possible location. We may need a full 18″ culvert. Marg said that the town put in a couple of plastic culverts back when George Anderson was on the board, but these have deteriorated and been torn out. Eldon said he would pay half of the cost of a culvert leading to his land that was torn out by the grader, if the town puts in a full-size 18″ culvert at the county rates. Eldon had a report from Judy Soderstrom on the cooperative purchasing agreements the state offers to counties and townships; if the county pays the $1500 rate, the townships can be included in the agreement. When Paul contacted them, they said we had to pay $500, but he will call the county to see if they paid the $1,500, so we can participate in it. Gary will contact Slamka to put the culvert in the Pete Anderson Road. Gary got the tax-exempt number so we don’t have to pay taxes on the culverts.

Dollar Lake Road Work: Eric Vathne said that the Dollar Lake road needs some class 5 gravel as it is very slippery. Eric asked if the township would widen the approach to the road so he can get a semi-truck in easier. Mike said this is in the county’s right-of-way and we can’t touch it; Eric will need to contact the county highway department. Eric asked if the township would widen Dollar Lake Road. He hopes to build on the road and trucks will need to haul trusses in, and they can’t make it in the way the road is now. Mike said our road budget for this year and next year is set, and we may not have the funds for a project this large. Eric asked if he could do the work himself. Paul will call the township attorneys and ask if there are liability issues with private citizens working on township roads. The project would involve tree removal, ditching and gravel. Gary said he would look into what is involved in the project; we didn’t put down gravel earlier because it was too dry, and then it was too wet, and in the window during September Hopkins Gravel was tied up and couldn’t haul gravel for us. Gary said we don’t allow private citizens to grade our roads because they scrape off the crown and the roads can’t drain.

Mike asked Eric about the deep ditch he put in at the end of the road. He asked Eric to fill it in or at least to put reflectors and barricades so people won’t drive into the ditch. The ditch is now full of water, but Eric said he could take dirt from his moat and fill in the ditch.

WILMA TOWNSHIP 100th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION: Glen said that because we didn’t have Duxbury Days this year, that some private citizens are organizing a 100th Birthday Celebration for October 20 at the Duxbury Store Bar. They are asking citizens to contribute food for the party. Glen moved that the town board donate $100 to the celebration for a cake and some refreshments. Mike seconded. Paul will contact the township attorneys to make sure that it is legal for the town to contribute.

Glen said he will post information or a link about the party on the township website. He sent stories about Wilma’s history and 100th anniversary to all the area newspapers.

Road Signs on Duxbury Road: Mark LeBrun said that the county will put up road signs on the Duxbury Road designating the town “Duxbury” and that there is a fire hall/station here.

Carlson Timber Crooked Lake Road Repair: Carlson’s graded the road without our permission and graded off the crown and flattened the road. Now more trucks are using the road. Mike said Paul needs to write to Carlsons and tell them they cannot grade our road and destroy the crown. Gary said that someone also dozed off the South Duncan Road and tore off the crown, and he believes it was T & T Logging. Paul also need to write to T & T and tell them they cannot grade or work on our township roads, and to tell them to pay the $500 escrow deposit. Gary said they tore up boulders from the county side of the road and dumped them on the private property side, where they can damage our grader. So far, T & T hasn’t started logging on that road.

Danforth Bill for Eagle Head Rd.: Gary asked Paul to bill Danforth township $75 for their half of one hour of blading the Eagle Head Road on 9/21/07.

NEW BUSINESS: Town Website: Our domain name is up for renewal. Glen moved that we pay for 3 years at $27; Mike seconded.

Tri-township Disposal District: Mike attended the annual meeting as a citizen, and he asked that the garbage district pay board members, so townships don’t have to. They offered to reimburse townships for them to pay board members at $50 per meeting. They will send the reimbursements at the end of the year, $350. Gary will continue to bill the town.

Grader Use and Road Work Policy: The grader was taken out and was used to do some ditch work and got stuck, and had to be hauled out with the tanker. The tanker hit the fire hall garage door and did about $380 of damage to it. Mike said the fire department feels that the township should pay for half of the repair costs as it was a township use, and he moved that the town pay half. Glen seconded.

This brought up the issue of road work authorization. Presently Gary checks the roads, often with Mark Pallow, and determines what needs to be done and calls out the grader. Mark is the primary operator and Joe Vink is the backup. Glen moved that it be put in writing on the record that all road work needs to be authorized by the Town Board or the board member in charge of road work, Gary, and that any unauthorized work will not be reimbursed and the operator will be liable for any damages. Mike seconded.

Mike asked if we may be grading the roads too much. In the past they were graded once or twice a year, and now it seems that it’s twice a month. Glen said that if we let the roads get as bad as they used to, it will cost a lot more to bring them back up. Mark does not go out without Gary’s approval. Glen moved that Mike and Glen be second in command in road decisions and that if an emergency comes up that Gary be able to contact Glen or Mike without violating the open meeting law. Mike seconded.

Zoning and Planning: Mike got a copy of New Dosey’s Zoning Ordinance. They felt that Markville’s is too complicated and big.

Snowplowing: Snowplowing fees are due. At the annual meeting it was voted that fees be paid by November 1st. Mike moved that we grant an extra week so that people can bring their payment to the November 7th Town Board meeting. Paul will post and publish the notice.

Treasurer’s Report: Patrice gave the Treasurer’s report (attached).

Bills were presented:

ECE $ 31.89

Mark Pallow 44.32

US Treasury 452.18

Joe Vink 27.00

Mike McCullen 27.70

FNBN 2,000.00

Paul Raymond 101.57

Gary Vink 143.14

Glen Williamson 27.70

Patrice Winfield 101.02

Total all bills: $ 2,956.52

Gary moved to approve the treasurer’s report, pay all the bills and to transfer $2,900 from savings to checking. Glen seconded. Passed.

Glen moved to adjourn; Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Regular Meeting, September 5, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen, Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Joe Vink, Mark Pallow, David Swanson, Ronald McCullen, Ken Yager and Eldon Schmedeke and Bob Brewster, Township Assessor.

Paul read the record of the August meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Carlson Timber Escrow Deposit: Carlson’s paid another $500 deposit for their work on the Crooked Lake Road. They had earlier paid two other $500 escrow deposits, in 2000 and 2004 for work on the Vink and Mayfield Roads. We used the first one for the Vink Road, and Carlson’s asked for documentation for how the second one was used. Gary said Carlsons bladed all the new gravel off of the Mayfield Road, which needed to be replaced. Gary will contact Carlsons and find out when they will be done on the Crooked Lake Road and tell them that we intend to blade and restore the road. Mike said many, many Carlson trucks are going up and down the road, and have degraded it badly. Carlsons asked for the opportunity to do any needed repairs; Gary is concerned that they don’t have the proper equipment and could further damage it. Joe said we can give them the chance to haul gravel for the repair.

FEMA Flood Damage Payments: FEMA sent a check for $71 and have closed out the account.

HAVA Improvement Grants: The government is offering grants to towns and cities to make their voting places compliant with the HAVA. The MN Secretary of State said that we cannot get retroactive funding for our outhouse, but we can apply for funds to build a wheelchair ramp at the 20:1 ratio for the Town Hall, with a sidewalk slab to reach the handicapped parking and the outhouse. Mark will give Paul an estimate so he can apply for the funds. The deadline is September 12.

Grader Rate: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey for 1 hour of grading on August 30, their half $50. Mike asked if we’re getting a fair rate for our grader, considering how much it cost us. Glen moved that Mark and Gary investigate our actual costs for grading town line roads, and what other towns charge, and to bring the information to the next meeting. Mike said we should increase it now, but Glen said we may undercharge ourselves. Glen amended his motion to increase our grader rate to $150 per hour now, pending the investigation, when a rate will be set. Mike seconded.

Pete Anderson Road Culvert: Gary asked Arna township to mark the culvert they feel should be replaced, which they have not done yet. Gary asked Eldon to also mark the culvert into his land that needs to be replaced. Eldon said that the county has marked the culvert at the entrance to the road, that it is their responsibility to replace.

Town hall Chairs: Mike asked Ron if he heard anything from Tanks Tavern about the chairs that they have for sale. The board had moved to purchase them, and they were supposed to deliver them. Ron said Pat has been doing the calling, and Mike asked Ron to have her call them and have them delivered.

NEW BUSINESS: Fire hall Sign: Ron said other towns have road signs indicating that there is a fire hall so that vehicles will slow down, and asked if we can investigate also getting signs on the Duxbury Road saying that there is a fire station here and to slowdown. Ron also asked if we can get a sign marking Duxbury so people know there is a town here. Paul will contact the highway department about the signs. Mike said we also need to tell them to cut the trees in the right-of-way in front of the town hall.

Duxbury Volunteer Fire Dept. name: Eldon asked why the name of the fire department is Duxbury and not Wilma. He said some taxpayers do not want Duxbury on the name but Wilma, since they pay taxes to Wilma and he feels Duxbury refers to the store. Mike said that when the fire department was organized, there were legal reasons to not call it Wilma for liability to the township, since it is an independent volunteer fire department, and not a Wilma Township organization. Ron said that the insurance would be higher if it were a township fire department, and there would be a lot of legal liability. Even Arna and New Dosey use the name Duxbury.

Bob Brewster on Township Assessments: Bob took the floor to explain how he does assessments and what properties are assessed in any given year. He does a five year rotation for most parcels, so each property is assessed every five years, per Minnesota Dept. of Revenue statutes and Pine County Assessor’s Office requirements. Many parcels are assessed more frequently, e.g., new construction, subdivisions, personal property, and changes in classification. Gary said he believes the supervisors are required by statute to notify Bob of any new construction. Ron asked if they find new construction by flyovers, but Bob said no, he relies on reports and his personal observations, since we do not issue building permits. Glen said he wants us to adopt some kind of building permit, but not a zoning ordinance as strict as Arna’s. Bob said technically, a building permit means that the township has adopted the Universal Building Code, which Arna has not. Glen asked if we could ask for site or construction permits without adopting the code. Bob said we can use MN Statute 366 or 462. Arna adopted 462 as it gives more power over junkyards and subdivisions. MS 366 has a list of what is allowed to be regulated. Bob said there has to be enabling legislation for any ordinance that is adopted. Bob said we need both a planning commission and a board of appeals, and the same people cannot serve on both. All are appointed by the Town Board, and in Arna the Board of Appeals is the Town Board.

Glen moved that Wilma Township renew the contract with Bob Brewster to do our assessments in 2008. Mike seconded.

County Junkyard Ordinance: Bob asked for time to explain the new proposed County junkyard ordinance. He said Arna and New Dosey are sending a petition to the County asking that toxic wastes be regulated under the ordinance, which now they are not. Bob Pulford had assured Arna that toxic wastes and hazardous materials would be covered, but now Dale Powers who replaced Bob says that they are not covered. Arna feels betrayed as they did not include hazardous materials in their zoning ordinance based on Pulford’s promise, and it is costly to amend and change the ordinance. There is a hearing on October 4 at East Central High School. Mike moved that Wilma Township join with New Dosey and Arna and support and sign the petition to include hazardous and toxic materials under the new County Junkyard Ordinance. Gary seconded. Eldon said he does not like the provision where people can squeal on their neighbors anonymously and get people in trouble without identifying themselves. He believes there are too many people snooping on each other.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Patrice presented the Treasurer’s report (attached)


Mike McCullen $ 27.70

ECE 32.62

FNBNS 2,000.00

Paul Raymond 115.44

Gary Vink 157.00

Joe Vink 244.73

Patrice Winfield 96.97

Glen Williamson 27.70

Total Bills $ 2,702.16

Mike moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and to pay all bills and to transfer $2,700 from savings to checking. Glen seconded. Glen moved to adjourn; Gary seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Regular Meeting, August 1, 2007


Chairman Gary Vink called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Supervisors Michael McCullen and Glenford Williamson, Treasurer Patrice Winfield, Clerk Paul Raymond, and Eldon Schmedeke, Ken Yager and two citizens.

Paul read the record of the July meeting. Mike moved to approve; Glen seconded.

OLD BUSINESS: Arna Range Line Road Work Proposal: An Arna Supervisor met with Gary to survey Pete Anderson and Langstrom Roads to reach an agreement on what needs to be done. They agreed that a 12″ culvert is needed, but Wilma can put it in for much less than Arna’s proposal. They also agreed that the roads don’t need two loads of gravel on the end of each road, but only one load. Any trees that needed cutting have already been cut by Gary. Eldon said that our grader tore up the culvert going into his property on the Pete Anderson Road, and needs to be replaced. Paul will call the Materials Management Division to see if we can purchase culverts under the cooperative purchasing agreement. We are covered under the county’s $500 fee.

Heller Road Work: Gary asked Paul to bill New Dosey Township for work done on the Heller Road on July 5: New Dosey’s half, 3/4 hour, $75.00.

Carlson Timber Escrow Deposit: Gary asked Paul to send a letter to Carlson’s Timber Products asking for another $500 escrow deposit for work being done on Crooked Lake Road.

Propane Pre-buy: Glen moved that the town purchase 1,000 gallons of propane at Federated’s offered pre-buy rate of $1.79 per gallon. Mike said that the fire department will kick in some for this.

FEMA Flood Damage Payments: Paul didn’t get contact with FEMA regarding their request for documentation for repairs done after the 2001 flood. Paul has the records and will write to Harold Christensen with copies of the invoice by Les Royer for $5,225 of repairs to township roads; our estimate to FEMA was for $4,720, and they paid $4,318 in 2003. We may get more funds once we give them the documentation.

Garbage Board: Glen asked how Gary got on the Garbage Board. Gary said board members have to be township officers, and he was appointed when he first got on the board. He has asked for several years that members be paid by the board, and not by their townships. Gary said the board has a surplus and plans to purchase a new garbage truck. There is a chance the state would take any surplus funds. There have been discussions about some of the surpluses going to the fire department or to a new transmitter tower for radios. Mike moved that the board go on record that they support having the garbage board pay members and that whoever goes to the annual garbage meeting let them know; Glen seconded.

Chairs for Town Hall: Mike got a call from Tanks Bar in Cloverdale asking if the township is interested in purchasing their used chairs. They are the same as our town hall chairs, and we need more. Mike moved that the town purchase up to 30 chairs for the offered price of $5 each. Glen seconded. They will deliver the chairs.

Township Law Book: The town gets one copy of the Minnesota Township Law Book whenever a new edition is published. Gary thinks he may have the most recent edition. Paul will bring in our older copies, and Glen moved that the township purchase two more copies so all the supervisors have copies. Paul will order them. Mike seconded.

Duncan Road: Ken Yager said that the new owner of the old Meyers property asked him when the township will be putting gravel in the hole in the second mile of the road. Gary said we will be putting at least two loads of pit run gravel in that area.


FNBNS (grader loan) $ 2,000.00

The Evergreen 4.50

ECE 37.39

Michael McCullen 62.33

Patrice Winfield 123.23

Paul Raymond 143.70

Gary Vink 663.77

Joseph Vink 295.94

Glenford Williamson 62.85

Federated Coop 1,799.00

Total Bills 5,192.71

Treasurer’s Report: Patrice presented the Treasurer’s Report and the Chart of Accounts. Mike moved to approve her report, and to pay all bills, and to transfer 5,200 from savings to checking. Gary seconded.

Glen moved to adjourn the meeting. Mike seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Paul Raymond, Clerk

Pine County, Minnesota